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Seven Peaks Speaks: Composable Future of Android Development

22nd March 2023

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As one of Bangkok’s leading software and design agencies, Seven Peaks Software is taking an active role to help and developing the ecosystem to help move Bangkok tech events forward – making us a strong base for IT events in Bangkok near MRT. Seven Peaks Speaks is a series of events, where we bring in industry leaders to speak about engaging topics.

These seminars are free, and we will provide free food, drinks, and snacks for all our attendees!

We host quality software and design meetups with global speakers in the heart of Bangkok.

Software & Design

Technical meetups on the topics of software development and UX design, covering the latest technology trends, hybrid mobile applications, new emerging software development frameworks, and more.


Network, learn, and develop through our business events with global leaders in the industries of management consulting, fin-tech, banking, telecoms, and more.


Career events based on recruitment in the tech industry helping students, young professionals, and talented developers & designers accelerate their careers in today’s digital age.

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Upcoming Events

Seven Peaks Speaks: Composable Future of Android Development

22nd March 2023

In this meetup, we’ll get you set up for the upcoming developments in the Android world, including Jetpack Compose, Native Kotlin constructions with less code, user-friendly APIs and a potent toolkit with built-in Material Design, Dark Theme, and animation support – things that make Android development easier and faster. All of these will be presented through the speak by our three speakers: Fedor ErofeevMuhammad Naeem, and our special speaker, Tipatai Puthanukunkit.

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BKK Web: Working with SEO – Cross departmental learnings from product, sales and marketing teams

5th April 2023

In this talk,Phuwit Limviphuwat (Toon) will take you through the most impactful ways different teams in your organisation can collaborate with SEO experts to deliver outstanding results. Throughout the talk, Toon will share his latest insights and success stories on cross-departmental collaboration as the Regional SEO Manager at Electrolux Group. From the product team to sales and marketing, all departments within an organisation can greatly benefit from enhanced organic visibility!

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Past Events

BKK WEB: Navigating UX Design in the data-driven culture with Agoda

8th March 2023

UX designer strive to make business impact in the data-driven digital product development cycle, but often times they are not fully equipped to make strong voices amongst business-centric stakeholders. In this talk & discussion session, we’ll cover some common problems from data-driven product org that designers need to deal with, and also share some learnings from the real practices from Agoda product design team.

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Seven Peaks Speaks + Stripe + Morphosis: Creating Frictionless Online Checkout Experiences

2nd March 2023

Join UX/CX and payments experts from Seven Peaks, Morphosis and Stripe as they dive deep into how businesses like yours can create the smoothest possible checkout experience to delight customers and improve conversions.

Take your checkout experience to the next level – register now to secure your spot.

This event is designed for individuals in leadership roles, such as C-level executives, directors and managers.

BKK Web: How to f*ck up your project as a UI Designer

21st December 2022

As a designer, it’s very easy to sell a beautiful dream to clients. But ‘a bad design workflow’ can ruin the end user experience, no matter how nice the first design you sold was. Sometimes, while working on a project, designers tend to forget that development is tied to budget and schedule, and it ends up messing up the whole fantasy dream they promised clients.

At this meetup, you will meet experts in the design industry from BearStudio: Rudy Baer – CEO/CTO, and Dorian Delorme – A UX/UI designer.

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Healthy Food Talk: Understand Consumer Shift From Animal to Plant Based

20th December 2022

Come Join on the very first Healthy Food Talk by Healthy Food Asia on 20th December 2022 happening at Seven Peaks Software office.  You will have the chance to learn more about the consumer shift from animal based to plant based products.

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Seven Peaks Speaks: eCommerce – Evolution & Revolution

15th December 2022

How to survive, thrive and grow in the evolutionary revolution happening in eCommerce right now!

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BKK Web: The Future of Marketing Measurement

14th December 2022

At this edition of BKK Web meetup, you will meet the APAC President & Managing Director of AppsFlyer, Ronen Mense.

Ronen will discuss on Marketing spend trends (with a focus on mobile), The Big P vis-a-vis tech ecosystem (“P” as in privacy), Big Tech actions and implications, The Future of Marketing Measurement and its impact on 1) user POV/experience; 2) the business and Imbibing a future-proof thinking framework.

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Seven Peaks Speaks: Making Discovery Mandatory

13th December 2022

In this panel debate, panelists from Seven Peaks and Morphosis will help guide you through all the steps of your product life cycle as your trusted technology partner. Also, we will introduce you to MVP and why this is vital in software projects.

Learn techniques and the product discovery processes from our experts. In this meetup, we will show you how to go beyond cliché advice, like “just talk to users or customers more often,” to make sure the practice of product discovery helps you and your team to make real progress.

