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How To Find The Right Software Engineering Jobs

The must-know tips on how to find and land your dream software engineering job – wherever you are


Are you actively searching for software engineering jobs in exotic countries such as Thailand? Finding one with a competitive salary may be difficult. Moreover, it can be hard to get accustomed to new cultural backgrounds and working cultures.

The international company located in Thailand, therefore, is the answer. No worry about language barrier or exposure to extremely different culture. But why it has to be Thailand? You can earn a great salary and live a fulfilling life in the land of smiles, where costs of living are relatively modest.

In this article, we will show you the tips on how you can land yourself software engineering jobs here in Thailand.


Know the job qualifications

For a software developer job application

With today’s several job-seeking websites, including Linkedin, JobsDB, Glassdoor, etc., job hunting has become easier than before. But this means an increase in competitors as well.

So, how to tackle this problem and make yourself stand out from other candidates?

Before sending the application, it is better to plan and read the description and qualifications. This is to find software developers companies and jobs most suitable for you.

Search closely what types of coding program the company is required and what position suits your talents. The company’s policies and mottos are also helpful. Finally, look for its contributions and working style whether it suits your personality.


Know The Insight

What are the roles of a software developer?

The developer jobs are divided to be responsible for different tasks depending on the position. For example, at Seven Peaks Software, we are hiring three main types of developers: frontend, backend, and mobile.

Being our frontend software developers, you will get to use React JS and Angular, the latest popular web frameworks, as the primary program.

For backend software developers, you will get to work on modern cloud architecture such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, while using coding programs such as .NET core and Node js.

The mobile developers will engage with Kotlin native, Swift code, Java, and Objective C for both iOS development and Android development.

Every company has a distinctive coding language and working policies. Therefore, don’t forget to ensure that the programming language used in the company is compatible with your coding ability.

Check out what kind of software developing work they normally do whether it is for a website, mobile application, on iOS or Android operating system.


How long will software developers be in demand?

One of the most popular questions being asked on the internet right now is: “How long will software developers be in demand?”. To answer this question, we have broken it down into some simple steps below:

First of all, you might be wondering if software developers are even in high demand. Rest assured, because with the ongoing technological disruption, the demand for software engineers is predicted to go up by 22.2% in 2030.

Moreover, the business software services market is expected to grow by 11.7% in 2030.

As to what exactly is driving the high demand, it depends on the 3 following reasons:

  • ogy in daily life, business sectors need to leverage their digital platforms including websites and mobile applications to connect with customers seamlessly. Moreover, the advancement of technology demands the most up-to-date software to keep up with other competitors. Without a doubt, companies will be needing more developers to build and maintain all their software products as the business continues to grow.
  • The lifespan of code is limited. For all software products, the code needs to be updated every few years when they become obsolete or expired. Using outdated code could lead to a bad user experience and security problems. Some companies may even discard the old software completely to be replaced it with modern technology. As a result, there is a recurring need for software engineers to maintain and renew all digital products.
  • The growing complexity of software development projects as the business needs to expand leads to the rising demand for software developers to manage all the software products.

For these three reasons, we can conclude that the response to the question “how long will software developers be in demand?” would be that: software developers will only be increasing in demand in the coming years for as long as technology is needed.


Know The Country

Understanding Different Working Culture

The working culture is another essential factor to consider when working abroad, however working hours can be different in each country. Generally speaking, Thai working culture mainly has a reserved demeanor. While there is a relaxed attitude regarding punctuality, you should still notify others if you are going to be late. Thailand’s business meetings, on the other hand, are also formal but respectful and relaxed.

Notwithstanding, the international company’s environment is slightly different. The working culture will be more international with work-life balance. Besides, some companies may embrace both Thai and European working cultures.



To obtaining a Work Permit & Working Visa

To get software engineering jobs in Bangkok, it means that you have to work legally within a Thai company. Thereby, working under the working permits and visas is a better option. The work visa is a paper that indicates your job title, job description, and the company for which you will be working.

The work permit is a paper that will be received after the job application, where the company will also be responsible for preparing the required documents.

