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Technical consultancy

We are determined to fully understand your business goals in order to help define the best solutions that will advance your business.


With our team of design experts, we create products that are user friendly through providing a seamless user experience that appeals to your audience, aligns with their needs and enhances your overall branding.

UI & UX design

With over 10 years of accumulated experience in building applications for Web, iOS and Android, as well as large enterprise digital transformation projects, our team has the right skills and know-how to take your user experience and user interface to the next level.

Web applications

With modern de coupled software architecture, and using modern web frameworks like React and Angular, we help build you high performing, and future proof web applications.

Cloud application platforms

Our certified software architects and software engineers will help design and build scalable cloud solutions with your preferred cloud partner.

Native mobile app development

As one of the leading native mobile app development agencies in Thailand, we can help bring your application quickly to market. Our team has been working with native mobile app development since the first iphone was released in 2010.

Seven Peaks Software brings the best of both local and international experience to provide the best possible solution for our clients whilst staying cost effective.

Seven Peaks People


We are a team of experienced local and international developers who have worked in various fields ranging from large enterprises to rapid growth startups.


Our high focus on quality through thoughtful processes and the leverage of tools ensure the best possible products, solutions and outcomes for our clients around the world.


We value building relationships based on trust and transparency to ensure a mutually beneficial long term partnership.

Our business strategy

We strive to understand your business to the best of our ability in order to effectively make the right changes to help pivot and scale your business to reach the highest level.

Meet the application development team

Frontend: We optimize for mobile, as viewing websites on mobile devices is essential in modern day. We make good use of the right technologies to create the best mobile user experience possible.

Backend: To meet your application requirements and to build them to run at high performance, we ensure that our system’s backend is both lightweight and responsive.

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Meet the application development Team
Meet the cloud Architect

Meet the cloud architects

Data management for Enterprises: Modernize your customer’s experience through app management in one place. Our team of certified professionals include AWS certified cloud solutions architect and Microsoft Azure cloud certified professionals to modernize your customer’s experience with unified digital application management.

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Meet the design team

User experience (UX): Our expertise in user experience guarantees the creation of products that are both user centric and user friendly to ensure a seamless experience that aligns with your business needs.

User interface (UI): Displaying the product the right way is as important as the data behind it. We guarantee that what we build will be the right match for the right audience.

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Meet the Design Team from Seven Peaks
Meet the Marketers from Seven Peaks

Meet the marketers

Truth is what every great company stands behind something, but without a strong and effective marketing message the world will never be aware of your existence. Are you ready to grow and position your brand?

Achieve greater visibility and growth in website traffic. We are here to enhance your online presence. We are ready to make your business more successful.

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