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Seven Peaks Speaks: Santa Cloud in Town

1st December 2022

Seven Peaks Speaks is organizing a special Cloud Christmas meetup on December 1st, 2022 for you to gather together with a dedicated tech community to network and develop ourselves with casual, fun, and educational talks from our team of experts. You will experience all the best of tips & tricks from the best cloud engineers in Thailand. Along with technical speakers, we have included a panel discussion session to this event.🔥🎉

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BKK Web: Public Sector Web Development: How to Make Government Websites Better

30th November 2022

At this edition of BKK Web meetup, you will meet Dylan Jay, Product Owner/CTO Pretagov & VaultMatix.

With almost 15 years experience working with Government to build web solutions in UK and AU Dylan will talk from first hand experience about how government projects get procured, managed and maintained and how this can lead to worse outcomes for end users.

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UX Happy Hour Bangkok - Nov 2022

UX Happy Hour Bangkok – Nov 2022

23rd November 2022

UX Happy Hour Bangkok is a casual monthly meetup for UX professionals and those interested in UX.

Seven Peaks Speaks: Slack, Data & Analytics

22nd November 2022

At this event, our speakers—Mario Ross Cox, Enterprise Account Executive of Slack / Salesforce—will show you how data and analytics teams may use Slack to better their workflows, whether through aggregating data in one place, increasing cross-functional collaboration, automating code deployments with workflows, and so on.

Shane Leese, our Head of Data & Analytics at Seven Peaks Software, will continue to share knowledge about business intelligence, data engineering, the impact on data and analytics team members, and the usage of Slack for different business functions.

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Seven Peaks Speaks: Raising the bar for your Node.JS backends

10th November 2022

In this Node.JS meetup, we’ve assembled Seven Peaks Software Node.JS specialists to help you learn what you need to know as a backend developer and how to make the most of Node.JS in your next project.

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Seven Peaks Speaks: Spooky Cloud Realm

26th October 2022

It’s Halloween Cloud Meetup. “Trick or Treating”, also Seven Peaks in this month, dresses its Halloween costume and prepares the “Spooky Cloud Realm” Meetup for you . During the meetup you can find our speakers “treating” you about a mix of cloud services which will help you to manage your personal “Frankenstein” application.

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BKK Web Meetup: How to become a product designer?

19th October 2022

Welcome to our fourth BKK WEB event of the year. This month, we will have Craig Reville, Product Owner at Seven Peaks Software. Craig will give his insight on how we should strive to be product designers so we can provide the businesses we work for with the best chance of releasing a successful product.

This event is sponsored by Morphosis and Seven Peaks Software

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BYOND Mobile: Experience the Networked Economy

28th – 29th September 2022

Witness how 5G boosts the networked economy here at BYOND MOBILE 2022!

This is the very first time that the Thai 5G ecosystem has come together, and it will serve as a hub for businesses to make connections with both well-established suppliers and innovative start-ups across the world.

Meet CEOs and industry leaders in fields like Mobile Networks, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, Robotics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, the Metaverse, Web 3.0, and Artificial Intelligence.

Seven Peaks Speaks: The beautiful connection between design and code

22nd September 2022

Design tokens are the new buzzword of the internet, and most of you might already be using it in some form or another, but what exactly is it and how can it help you as a designer?

In this talk, Richard Persson, our Design Director, will explain what it is, how it is currently applied, and how you can utilize it to build a stronger design foundation and better hand-over any deliverables to your fellow engineering colleagues.

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BYOND Thursday: 5G’s Role in the future of mobility in Thailand

1st September 2022

The roll-out of 5G continues to impact our lives and its impact will only continue to grow. Particularly the automotive and transportation verticals are undergoing a profound transformation as the 5G technology facilitate secure and fast data communications. The next generation of transporation solutions makes transportation safer, greener, and smarter. If you are interested in getting the latest insights in 5G powered mobility technologies which are optimizing infrastructure, travel, public services, and utilities join our next BYOND Thursday meetup.

The venue for this event is hosted by Seven Peaks Software office, which is on the 7th floor of The PARQ (West Wing) in the heart of Bangkok. This wonderful location is easily accessible to everyone, whether by public transit (MRT Queen Sirikit) or personal vehicles.

This series of exclusive meetups events lead the way to BYOND MOBILE | Exhibition and Conference empowering the Networked Economy, 28 – 29 September 2022 at Samyan Mitrtown in Bangkok

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BKK Web Meetup: From Services, to Cross-functional Smart Services

17th August 2022

Welcome to our third BKK WEB event of the year. This month, we will have Gareth Davies, CTO of DDX & Andrew Hamilton, GM of Hitachi Asia. Both will give you insight & knowledge about “Smart Services“.

