A glimpse of internship experience at one of the fastest growing software development companies in Thailand

A detailed report by Chandra Prassyethio Soegoto

In this article, we hear from Chandra - About his Digital marketing internship story with us at Seven Peaks Software

Meet Chandra

Chandra Prassyethio Soegoto
Digital Marketing Intern

Hi, my name is Chandra Prassyethio Soegoto most of people call me Chan. Currently, I am a last year student at Webster University Thailand for a Master program in Business Administration & Information Technology Management. It’s been almost 2 years that I lived in Thailand and I could say I love Thailand so much!

A bit background of Chandra

Internship at Seven Peaks Software is not my first internship experience in Thailand, prior joining Seven Peaks Software I was also doing an internship with a Japanese Company in the HR industry for an HR Consultant intern Position. Now I could say that I’m fully in love with Marketing, HR, & IT/ Technology as this has become my daily life at Seven Peaks Software.

When this article is written, it marks my 6 months journey with Seven Peaks Software. So why i choose Seven Peaks Software?  Well the answer is pretty easy, and it’s because I love to learn new expertise that I have never touched before and I am really curious about digital marketing. Also as one of my degrees is in information technology management, working with Seven Peaks Software makes it a perfect Internship i could ever dream of!

Internship Digital marketing;

Journey of getting an internship at Seven Peaks Software

Looking back to few months ago, to be exact somewhere around april – may 2020 I started to look around for an internship/job as my previous internship was almost finished. At that time, my goal was to get experience in digital marketing and that’s because I really want to learn about digital marketing so i was looking for any opportunity within digital marketing. Surfing from one website to another, Setting notifications about job posting with Digital marketing keyword on every job seeking website, asking all connections that I have in thailand. I would say finding an opportunity in Thailand is quite challenging especially for international students. 

Until one time a Google search showed a company called Seven Peaks Software and its Digital Marketing intern position. I didn’t apply right away at that time because I would like to learn more about the company. After knowing the company’s core business: Software Development, which is related to what I’m studying, multicultural diversity with 20+ people of different nationality and the position that I’m interested in is vacant, I decided this is the company and the position that i would like to apply.  

I got the call for the interview and all the interviews were really smooth for me, the interviewers are really easy to talk and make discussion, which didn’t make the interview boring and from that I could tell, this company will be amazing to work for. Not long after, I received the offer to join the team and of course, I accepted the offer!  🙂 

The Life of Seven Peaks Software

Digital Marketing Intern.

As the real journey began, I do remember the time I joined there’s also two other people joining for digital marketing internship. With the onboarding flow that HR did, I’m getting to know everyone in the office and also my team.

Marketing team is a lovely small team at the time i joined in, there’s only My manager Bo Lund Pedersen and one marketing guy Jason Grant  Then 3 interns came including me, Diana & Markus. By the way, you can read the article that Diana and Markus wrote about their internship experience here: Diana – Internship Experience & Markus – Internship Experience 

I would say the first week is the week of introduction and getting to know each other and everything in the company. So I’m focusing on getting to know about the company, its business, what the marketing team does, What is the marketing process is, getting to know people in the office, the company rules, and most importantly what is my task and job desk.

Everything in Seven Peaks Software is well prepared and structured so I could understand things easily. Even the personal task is already prepared by the marketing manager so I could focus on getting the job done. 

So as a digital marketing intern what is my daily task?

I would say my daily task is quite different with other interns for the past few months. During the first three months, the task it’s pretty similar with everyone where the main scope is to help the marketing managers to handle the marketing operations.

So every intern needs to handle various marketing operations from its strategy, content preparations, and its operations. I used to handle video content creation, Blog content, and Instagram operations. My works examples are:

Video Production/ Content

Rebranding to Seven Peaks Software video

New office reveal video

Blog/ Article Content
Instagram Content

Above are some examples of my daily tasks and what I accomplished for the first 3 months. As I mentioned before, my daily task slightly changed as my manager assigned me into a more specific area of marketing where it’s called Talent Acquisition Marketing. With a new job desk comes another challenge. This position is a position where I can learn about marketing combined with the HR Experience and IT knowledge that I have.

