Data and Analytics as a Service

Enhance data intelligence for smarter decisions and cost-effective operations. Explore our Advanced Analytics, Data Strategy, and Acquisition Optimization.


Our Business Intelligence and Analytics Services

Basic Funnel & Event Tracking

Painless analytics for all apps/sites

  • Discovery / Alignment
  • Tracking Plan (30-50 events)
  • Code / Development and QA
  • Dashboard & Report
  • 3 Monthly Review Sessions Included
Start Your Essential Exploration

A comprehensive dashboard screen showcasing the features and analytics data of the Mixpanel tool

Detailed Event Tracking For More Complex User Journeys

Comprehensive analytics for more complex apps & funnels

  • Deeper Discovery & Goal Workshop
  • Tracking Plan (80-100 events)
  • Code / Development and QA
  • Custom Dashboards & Funnels
  • 6 Monthly Review Sessions Included
Get Advanced Analytics

An engineer is delivering a presentation in front of a whiteboard covered in colorful Post-it notes, illustrating their ideas and concepts

Better-navigate the fast-changing data & marketing tech landscape

Consulting Sessions, Workshopping, Roadmap Planning, MarTech & Data Stack Design, Organizational Development

  • Infrastructure and reporting system audits
  • Building organizational data literacy – become data-driven
  • Interim data leadership – fill an urgent role during a tough transition
  • Tools evaluation & selection
  • Team structure and skills identification
  • Metrics / KPIs
  • PDPA / GDPR Compliance
  • Data Roadmaps
Implement Your Data and MarTech Strategy

An engineer is using a pen to write on a whiteboard, explaining concepts and ideas

Interact meaningfully with your users to shepherd them through the lifecycle

Automated action on your data through push & email marketing campaigns 

  • Direct Channels Selection
  • Define Messaging Triggers/Events
  • Integrate SDK & Tracking
  • Dashboards & Campaigns
  • Campaign Review & Strategy (optional)

Supercharge your Marketing with automated, segmented, and personalized push notifications, in-app messages and emails.

Start Engaging Your Users

An engineer is displaying a chart on the screen, illustrating data and trends to the audience

Better-navigate the fast-changing data & marketing tech landscape

Create referral campaigns, gather essential attribution data and drive app installs & purchases

  • Acquisition Channels Selection
  • Link & Attribution Strategy
  • SDK, Tracking, Deep-links
  • Dashboards & Data streams
  • Campaign Review & Strategy (optional)

Optimize your top-of-funnel by creating seamless user journeys and attributing your acquisition channels accurately.

Optimize Your Acquisition Process

An engineer is displaying a chart on the screen to illustrate data and trends

What is product analytics?

Product analytics is a strategic measurement of how users engage with a product or service. It enables product teams to track, visualize, and analyze user engagement & behavioral data. Product Analytics can be conducted for new or existing products.    

Basic product analytics can enable insights like:

  • Which platform has the most active users and generates the most revenue?
  • Which funnels have a high drop-off?
  • What are my most popular pages and content?
  • How did a recent product change affect our conversion rate?
  • What’s my retention rate by platform/geography/acquisition source?

*Product Analytics can be conducted for new or existing products.

A meeting between the data analytics and marketing teams is taking place

Product Analytics Lifecycle

Gathering and utilizing the data to make better decisions.

A comprehensive delivery process lifecycle scheme

Data-driven organizations are


more likely to acquire customers


more likely to retain them


more likely to achieve and maintain profitability

Data is your guide

All products and organizations benefit from more knowledge

As part of Agile / Lean methodologies, organizations are continuously building new features and measurement is frequently overlooked in order to move faster but often with unknown detriment.

Product analytics gives organizations detailed and accurate data that is essential for well-informed product development and guiding the iterative process.

Visibility of user behavior and measurement of product changes ensure that you’re learning and not just following “gut feelings”.

Lack of data literacy costs the US economy more than $100 Billion a year. (Accenture 2020)


An agile product development delivery process scheme

Data and Analytics as a Service at Seven Peaks Software

Leading our clients toward a deeper understanding

At Seven Peaks Software, our data and analytics as a service sits at the core of how we approach Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation. It’s the indispensable framework for measuring success and driving growth.

