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Our best software development case studies come from understanding the software requirements and planning collaboratively to help our clients grow their businesses. Explore all our case studies below.

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Our software development case studies

Below you will find our available (not confidential) software development case studies defining the solutions implemented by Seven Peaks Software. Our services include mobile & web app development, digital product design, cloud solutions, and more.

This page showcases various mobile & web applications that we have developed for our clients from different industries. We have split the case studies into several categories. We also added the ability to filter them by industry, tech stack, or working model. We’ve done all of this so that you can effortlessly locate the case study projects that interests you.

Do note that not all of the software development case studies that we’ve completed are available on this page, some of them are confidential. We encourage you to contact our team if you have any questions.

Large enterprises, SMEs & Start-ups trust us

We work with a wide range of clients – from growth start-ups to some of the world’s largest enterprises across different industries. We strive to develop more quality solutions to help businesses of all sizes innovate and transform into the future.

From mobile apps, web apps, cloud migration, UX UI design, quality assurance, and more. Our commitment to delivering quality software development services has allowed us to win the confidence of several companies in the large enterprise, SME, and growth-startup sectors across the globe.

Some of the projects that we have delivered in the past are still being developed to this day. If you have a project in mind or wish to partner with us, Seven Peaks Software is the trusted technology partner to help you do it!

Seven Peaks works with The Viriyah Insurance
Seven Peaks works with 7-Eleven
Seven Peaks works with Telenor and Dtac
Seven Peaks works with IRPC
Seven Peaks works with Coca Cola
Seven Peaks works with SCB

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End-to-end custom software development solutions

Let our digital transformation experts steer you through all the phases of your product life cycle as a trusted technology partner via our custom software development service models:

  • Extended software development teams
  • Product development teams
  • Turn-key projects
  • Global partner teams

Experienced talent pool of software developers and designers

A dedicated software development team is a business model where we supply you with a diverse, experienced team of professionals based on your business needs and goals.

Companies shift to us for their dedicated software development team to increase their competitive advantage in their local market.

There are multiple reasons why hiring a dedicated development team today can benefit your business.


Experienced UX UI designers to complete your design strategies and push conversions

Capture your target market and scale your business through our digital product design solutions:

  1. Understanding your business needs
  2. Assessing feature functionalities
  3. Building your digital product via information architecture
  4. Testing and measuring for future planning and feature grooming

Partnering with some of the world’s leading tech enterprises

By collaborating with some of the world’s leading tech companies as our partners, we’re showing our commitment to developing the technologies of the future to advance more businesses.

Our collaboration with top enterprises enhances our solutions, allowing us to deliver quality software development services to our clients at a top level along with:

Apphuset – Our team partner in Bergen, Norway, with 10+ years of end-to-end digital transformation experience.

Morphosis – Acquiring a leading UX UI design and digital marketing agency; making us now 200+ team members and counting!