In this part, we will guide you with the general information on how to get them.

Required Documents for Work Visa
  • A passport that is valid for at least six months and at least 2 blank pages left. Whenever you apply for a 1 year visa, your passport needs to be valid for at least 18 months
  • A work visa application form that is signed and filled out. You can mostly download it from the embassy’s website or receive one at the embassy itself
  • A passport photo (Dimensions 3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Police clearance certificate
  • A letter of approval from the Thailand ministry of Labour requested by your company in Thailand
Required Documents for Work Permit
  • Passport and a copy of it
  • 3 Passport photos (Dimension 5cm x 6cm)
  • Thai work visa
  • Academic degrees and certificates
  • Your contract with the company including, position, salary and work responsibilities
  • Relevant licenses and certificates
  • Resume/CV
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Health certificate

Find out more in detail on ‘Our tips on how to get a work permit for Thailand


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Why Seven Peaks Software?

Collaborative, international working environment

At Seven Peaks Software, we offer a collaborative environment where you can learn and develop with colleagues. Unlike an old-fashioned panopticism office, our office is arranged openly, allowing workers to work happily and enjoy themselves with their co-workers in the sunlight.

Moreover, we provide a non-stop learning environment for the workers with a friendly atmosphere. The office is divided into two areas: the working and playing parts. Every worker can mingle and gather at the Town Hall, the playing area, and later work together in the working area.

Not speaking Thai? No problemo!

We are gathered with 200+ workers of more than 25 nationalities. The diversity is endless! Our company used English as the primary language to communicate and develop together.

We offer an international and inclusive environment, allowing every member to collaborate freely. As a result, we confirm you will have the best working atmosphere with the best coworkers. 


Work and Life Balance

Do your work at your own pace! Our company deeply embraces the freedom definition that provides our employees flexible working hours. With 10:00 – 14:00 hours of working each day, you can work efficiently without pressure, giving the best work-life balance.

We allow our employees to do their jobs at home. Many applications are available for workers to communicate and gather via online meetings. Moreover, as an expat, this allows you to settle in the workplace before coming to live here.


Various contributions are offered here. For instance, we offer free lunches every Tuesday and Thursday to guarantee our employees’ happiness and health. Additionally, a paid vacation for 10 to 15 days is also given to ensure our employees’ work-life balance.

The annual team trips are also held to strengthen our employees’ relationships and give them a proper break. Lastly, we have registered with various premium health and insurance companies, specially for our employees.

Our Technology Partners

Our company collaborates with many renowned organizations, including Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Azure, Google Cloud, Huawei Cloud, and many more!

Our Projects

We have worked with various well-known companies in Thailand, spanning Viriyah insurance, Seven eleven, Dtac, IRPC, Coca-Cola, and SCB bank.

Our case studies and works

We cooperate with several companies and have case studies and experiences on mobile applications, web applications, cloud migration, UX/UI design, quality assurance, and more. For example, we have worked with Coca-Cola and created an easy-to-use UI design for the CHAQWA mobile applications.


We also work with our project partner, Apphuset to create modern web interface for oil and gas industry, Sekal, especially for drilling operators, which makes monitoring and streamline operations become easier.


For Viriyah insurance, we made a car insurance platforms in mobile application, available on both iOS and Android operating system. In the application, the sales agents can create accurate car insurance quotations, manage their existing customers, and finalize policy sales right from their mobile phones.


Growth Career Path

Every executive management team has long experience with software engineering and internationally building enterprise software.

Our company offers a growing career path by focusing on building competency and upskilling each team member’s potential through the training programs, enabling the ability to give digital transformation for business. We are looking forward to working and growing further with employees, building and drawing out their best and unique talents.



Expatriation can sometimes be difficult as there are many settlements and preparations. However, working in a different country with a whole new working culture can be challenging and also fun at the same time.

By introducing tips on getting software engineering jobs in Bangkok, we hope our article can be useful for you.

Suppose you are a foreign developer looking for a software developer job that lets you learn, work, and develop simultaneously. In that case, Seven Peaks Software, a company centered in the heart of Bangkok, can be the answer for you.

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