We offer expertise in:
  • Data Strategy & Roadmap Planning
  • Data and Analytics as a Service
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Services
  • Personalization
  • Data Warehousing & ETL
  • Martech – Attribution, Engagement
  • A/B Testing
People working in front of a table with various charts

Our Product Analytics Tools

Google Analytics is an analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports app and web traffic, currently a key product inside the Google Marketing Platform brand that also includes Data Studio, Tag Manager, and more, as well as their ‘360’ premium versions.

Google Analytics is used on ~55% of all websites, and about 84% of sites that are known to have tracking are using GA (~28.1 million websites).

This means there are plenty of resources and experienced analysts to help, despite limited direct support from Google themselves for the free offerings.

A mobile screen displaying Google Analytics

Google’s FireBase is an essential component of many application projects today, primarily in the development and deployment process, but there’s a lot of lesser-known features that an advanced user can take advantage of.

Complimenting a Google Analytics implementation, Firebase can enable Cloud Messaging, AB testing, referrals, and dynamic linking with little-to-no additional infrastructure cost.*

While Firebase is an all-in-one solution, it requires a bit more manual setup and knowledge than the standalone premium options. We can help.

A chart from the Google Firebase dashboard

Mixpanel is a dedicated platform for Product Analytics featuring in-depth and easy-to-build visualizations for funnels, user journeys, and AI-powered cohorts. It integrates with ~100 data sources and destinations to be your analytics center.

Mixpanel makes it possible & easy to answer questions like:

  • Who are my power users and where did I acquire them?
  • What attributes or traits are good predictors of a high LTV customer?
  • What patterns are there between my push/email data and on-app behaviors?
  • How are participants in my AB test behaving in other parts of the app?
  • What are customers doing before they reach the conversion event?

A chart from the Mixpanel dashboard

MoEngage is a premium product analytics and marketing tool that focuses on action and interaction.

Automate and personalize messaging across all communication channels.

By gathering data from and communicating across multiple channels, MoEngage enables moving customers through the lifecycle to increase conversions and decrease drop-off while preventing notification fatigue.

A chart from the MoEngage dashboard

Deep-linking & attribution analysis are essential marketing strategies for driving app growth and optimizing marketing efforts & spend. Gain visibility on which channels are performing especially organic and direct.

Create cohesive user experiences between platforms and decrease drop-offs when bringing users on to your application. Users are 2X more likely to engage when linked directly to down-funnel content.

Marketing teams struggle to find the balance between user growth and marketing spend. Some of the biggest companies still operate on a blended CAC model. With Branch you can get CAC by channel, as well as the power of Customer LTV/CAC by channel.

Two distinct charts from the Branch tool

Ready to build a best-in-class Marketing Stack? Leverage each platform’s strengths to enrich your customer data, analyze & visualize it, create segments and act with knowledge of the entire customer journey.

A chart depicting the modular martech stack

Company Overview

Technology Consulting

Understanding business challenges, and improving processes. Covering cloud migration, technical audits, product ideation, digital transformation, development process improvements and deployment process.

Design & Solution Architecture

Building modern and scalable solutions fit your business needs. Covering design thinking, product design, digitizing processes, UX Design, UI design, interaction design and rapid prototyping.


Building modern and scalable solutions. Covering web development, native iOS, Android and PWA apps and scalable cloud solutions.

  • Completing mobile and web projects</a> since 2009 in Scandinavia.
  • Located in prime location in Bangkok, since 2014.
  • Growing international team of 200+ professionals.
  • 25+ nationalities, mix of experienced expats and local talent.
  • Offices in Bangkok, Thailand and in Bergen, Norway.

Is your business data-driven? Let us make sure that your data counts.

Case Studies

We are helping our clients in Asia and around the world develop their digital transformation projects.

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Better Bank App User Experiences with UX Writing

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2.5M THB Savings on Paid Ads with SEO

2.5M THB Savings on Paid Ads with SEO

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Enabling Financial Accessibility with User-friendly Banking App Features
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Enabling Financial Accessibility with User-friendly Banking App Features

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