In this article, we hear from Markus – our Digital marketing intern – on his internship story with us at Seven Peaks Software

Meet Markus

Hello, my name is Markus Angst, I’m from Germany, and currently a digital marketing intern at Seven Peaks Software in Bangkok. In this article, you will learn more about my reasons why I joined Seven Peaks Software, what challenges I faced, and what my main responsibilities have been.

Why Seven Peaks Software?

In October 2020, I graduated from Stamford International University, and to receive my Diploma, I needed to accomplish a mandatory Internship.

Finding a good fitting company was difficult because the corona pandemic forced most businesses to close or work from home. During studies, many university projects have been with students from all over the world, so I decided to search for multinational marketing departments. Looking for a suitable company, with an International atmosphere in Bangkok, led me towards Seven Peaks Software, and their open position as an digital marketing intern.

The first contact with the HR department was very positive and increased my desire and motivation, because the interview gave me a lot more information about the Norwegian managed software and design company, which has been based in Bangkok since 2014.

After the chat with the HR, I had a video call with the marketing manager Bo, who gave me an overview about the daily work life and explained my role in the marketing team and my possible tasks during my Internship.

Beginning my internship

On my first day, entering the Seven Peaks Software’s office, in The PARQ building, was very impressive. They just moved to their new workplace on the seventh floor, with a 180° view over the skyline of Bangkok.

After meeting every employee for a short introduction and chat, we had our first meeting with the marketing team. On the same day, Diana from Russia and Chandra from Indonesia, started their internship as well. You can read more about Diana’s perspective and experience in her blog article about the accelerate program: My internship experience at Seven Peaks Software – by Diana Smirnova

Overcoming challenges

Apart from the first very positive day, I faced some personal challenges as well, because my knowledge about web development, app development and design was very basic. Keywords like UX/UI Design, dedicated teams, frontend, backend and cloud services have been new to me as a marketer. Also, did I have very small experience in B2B Marketing.

But my doubts have been removed in the first weeks, because I learned quickly from recommended articles and blogs related to the tech industry, working closely with developers and the design team combined with speaker events with interesting topics from Seven Peaks Speaks.

Additionally to all my self learning process, the marketing manager Bo and digital marketing Jason have always been available if there were any unanswered questions about company projects, marketing tools and strategies.

Perfect timing

In addition to the good first impression, we entered the company at an interesting time, because of their ongoing rebranding process.

The old name 7 Peaks Software was changed to Seven Peaks Software along with the Logo.

All existing content templates have to be adjusted by the design team, and adapted by the marketing team. During this period I learned many practical strategies about branding, brand awareness and brand recognition, which will make it easier for my future career to adjust in a rebranding procedure and work out the right approach for another firm or client.

The story behind the rebranding is very interesting, and can be found on our blog page of Rebranding to Seven Peaks Software: The story of our new logo design.

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Life as a marketing intern

As a marketing intern at Seven Peaks Software, it is great to have the possibility of trying out different fields and be responsible for it, if you are really passionate about it. There are various sectors to choose from, either content creation, copywriting, social media marketing, automations, email newsletter, SEO and events are some of them.

This course of action is perfect if you are uncertain about your main interest and which path you should follow. I had the chance to look into many different platforms and tools, but at the end my main assignment was to manage the Instagram post and stories, create a chatbot and take care of events.

Social media management

For Instagram, I needed to create a strategy to steadily grow and engage followers, provided with helpful information and always an open ear if there would be some questions.

When I finished my report, we discussed the strategy: what to improve, change and which guidelines to follow have been overlooked by the marketing manager. If you do not follow our Instagram Channel , you should try it, and give me some feedback on how you like it.

Event management

The other main task was Seven Peaks Speaks, which are events organized at the Seven Peaks Software office at The PARQ, which included taking responsibility for scheduled live-streams on YouTube and Facebook, with video description, tags and thumbnails.

Using a software that I rarely used before challenged me in the beginning, but allowed me to develop my skills.

Another part of it was the regulation of the sound system for the stream and the audience at the venue. The events were great to have contact with clients and also for networking, because it brings together experts and learners from Bangkok’s tech industry.

I had the opportunity to learn more about web design and web development with an offline course. This helped me to understand HTML, CSS and UX/UI design. As well, I got many certifications from important marketing systems which will make it simpler to find a good job in the future.

Continuous learning

Working in an International team, with more than 20 nationalities, helped me a lot by gaining work experience and also understanding a multicultural work-environment.

As a startup, Seven Peaks Software is constantly growing, but also continuously learning. That is one of the reasons why it is great to be a part of their family, because you are in this natural environment where people support each other and grow together.

They highly support their employees to never stop learning and even support them with online and offline courses on various platforms.

I had the opportunity to learn more about web design and web development with an offline course. This helped me to understand HTML, CSS and UX/UI design.

As well, I get many certifications from important marketing systems which will make it simpler to find a good job in the future.

A great place to work at!

If you are looking for an Internship who has the character of a self driven learner, then Seven Peaks Software will find the perfect match. On top of that, you will also have a lot of social benefits.

As an intern, being at Seven Peaks Software always had the sense of being a part of a team – treating me like a full-time employee. This relates even to employee benefits. In my time, there have been many external events, but even more internal parties.

There is a weekly Friday bar, where employees can sit and talk together, enjoy a cold drink from the beer tab or play some board and video games together. Also, the free Thursday lunch was always tasty and a highlight.

The themed parties have been a blast. Having the office decorated as a Bavarian tent and celebrate the German October festival with German food and games.

The spooky Halloween party with exciting costumes and atmosphere, the annual trip was going this year to Pattaya marina, where a yacht was chartered and the islands around explored. And recently, The Christmas party, with delicious Danish specialties and presents for everyone.


The bottom line of my short report about my marketing internship at Seven Peaks Software is that you get many insights into the life of a marketer, with useful advice, certifications and learning materials to build solid fundamentals for your future career.

Additionally, if you are searching for an international company, here is the right place to apply. The marketing team alone has interns and full time employees of nine different nationalities! And do not forget your work life balance, with Friday bars, free Thursday lunches, company trips and flexible working hours.

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