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Empowering Employees with a Great Workplace

Empowering employees with a great workplace by Workventure and Seven Peaks

In recent years, there has been a significant cultural shift in what employees expect from their employers. People want to work for companies that offer happiness, stability, and help them to thrive and not just survive.

Company culture is more than a buzzword

More Gen-Z, millennials and Gen-X are now less tolerant of toxic work environments than ever before. Over a third of employees are willing to quit their job, if it means leaving an unsupportive, unhealthy environment. On the other hand, candidates seek out places that make them feel valued. They want to be able to determine their own path to success and have the room to grow towards their goals.

This means that star candidates gravitate towards places that encourage learning, self-development, and collaboration between colleagues. People are most innovative, productive and creative in environments where diversity is celebrated, and where collaboration is encouraged between people of different experiences and backgrounds.

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When choosing where to work, people look beyond the paycheck and seriously consider the perks and benefits on offer. For many employees, a good work-life balance is non-negotiable.

Over 60% of workers aged 18-34 will leave a company if their work-life balance is disrupted. 71% of employees find remote or hybrid work arrangements important. And, as the workforce makes a partial return to working in the office, people will consider location as a key factor in choosing where to work. After all, commutes can be expensive, time-consuming and energy-draining.

Plus, employees want to work in spaces that are conducive towards creativity and cooperation. A great workplace has both the space for cross-team innovation, and for colleagues to unwind and relax together.

Reaching new heights in workplace excellence

As one of the fastest growing companies in Asia Pacific in 2023, Seven Peaks Software has seen our team evolve significantly since our founding 2014. We started as a team of four people, and have since expanded to more than 250 people. As we grow, so do the opportunities for us to empower our employees.

At Seven Peaks Software, we’re committed to helping our people achieve their best. That’s why we are proud to be officially certified by WorkVenture as one of the Best Places to Work 2023, based on an employee survey on work culture, job satisfaction, work-life balance, benefits, and opportunities for growth.

The results of the survey revealed that we have discovered the secret sauce to retaining talented experts: prioritizing our people.

We care about work-life balance. Seven Peaks Software offers hybrid work and flexible hours. We trust our employees to do their best work when they aren’t being held back by outdated processes, and have ownership and control of their work flows.

Each of our experts receives clear goals, the freedom and resources they need to meet them, and consistent feedback and support. Teams are encouraged to hold constructive conversations where everyone’s voice is heard.

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Our working culture celebrates each unique employee. As a multinational company with over 33 nationalities, we understand that different backgrounds enable greater innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

Seven Peaks Software understands that where people work can change how well they work. We provide great working spaces at our office in the center of Bangkok, located conveniently near shops, restaurants, and public transport.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a space where a community can meet to exchange knowledge and learn. That’s why we will be doubling our offices to make room for more co-working spaces, more areas for our team to relax together with our free beer on tap, and bigger events and workshops.

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