In this article, we hear from Thida – our Digital marketing intern – on her internship story with us at Seven Peaks Software

Meet Thida

Hello! I’m Thida from Cambodia. I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Thailand as a senior student at the International College of Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM). At PIM, internships are required each year so that I will have one year of experience after I graduate.

I came across the great opportunity to intern at Seven Peaks Software via LinkedIn – when I saw the Seven Peaks Accelerate program opening a digital marketing internship position in their Marketing department. I knew that taking this opportunity would be game-changing for my career.

How I got this internship

First, I applied for the position and then went through interviews with P’ Pla, senior talent acquisition at Seven Peaks Software, and Bo Pedersen, the marketing manager at Seven Peaks Software.

I took both of the interviews online as it was during the midst of a pandemic at that time. I was then pleased to receive their offer for a digital marketing intern position! As a result, I had my internship rescheduled from June to October and instead I attended online classes with my university.

It has been a super fast three month internship for me. To think, working with a digital marketing team makes the days move faster because we are always planning ahead. Besides, it has been an amazing journey in the software industry.

Smooth onboarding

I spent my first week of my internship onboarding – where I participated in various sessions covering information about Seven Peaks Software’s culture, insightful marketing processes, and getting set-up with the working environment here.

I had a really warm welcome from the people here with plenty of time getting to know my team better.

A huge boost in experiences were gained during the internship. I got hands-on experience of tasks which were assigned since the very first day at work. I am confident that all the hands-on tasks that I worked on will be put to good use to help me develop the needed skills of the future.

Overcoming challenges

My main tasks included article writing, for the website’s blog content, through our unique Content Sprouting methodology. But the biggest challenge was figuring out my true potential in my writing skills when it came to writing very technical blog articles with Seven Peaks Software’s expert developers.

To work on content marketing in a leading software development company is very challenging, as I first have to know the basics of software development to understand Seven Peaks Software’s advanced tech talks.

However, my mentors at work always showed me how to find the solution to solve any problems that came from these challenges. I was always able to learn through one-on-one discussions with the developers about the technical blog articles written to get them reviewed by them.

Once my content was approved from the developer’s side, I then got to the next step of working on publishing these articles with Jason, Digital Marketing at Seven Peaks Software, who taught me about publishing the articles online on WordPress, using the right SEO tools to include the best keywords, optimizing images for SEO, and how effectively promote the articles on social media.

Please feel free to read some of the blog articles that I published here:

  • Introducing the new C# & Developing with RabbitMQ
  • Inspirational Leadership during post COVID-19 by TNCC
  • Start Smart with API testing

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Supportive colleagues

Apart from content writing, my other tasks for social media marketing has given me the chance to command a framework that gets me to actually do tasks that encourage people to actually engage with the brand and how life at Seven Peaks Software is like for recruitment purposes.

I got the chance to sit in meetings with the Seven Peaks Software Design Team to better understand the importance of branding with guidelines to stay consistent with the design and content as well.

I feel inclusive with my team members. They are helpful and willing to let you try things out. Besides learning from key professionals, my supervisor, and my colleagues here. We are all key players to help each other through the process of work that is responsible for growing as a team.

More than an internship

Apart from working in the office, we also got to join several external events which included Huawei Cloud: Powering Digital Thailand 2021 at Centara Grand Hotel, Bangkok.

With the business development team, digital marketers got the chance to showcase Seven Peaks Software as one of the leading technology companies in Thailand and how we can bring value to different industries as an international software & design company.

We also got to attend insightful talks from key people and be part of this amazing transformation.

Seven Peaks Software always ensures that all employees enjoy their life here. From external events to in-the-office parties such as Oktoberfest, Halloween party, Christmas dinner, and an amazing trip on a Catamaran with team-building activities and a great barbeque on the beach.

These few months made me feel as if it is such a life adventure. To be part in organizing these events while building friendships with such cool people. Life at Seven Peaks Software is full of meaning and wonder.

It is a great opportunity to work here, I can feel that I’m not only just an intern. I feel that my opinions and ideas did matter when I spoke out to my colleagues.

The inclusive working environment at Seven Peaks Software made it feel that everyone was treated equally no matter the job title, as long as you collaborate and work hard.


Honestly, I joined Seven Peaks Software only with my knowledge from the university as a student. It has been rewarding to see my work actually being put to good use as I’ve never been part of an organization that has grown so quickly before.

Discovering that I gained many valuable professional experiences that will truly benefit my career for the future is an amazing takeaway for me.

Also, being able to learn from colleagues and understand their perspectives and mindsets have added even more values to both my personal and professional life.

Now when I look back, I can see that I’m a better version of myself, and a lot of it is all thanks to my time at Seven Peaks Software!

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