Recruiting trends 2021: the recruitment trends to look out for during this year

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Recruiting trends 2021

Many of the expected recruiting trends 2021 are caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – urging more people around the world to stay indoors resulting in higher internet use on mobile devices. The rise of working from home as well as the rise in both IoT and AI are all causes to these factors as well.

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In this article, we hear from Sireetorn and Joseph, the senior recruiters at Seven Peaks Software, about the expected recruiting trends in 2021!

“In 2 years time, AI will handle 77% of talent acquisition in the HR organizations. Right now, 56% of Talent Acquisition in HR organizations are already handled by AI.”

Source: 2021 Hiring Trends – Automation and Artificial Intelligence – by Jessica Delaney

In your view, what will be the recruiting trends to watch out for in 2021?

Sireetorn Sethapanee (Pla) - Senior talent acquisition at Seven Peaks Software in Bangkok Thailand

“AI will influence future hiring volumes” – Sireetorn

“Many people are focusing on AI to be one of the most important hiring trends that many businesses are talking about now. A recent article by Microsoft named Cloud for Global Good: Digital Transformation explained that digital transformation is very important now because it can record data and is capable to transform many parts of businesses.

For example, today you can already see that many businesses are using AI to handle most of their customer services at the start and then have a person to support afterwards. These systems seem to be working well so far.

Another trend I see coming up is for more companies to up-skill and train more of their current staff to gain more technical skills, as this will help prepare them for digital transformation by teaching them about software development, data analytics, and more, so that they will be prepared to support more in-demand technical positions.”

“Due to the rise in AI, many more technology and software related jobs will spring up”

“In 2020, people are using video meetings 50% more than pre-COVID-19.”

Source: Owl Labs

Aung Myo Myat (Joseph) - Senior talent acquisition at Seven Peaks Software in Bangkok Thailand

“Higher job security will also be a huge recruiting trend in 2021” – Joseph

“First of all, I think that the global working culture has already changed a lot due to the rise of technology. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many people witnessed shock, discomfort, stress, etc. The pandemic slowly built up in small phases, however the impact turned to be a big one – as all small things combined can always turn into one giant thing. One small virus can impact the working culture forever.

Everything has changed due to this new reality, and now jobs are becoming more insecure than ever. This means that more people will have to prepare for a better a lifestyle for the coming year to overcome these challenges and build a better future by leveraging the higher use in technology.

Once the pandemic is finally over, and once businesses are operating normally again, the next phases/trends that I see coming is insecurity – both offline and online. Offline being that people are now more uncomfortable in walking into their offices with fears of a possible infection and more. This is why a lot of companies now have changed their working environment to allow people to work from home. Even in Thailand, where the pandemic could be worse, we are already feeling that we are in the ‘new normal’. Many companies even plan to work from home in the long-term, and are now practicing how to work from home effectively.

There are many pros and cons of working from home. But if you’re working from home like, you may sometimes feel that you are isolated form working individually. Communicating online is not like meeting face-to-face with your team through a daily standup.

“A lot of companies have already changed their working environment to allow people to work from home”


Of People are the same or more productive during covid 19 while working from home

source: Owllabs

1 in 2

people won’t return to jobs that don’t offer remote work

source: Owllabs

“Companies are quickly shifting to getting on platforms like IoT to make sure that they are well-connected online”

The online insecurity today is due to digital transformation, which means that typically those industries who only rely on traditional non-tech operations will most likely suffer in the future. This is why many companies are quickly shifting to getting on platforms like IoT, to make sure that they are online, so that they can survive for longer alongside the digital transformation era. People may be unable to go out during the lockdown, but this has resulted in more and more people staying at home to use their mobile phones, or other devices, to stay connected to the internet. This is the reason why every business needs to be online moving forward.

So I think another major trend would be to hire more mobile developers to develop the apps and websites for businesses so that people can communicate and get in touch with them online. For the developers, they will now need to focus on the demand of developing web apps and also making sure that the apps are both well-designed and run smoothly for the everyday user. Other roles in high demand now include data scientists and business analysts – as these positions focus on getting data to better predict more future online trends.