So my main task is still helping the marketing manager with the marketing operations however the scope of operations is changed  into more helping seven peaks on getting more talents to join the company. As I learned about this position, one thing that I always do is to make sure people know that seven peaks is one of the incredible places to start or grow their career. I also need to make sure that every talent out there both local and global knows that seven peaks are always open for new talents and professionals to join the team!

During handling this position I would break my main task to 3 task;

Running Job opportunities advertisement/ Posts on every available channel

With a combination of digital marketing and talent acquisition, one of the main tasks is to run a job advertisement on every job boards channel. Here I need to make sure the job post needs to be attractive to attract talent to join Seven Peaks Software. Also, I need to make sure every job opening of Seven Peaks is up to date and open in every channel. Besides that I also advertise the job into the more focused group on social media such Facebook group, linkedIn group, tech forum, etc.

Engaging with every potential talent.

As a talent acquisition marketing I need to engage with all the potential talents both online and offline. If there's any job post related to jobs or if someone is looking for a job I will make sure that this person know that Seven peaks Software also open for new talents.

Managing Jobs Applications from Every Channel and notify it to the talent acquisition team.

As a talent acquisition marketing, I also need to help the talent acquisition team with all the applicants from the jobs advertisement by notify the talent acquisition team about the candidates. This can help the talent acquisition team to not miss any applications that come to seven peaks.

For some people doing this kind of position might sound a bit challenging. Many of my fellow colleagues tell me they would try to avoid it because it’s quite confusing and they need to communicate with many people. For me I feel grateful to be able to handle this position as it’s a challenging position but in return I could utilize my previous knowledge and combine with the new knowledge which I believe not many people could experience.

Seven Peaks Software not only about exciting jobs but also a fun environment to work & place to grow!

One of the factors that makes me really love to have an internship at seven Peaks is their awesome working environment. Once I step into their office I could feel a really strong cultural diversity environment where you will see people from different races and countries working, having lunch, playing games together inside the office. Making connections with people from different backgrounds and countries couldn’t be easier than this. Beside the people inside the company are also supportive and keen to help anyone if they are facing trouble. 

Gen C in Thailand - Seven Peaks Software

During the internship I also had a chance to attend so many cool events such: Android Bangkok Conference 2020, Getlinks, Huawei – powering digital thailand 2021, etc. And I believe not many interns out there have the same opportunity with what I get from Seven Peaks Software.

Another activity that I always like from Seven Peaks Software is its Friday bar. Friday bar is a weekly event with a goal to bring the employees to socialize with everybody inside the company. Most of the events are different from month to month for example, we had mini – golf night, FIFA – gaming night, wine testing, & etc. I do believe this event is really good for the company as it will bring the employees together to enjoy fun activities. Also I am able to get to know so many people in the company which mostly from this friday bar events and it’s been really great for me who is a newcomer to know and have fun with the people inside the company.

Finally, I would like to say that an internship in seven peaks software has been a really great experience yet challenging. Not only do I gain much knowledge and experience in the field that I am interested in but also they could help me to grow. Happy news, I just extended my internship for another few months as I still feel not enough and I would like to get deeper and deeper with what I am currently doing.

So if you come by our office feel free to say hello to me and the team, also we are currently looking for another intern for Batch II (April 2021)!. If you are interested to be part of this awesome company and awesome team, please check our Seven Peaks Accelerate page!

Chandra Prassyethio Soegoto, Digital marketing intern at Seven Peaks Software in Bangkok Thailand

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About the writer

Chandra is a Junior Digital Marketing intern at Seven Peaks Software, who has been doing his internship digital marketing at Seven Peaks Software for 7 months.

Chandra Prassyethio Soegoto

Digital Marketing Intern

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