This event is sponsored by Morphosis and Seven Peaks Software

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BYOND Thursdsay: How 5G Transforms the IT & Software Industry

4th August 2022

Businesses are gaining a competitive edge by preparing for 5G integration. Join us at this exclusive event with beer and pizza. Meet with industry colleagues and participate in this very unique event to gain the most recent insights from the panel debate’s industry experts: How 5G Transforms the IT and Software Industry

The venue for this event is the Seven Peaks Software office, which is on the 7th floor of the PARQ (West Wing) in the heart of Bangkok. This wonderful location is easily accessible to everyone, whether by public transit (MRT Queen Sirikit) or personal vehicles.

This series of exclusive meetups events lead the way to BYOND MOBILE | Exhibition and Conference empowering the Networked Economy, 28 – 29 September 2022 at Samyan Mitrtown in Bangkok.

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.NET Summer Meetup

26th July 2022

Meet our team of experts to introduce you inside the world of .Net, starting from the basic concepts and knowledge that you should have, stepping into the most common cases of Dependency Injections, and finally use GraphQL API in .Net to share your data across multiple platforms.

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React Meetup: Cutting – edge development with the new React

29th June 2022

The new React has been released, and it’s time for you to catch up. The cutting-edge development with the new react meetup can provide you an overview of what’s new in React 18, as well as what it means for future development!

From Seven Peaks Software’s React Expert, learn how to maximize the new version of the react for your next cutting-edge development.

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BKK Web Meetup: Approach for testing Metaverse Apps

21st June 2022

Welcome to our second BKK WEB event of the year. This month, Anuj Tripathi, QA manager at RingZero Games Studio, will be talking about how they approach testing for Metaverse Apps

This presentation is an attempt to understand how we will be able to ensure that this virtual world has no glitches.

This event is sponsored by Morphosis and Seven Peaks Software

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Future of PropTech

15th June 2022

Are you curious about what the outlook of PropTech is really like in the future from the perspective of venture capital?

The “Future of PropTech” meetup is all about discussing and exchanging opinions with industry experts and big venture capital firms that shape the future. At this meetup, you will have the opportunity to learn deeper about the PropTech from the largest well-known Thai and International venture capital firms. Also, you’ll get more insights on their successful case studies and suggestions for startups that are interested in getting funded.

Get a chance to hear from leading Venture Capitals about their thoughts on the current state of the market and future trends! At the event, you will also get an opportunity to network with all of the industry professionals, and who knows? That opportunity might be just what you’re looking for.

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Design Meetup: Design Thinking Methodology

1st June 2022

This UX Design Panel Discussion will feature five highly experienced designers who will discuss their design-thinking methodologies, most valued tools, UX data analysis/extraction practices, and more in an exciting UX Panel!

This event will be a UX design-based panel discussion hosted by Seven Peaks Speaks on discussing various design-thinking methodologies, most valued tools, UX data analysis/extraction practices, and more!

Panelists: Jeremie Tisseau, Graham Newman, Craig Reville, Andy Watt

Panel moderator: Carl Heaton

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Cloud Meetup: Battle of the Cloud

31st May 2022

The battle of the Cloud will bring you up to speed on data management in cloud data platforms. You will learn about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities directly from all the experts.

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QA Meetup: Fast-track your career as a Software QA

25th May 2022

Fast Track your career as a Software QA is a meetup that is designed for all aspiring software QA engineers out there who are excited to dive into the industry and would like to become experienced ones.

If you are already a software QA engineer, you are also welcomed to this meetup as there will be a lot of new knowledge, information & networking opportunities with other QA professionals..

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Artificial Intelligence: Creative Ways to Solve Boring Business Tasks

12th May 2022

After a few years of absence, the BKK WEB is back!!! Every months, we invite speakers from different backgrounds to talk about web and mobile technologies, programming, UX/UI design and digital marketing.

This month our Speaker Stuart Lansdale, Founder of Content Villain & Co-founder of Riku, will be speaking about how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you automate your business.

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iOS Meetup: Lets Get Swiftly

30th March 2022

In this iteration of iOS Meetup, The experts from Seven Peaks Software meetup will be focusing on the new Swift Programming Language is an amazing chance for developers to learn the trends in iOS development using the industry’s best standards. Our Speakers will dive deep into language concepts that programmers will eventually encounter in their iOS app development journey.

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PDPA is coming: What should I be doing now?

28th March 2022

let’s learn from experts on what are relevant key learning points from four years of GDPR experience, how PDPA affects your business operation, and how to prepare for it. We will also cover GDPR’s key principles and key learning points for SMEs as well as practical primary PDPA law and procedures that are known at this stage that should be applied.

