Better Bank App User Experiences with UX Writing

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Nov 20, 2023 7:34:07 PM


We were approached by ttb, a leading bank in Thailand, to refine the UX writing and copywriting of their banking app.

Having previously worked to enhance the app's UX/UI design and UX research, we were perfectly positioned to help ttb continuously improve their customer experience.

Our solution

Our digital marketing team ensured that the app’s content is clear, concise, and encourages users to engage with the banking app’s features effectively by closely reviewing the UX writing and copywriting.

Working closely with ttb touch, we identified areas for improvement for each of the banking app’s financial products.

Our team also acted as a central point of communication between ttb’s customer Engagement & Experience Design team (EXD) and eight of the bank’s product teams.

This established consistency in language across various app features, while highlighting each product’s unique strengths and addressing user needs accurately.

Key results

Aligned content across the app

Advised and monitored the UX writing and copywriting across ttb’s teams.

Improved messaging in 21 projects

Published over one-thousand different pages on the application within six months.

Less time revising wording errors

Limited the number of total revised errors in UX writing to a mere 2%.


Our process

UX writing → Copywriting 

Before our digital marketing team began our UX writing review, we started by designing the review process with ttb’s EXD team, who are responsible for designing enhanced customer experiences on the ttb touch app and ensuring brand alignment. 

We helped the EXD team review screen flows from features in each product from ttb’s eight teams. Our UX writing experts focused on ensuring consistency in language commonly used across the app. And, we checked the copywriting and flows in the app’s onboarding processes, and in inputting, correcting, and conforming user information.

Additionally, we improved user experience by ensuring that the headings, descriptions, dropleads, warning messages, error messages, pop-ups and Call to Action (CTA) buttons followed best UX writing practices. We also made suggestions that would help the ttb app clearly promote key features and boost conversion.


Challenges we overcame

1. Revamping the banking app within a tight timeline

We had a strict time frame of six months within which to help ttb’s eight product teams review and improve the language used in the app. In order to meet the deadline, we streamlined our process by creating a centralized Excel file listing work processes and timescales.

This acted as a single source of truth for teams to access to refer to and set expectations with. The file also allowed ttb’s various teams to reserve available time slots for UX writing review.

We also implemented a strict schedule. ttb’s product teams were limited to having one day to review our suggestions and corrections. We also held meetings every Friday with the EXD team and representatives from the product teams to confirm that our suggestions were in line with their expectations.

Once every stakeholder in the meeting agreed on implementing our changes, the feature’s product team would be responsible for ensuring the updated copy was included in the ttb touch app.

2. Ensured consistency with a central UX writing guide

The EXD team wanted to ensure consistent language across all features on the ttb touch app.

To help them reach this objective, we compiled all revised screen flows and recommendations from our digital marketing team and ttb’s product teams, and stored them in a central file.

This document was updated every month, and was accessible to each of the bank’s product team members. This allowed the product teams to see previous flows and increase the consistency of their UX writing and copywriting. The time needed to check flows was greatly reduced, saving the bank valuable resources.


3. Empower ttb’s teams with UX writing skills

ttb‘s product teams were armed with considerable knowledge about their financial products. Through our review sessions, they gained even more skills and tools in UX writing and copywriting.

During each writing review session, our team would explain each of the changes we made to the text, and offer advice and guidelines on how certain words or phrases could be used in the future.

As a result of these discussions, ttb’s product teams had the knowledge they needed to apply good principles in UX writing and copywriting to future flow designs. TTB saw significant improvements in feature updates, and saved valuable time and energy that would otherwise have been spent on correcting and editing.