During the pandemic, we have been connected to the internet more than ever. Fortunately though, the technology industry is still booming. Technology is becoming more like ‘life-nology’ right now; as people’s lives are dependent on technology.

For 2021, hopefully this pandemic will be over or better than it was. People will start thinking a lot more about their job security. So the more people know that your company offers great compensation & benefit packages, the more people will stick with their employers. We also need to think like netizens, or the internet people, to make them happy as well. And you know, you’d be able to provide them with a really good work life balance. Work culture has changed, and how this continues to evolve is very important now.”

What IT jobs will be in the most demand in 2021?


  • Security professional (Information, system, network, data, cloud)

  • Cloud Architect

  • Database Administrator

  • System Analyst

  • Mobile Application Developer

  • Network Administrator

  • Software Developer

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Help desk and Desktop Support professionals

Source: Cio

What causes will COVID-19 play in future recruiting trends 2021?

“COVID-19 has brought more people online, which will cause more demand for technical developers” – Joseph

“COVID-19 has made things slow down for a lot of businesses, including ours too. However, we are lucky enough to still be working on big projects with our clients for the mobile and web application development side. We were also still able to hire more talented candidates during the pandemic.

Luckily, we did not need to lay off any of our employees. Instead, we actually hired more people. For example, during this week we hired a Senior iOS developer from India . We successfully had him on board in our back office after he got quarantined. I think we did a good job in 2020, we survived well this year. All in all, there has been more positives than negatives for us.”

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“COVID-19 has encouraged more remote working than ever” – Sireetorn

“I am confident that the COVID-19 situation will only get better from here. I think people will go out more and have a normal life soon. That will mean for more businesses to soon be operating as usual, and that everybody will soon get a job to work in tech as I mentioned previously. We, as recruiters, hope that people will be readier than ever to work as normal again in the future.

remote working in Thailand with Seven Peaks Software and Apphuset team - Thailand & Norway

A lot of work now can be done remotely though online platforms enabling work from anywhere. I also think more and more companies will apply the ‘work from anywhere’ mentality. Many tech companies in Thailand have these policies already, so they can work like three, three days a week, something like this and they have a work life balance day with their family and they still can work and be productive. I am for the work-from-home policy as long as communication is effective and that work gets done.”


Many of the expected recruiting trends of 2021 are caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – urging more people around the world to stay indoors resulting in higher internet use on mobile devices. The rise of working from home as well as the rise in both IoT and AI are all causes to these factors as well.

As Joseph previously mentioned, COVID-19 has caused many businesses around the world to shift to going online and to be well-connected to IoT platforms. As more people are working from home, there will be higher uses of mobile devices to be connected to the internet. This change of consumer behavior will demand many more mobile developers who are able to develop mobile-friendly applications as well as progressive web applications.

Another part of the recruiting trends 2021 mentioned by Sireetorn is the rise of AI and how it will affect future hiring volumes – as AI will play a large role in digital transformation. This transformation will make data more widely used – affecting the decision-making processes in hiring and how candidates and employers will make contact and communicate with each other online.

Other future recruiting trends 2021 to look out for include: Up-skilling of current staff, as Sireetorn also mentioned, to use training programs to re-skill existing staff into more technical, hard-to-hire positions.

Diversity & inclusion in recruitment will also be a recruiting trend. This survey here recorded that more than four in five employees globally are favoring to work in a more diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace in the future.

Lastly, remote working, a trend that will be here to stay, is another hiring trend on our list. This is due to employers preferring more remote flexibility in their working hours, saying that this resulted in higher productivity and better time-management. Expect a continued trend of remote-working for the years to come, even after the pandemic is over.

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Senior Talent Acquisition

Sireetorn started her career as Executive of Procurement at Panasonic Management Thailand. After she worked in this role for three and half years with knowledge in logistics and supply chain, her career was changed from Procurement to Recruitment.

She has been working in the HR industry for four years in varying job roles, gaining international recruiting & local recruiting experience, before transitioning to Seven Peaks Software as our Senior Talent Acquisition!


Senior Talent Acquisition

Joseph is a dynamic, proactive and hands-on Tech Management & Business Administration professional with in-depth understanding of emerging markets in technology, fast moving consumer goods, automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and retail businesses.

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