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BYOND Thursday

24th March 2022

If you are located in and around Bangkok, come and join us at our first BYOND Thursday. This series of exclusive networking and meet up events happening once a month leads the way to BYOND MOBILE on June 8-9 2022 at Samyam Mitrtown in Bangkok.

Join us face to face at this exclusive event with beer and pizza. Meet with industry colleagues and take part in special talks hosted by BYOND MOBILE.

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Cloud Meetup: How to deploy & secure your application in Azure

23rd March 2022

In this iteration of Cloud Meetup, Our speakers will show you how it is possible to combine the planning, development and deployment of applications with a good “layering” of security, and, therefore, they will give you some important key points which you have to bring away to have an efficient and reliable development & deployment process, without limiting your security.

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The shift to digital: The impact of COVID-19 on real estate

16th March 2022

Hear from expert panelists who will talk about the future of the real estate market, the trends to know, and how to prepare for them so that you can stay ahead of the real estate game rather than be negatively affected by it.

Also hear from leading portals about their insights and thoughts on the current state of the market! At this event, you will also get the opportunity to network with all of the industry professionals.

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Fintech Meetup: The Future of FinTech in Web 3.0

3rd March 2022

Come join for our first in-person meetup as we discuss “The Future of FinTech in Web 3.0” with our special group of panelists from various backgrounds, representing Technology, Business Trends, and Startup Incubation.

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Android Webinar: How to code effectively with MAD

17th February 2022

How to code effectively with MAD is all about Modern development tools and components for Android to be productive in 2022.

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Cloud Webinar: Cloud Christmas, API Development – All You Can Learn

8th December 2021

In this special iteration of Cloud Webinar, Experts of the cloud computing will walk you through on API Development! All You Can Learn!

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Node.JS Webinar: NODE Yourself Up For Success

18th November 2021

In this Node.JS Meetup, The experts from Seven Peaks Software will guide you through to be success with the Node.JS.

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Deploying React applications with confidence

18 August 2021

Build, test, and deploy your React applications with full confidence through clean-code structure, context API, and automation testing!

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Flows, Biometrics, and Safe navigation for Android

11 August 2021

During this Android meetup, we will be covering a range of engaging topics including Utilizing Kotlin Flows, Establishing secure biometric authentication, and Safe navigation with Android Navigation Component, all with Android!

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InsurTech Panel Discussion with La French Tech

31 March 2021

Learn from the best in the insurance-tech industry. This Seven Peaks Speaks will be a panel discussion with some of the leaders from within the insurance-tech industry. Hosted with La French Tech in Bangkok.

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The journey through Azure Web Apps: Using static web apps to land NoSQL applications with Azure CosmosDB

08 March 2021

In this meetup, we will uncover the full journey through Azure web applications; from starting with static web apps to landing NoSQL applications using the Azure Cosmos DB platform.

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MVVM in iOS with SwiftUI: Detailed examples and pitfalls you should know

10 February 2021

Using detailed examples, we will be covering SwiftUI animations, getting the most out of the property wrapper & view model, and the best practises in MVVM for SwiftUI to avoid memory issues and performance loss.

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React-Query, React, and the importance of structure

10 November 2020

Discover the what, why and how of React for React Hooks, including a detailed guide to structuring your project with real-world case studies.

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Migrate, automate, and scale into the Cloud

4 November 2020

Allow us to show you how we help our customers to migrate their businesses to the cloud in terms of costs, operations management, and business continuity.

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The hidden features of Git and ConstraintLayout 2.0

29 October 2020

Introducing the hidden features of Git for the most effective use. Discover the latest features of ConstraintLayout version 2.0 with best coding practices and examples.

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BKK.JS #14: Return of the BKK.JS

29 September 2020

Read interesting stories from JavaScript Developers in Thailand as they share their experiences and walk you through you the latest trends in the JavaScript world that you should know about.

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Inspirational leadership post COVID-19

29 September 2020

Join us to expand your network and learn from an Inspirational Executive Coach and Strategic Leadership Consultant with broad expertise in various sectors; Ragil Ratnam.

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NodeJS: The past, present, and future

24 September 2020

We will show you how Node.js has impacted back-end development, while also introducing the unique ‘Hex Architecture’ so that you can write more maintainable code.

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User Testing & Accessibility

26 August 2020

A collection of stories of how Carl turned research into action and how that benefited not only the users but the businesses he consulted for.

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Start smart with API testing

19 August 2020

Unleash your quality assurance methods at this meetup. Get the most out of testing with Postman/Newman so you can focus on testing instead of design.

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