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We are digital transformation experts, specialising in executing UX / UI design strategies that drive conversions for businesses of all sizes.

Continous Product Development



We conduct research to provide us with an understanding of your business needs, customer needs and product outlook. This helps us make impactful design decisions and find the right solution for your needs.


User research is conducted to understand who we are designing for, their pain points and the needs of identified groups of users, so we can design for them and solve their problems.


We review existing solutions on a functional and technical level to gain a clear understanding of what might will be working with.


This stage helps us better scope projects and individual features to identify priorities and stages throughout the lifecycle of the project.



We assess the functionality of each feature you intend to build based on customer value and development efforts. This guides us when deciding what to tackle first.


Functionality of features are documented to provide insight into how they should work and what happens when tasks are performed. Our past experiences developing bespoke digital products allows us to consult you on industry best practices.


Technical input. We onboard our in house developers with a project overview so they can consult on development efforts and give us important guidance on design decisions.


Scoping helps us decide the fine details of your product and which order to build them in.



We’re constantly optimising design to maximise the user experience.


Information architecture

We will take all your content, classify it into groups and use this to create a structure around your navigation and how information appears on each page.


Customer journeys allow us to identify and design towards specific user behaviors at the right time during customer interactions.


User flows are diagrams of how users will navigate through your product. Here we can maximise a user’s experience by minimizing the effort to complete tasks, carefully aligned with any technical constraints.


Sitemaps are created to visualise each screen and how its links to to others. This represents a complete product blueprint of how your digital service is structured towards users.



We validate design decisions throughout the process by measuring how users react and understand what they see.


User testing sessions are conducted to see if solutions fit real world users. We can test everything from the design phase! Do users understand navigating a product? do they understand the language used in your written content? There’s a test for everything.


Once launched Tracking provides a way to see customer behaviour on a mass scale. We consult on how to track your product to gain valuable insights for your next improvements.


Future planning and feature grooming.

Using our learnings from data tracking and user testing we are able to build a product roadmap and groom future features for their feasibility and customer needs.



We also offer a range of graphic design services to help launch your product into the market.

Advertisement media to promote your product.

Appstore and Playstore packages for app promotion.

Themed presentations to demonstrate visual ideas.

Custom artwork and illustrations.

Offline banners and merchandise to support a product launch.

Logos, letterheads and branding visuals.

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