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The journey through Azure Web Apps

🗓️ 08 MAR 2021

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As one of Bangkok’s leading software and design agencies, Seven Peaks Software is taking an active role to help and developing the ecosystem to help move Bangkok tech events forward. Seven Peaks Speaks is a series of events, where we bring in industry leaders to speak about various interesting topics.

These seminars are free, and we will provide drinks and snacks!

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The journey through Azure Web Apps:
Using static web apps to land NoSQL applications with Azure CosmosD

08 March 2021

In this meetup, we will uncover the full journey through Azure web applications; from starting with static web apps to landing NoSql applications using the Azure Cosmos DB platform.

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Past Events

MVVM in iOS with SwiftUI: Detailed examples and pitfalls you should know

10 February 2021

Using detailed examples, we will be covering SwiftUI animations, getting the most out of the property wrapper & view model, and the best practises in MVVM for SwiftUI to avoid memory issues and performance loss.

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The What, Why, and How of a Microservices Architecture

15 December 2020

Microservice architecture is an easy solution to choose, but not all the good proposals end with a good result. We will show you how to learn from these mistakes.

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TS BKK Meetup

26 November 2020

Typescript meetup: discussing a world without typescript and the way of embracing gradual typing.

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React-Query, React, and the importance of structure

10 November 2020

Discover the what, why and how of React for React Hooks, including a detailed guide to structuring your project with real-world case studies.

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Migrate, automate, and scale into the Cloud

4 November 2020

Allow us to show you how we help our customers to migrate their businesses to the cloud in terms of costs, operations management, and business continuity.

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The hidden features of Git and ConstraintLayout 2.0

29 October 2020

Introducing the hidden features of Git for the most effective use. Discover the latest features of ConstraintLayout version 2.0 with best coding practices and examples.

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Inspirational leadership in post COVID time

29 September 2020

Join us to expand your network and learn from an Inspirational Executive Coach and Strategic Leadership Consultant with broad expertise in various sectors; Ragil Ratnam.

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NodeJS: The past, present, and future!

24 September 2020

We will show you how Node.js has impacted back-end development, while also introducing the unique ‘Hex Architecture’ so that you can write more maintainable code.

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User Testing & Accessibility

26 August 2020

A collection of stories of how Carl turned research into action and how that benefited not only the users but the businesses he consulted for.

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Start smart with API testing

19 August 2020

Unleash your quality assurance methods at this meetup. Get the most out of testing with Postman/Newman so you can focus on testing instead of design.

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