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Experts in delivering digital projects with Software QA Testing, UX UI Design, Web App Development, Mobile App development, and Cloud Solutions through our customized software development services.

Submit your project requirements or call us at +66 2026 3292 to discuss your project with one of our in-house experts. We will assist you with your end-to-end software development cycle or full project delivery.


Our Services

Our team specializes in providing exceptional digital solutions

Extension Teams

Our extended software development teams are here to help you deliver & deploy your digital products on time and within budget – thanks to our highly experienced international team of 250+ software developers and designers.

Choosing the extension team model is the process of quickly sourcing the right software developers & designers who possess the skills, expertise, and years of experience needed to ensure swift completion of your project.

Extension teams let you access larger pools of local talent, while keeping your budget plan and business goals the same. If you’re looking for experienced software developers with unique skill-sets, then the extension team model is your top pick.
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Product Development Teams

Dedicated agile product teams allow your organization to adapt to a modern software methodology without the need to change your organization or without having a strong internal technical team.

We will provide you with a whole product development team structure to work for your product owner. Our product development team will implement a proven strategy of building the roadmap to define your needed product features by choosing what gets built while measuring the performance.

Our extensive experience as product owners will help you achieve the best results by structuring the team to best support your goals.
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Turn-key Projects

We will manage and develop your software solutions based on your needs. Our turn key projects allow for a fixed price and managed delivery of a specific and clearly-defined scope of work.

This commercial model is known as our fixed-cost hiring model. Upon choosing this model, our software engineers will deliver your project within a mutually agreed budget through hiring our software developers on a fixed-price basis.

We ensure successful delivery by clearly defining the scope to fix a reasonable price that suits both sides of the table.

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Partner Teams

Our global partnerships with other trusted organizations consist of collaboratively implementing the concept, architecture, UX UI design, front-end/back-end development, and software quality assurance to cooperatively construct digital products as a reliant partnership.

Partnering with us can bring the experience and top-notch standards of running software projects, wherever you are based, into new emerging markets across the world.
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We foster a collaborative and innovative culture that values each individual's unique skills and contributions.



We promote a welcoming and productive workplace for all team members through inclusivity and respect.



With over 400 clients, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in delivering exceptional services.


Years of experience

We have the expertise to guide your business to success and are dedicated to utilizing our skills for your benefit.

Our most in-demand solutions


Mobile app development

With over 10 years of experience in mobile application development, we have delivered quality native mobile app development services to over 100 of our clients in various industries – helping bring developed applications quickly to market.

Our senior mobile app team of native app developers have been working with native mobile app development since the first iPhone was released in 2010.

Web App

Web app development

Our senior front end developers are experienced in modern web development, using core web programming languages and JavaScript frameworks such as React.js and Angular to build modern, high performance, and future proof web applications on the front end development side.

We also work with Node.js on the backend development side.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud development 

Our certified cloud architects and engineers will design scalable solutions with your preferred cloud partner, including system integrations, information architecture, application management, and back-end development.

Our architects and engineers will also design and create scalable solutions with your cloud partner, including system integrations, architecture, application services, and back-end development.

Product Owner

Product development

Our agile software development approach includes experienced product managers and scrum masters to assist you in driving the development, defining the roadmap and milestones for your digital transformation roadmap using our proven digital transformation strategy.

This includes working with management consulting companies and enterprise clients on large digital transformation projects.

Design System

UX/UI design

Our senior international design team has extensive UX experience in designing web and mobile applications with modern user interface and user experience design for Web, iOS, and Android using our proven UX strategy.

Our quality assurance process consists of our quality assurance team working on the test strategy, user testing, QA testing, as well as dedicated testing teams for both manual and automated testing.

Business Requirements

Software Quality Assurance

We provide software quality assurance testing with our team of talented quality assurance engineers to ensure an iterative deployment of software along with a staged release to minimize risk of regression.

Our quality assurance process consists of our quality assurance team working on the test strategy, user testing, QA testing, as well as dedicated testing teams for both manual and automated testing.

We execute results by listening closely to our clients.

End-to-end solutions

We will guide you through all the steps of your product life cycle as your trusted technology partner.

Solving Process Chart

Our Works

We work with a wide range of projects, helping our clients in Asia and around the world develop their digital transformation projects.

Exclusively designing digital workflows with a deep product service blueprint
Featured Image - Case Study - A team is collaborating to discuss a project

Exclusively designing digital workflows with a deep product service blueprint

Jul 25, 2023 11:06:45 AM 3 min read
Crafting a feature-rich mobile app that solves the needs of people with allergies
Featured Image - Case Study - A woman using her smartphone

Crafting a feature-rich mobile app that solves the needs of people with allergies

Jul 25, 2023 11:05:32 AM 3 min read
Building a modern web interface that streamlines operations and minimizes risk
Featured Image - Case Study - A computer screen displaying a mockup

Building a modern web interface that streamlines operations and minimizes risk

Jul 25, 2023 11:04:22 AM 1 min read
Designing an App to Teach
Featured Image - Case Study - A young girl engaged with her tablet

Designing an App to Teach

Jul 19, 2023 4:59:43 PM 2 min read

Why work with us?

Concept Validation


We put engineering first as an engineer first company. Our leadership team are all engineers – making sure that we have an ‘engineering first’ approach.

Our high focus on quality through thoughtful processes and the leverage of digital tools ensure the best possible products, solutions, and outcomes for our clients around the world.

Staff Augmentation


We are a team of experienced local and international developers who have worked in delivering quality software development services in various fields ranging from large enterprises to rapid growth startups.

We hire only the best, and have strict hiring criteria’s. With 5.5 years of average experience among all our team members, we primarily hire senior engineers, to ensure the best possible quality with consistent delivery of projects.



We have an average customer life-time value of over 3 years throughout all of our clients globally. We believe in long term partnerships with our clients, which has helped us create long lasting win-win solutions throughout our years in business.

As your trusted technology partner, we value building relationships based on trust and transparency to ensure a mutually beneficial long term partnership for your digital transformation goals.

‘Full-stackers’ Ready!

We implement the latest software development frameworks to deliver modern solutions based on your specific requirements.

Meet Our Teams

Our teams are vital to ensuring that your full end-to-end software development solutions are well-met.

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Seven Peaks Group

Seven Peaks Software has acquired Morphosis to leverage domain expertise & capabilities to serve more clients and build better digital products.

A logo representing the Morphosis brand

Design & Digital Marketing

We’re glad to announce the acquisition of Morphosis, with their focus being on design and digital marketing. The design team at Morphosis will continue to create human-centric products, informed by design thinking and UX research, while their digital marketing team will ensure that products convert.

A logo representing the Seven Peaks Software brand

Software Development

Our team at Seven Peaks Software will focus on product development, product life-cycle, and software development to create custom-made mobile and web apps. We will also provide software QA testing, cloud solutions, and other digital transformation services.

By understanding your software requirements and planning collaboratively

Our development teams will give you a clear idea of where you should go and how to get there.