Insights to entry-level software engineering jobs in 2022

A hands-on guide to get software jobs in Thailand

entry level software engineering jobs for Seven Peaks Software

Do you want to get started in software engineering but you just graduated? Additionally, is it possible for software engineers to work remotely? The steps are detailed in our post.

Our destination today is heading to Thailand, the land of smiles where many professionals choose to settle their career paths here. Hence, no matter if you are a local seeking an international atmosphere or a foreigner craving to work abroad, here is what you are looking for!

Opportunity for entry-level software engineering jobs in Thailand IT market

Thailand is home to a large number of foreign corporations, all of which operate in a variety of industries. However, if you are thinking about Tech companies with a great international working environment, look no farther than Seven Peaks Software.

International Company Style of Entry-level Software Engineering Jobs

Learn new thing everyday

The international company can provide a non-stop learning environment where you can always learn with professional coworkers and experts. Moreover, it can guarantee a skillful executive management team with practical experience of constructing software businesses internationally.


With the increasing rate of international investors coming to Thailand, it cannot deny that the demand for English-speaking software engineers will also increase accordingly. Having the skill sets that outstand others can help you get a better career. Thereby, multinational companies can bring about great opportunities and growing career lines. It will improve not only your software skills but also your language skills.

Learn from others’ background

It is where software engineers work together cooperatively with an inclusive community. So, employees from different backgrounds can talk and learn together every day from different points of view.

Flexible working places

Have you ever wondered if software engineers can work remotely?

Most international companies offer remote software engineering jobs. Global companies tend to be lenient in their work places with the work-life balance policy. So, employees will be able to work from home with the help of apps like Harvest, Slack, etc.

At Seven Peaks Software, we offer applications that allow employees to work online. You can work from home or anywhere, depending on the position.

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What to Prepare to get Entry-level Software Engineering Jobs

As for fresh grads, getting entry-level software engineering jobs can be difficult (according to Middlesex University). However, well-thought-out preparations before getting to the application can be a lot of help. Firstly, you will need a full-informative resume yourself. Here are some tips on what you should include in your resume.

Software Engineer Resume Examples

  • The experience relating to the positions is essential information that we are looking for. This should regard your brief total years of experience. For example, the career experience summary from each company should include the service year, role/responsibilities, and a brief description of the project and achievements.
  • Companies are looking for programmers fluent in languages and frameworks used internally, such as .Net, React.js, Node.js, etc.
  • someone who can learn new frameworks like Flutter, Ionic, and so on is in need.
  • Your career goal should be to locate a job where you and the company can both thrive.

Secondly, you need the certifications that apply to the positions you are applying for. The qualifications are written in every position’s description. Preference is given to certificates that are in accordance with the listed qualifications.

And lastly, a ready-to-learn mindset and a happy smile!

Tips for interview

Interview software engineer questions

Since our company intends to bring out every employee’s uniqueness, the questions will be mainly related to your experiences and individual talents, whether they are compatible with the position or not.

For instance,

  • What type of programming language do you usually use?
  • What is “Agile” software development in your definition?
  • Can you explain the recent project you did and identify its obstacles?
  • Which design patterns do you mainly use, and in what context?

Recruitment steps

  • Go to this link and scroll down to see the list of available positions
  • Each position’s web page will inform the responsibilities and necessary qualifications. You can check whether they are compatible with you or not.
  • Click ‘Apply Now’ button to fill in the given platform with your general information and send in the resume to our HR via the ‘Apply with Resume’ button

Settle in with companion

It’s always good working along with decent companionship. At Seven Peaks Software, we are confident to say that the working environment here is full of positive energy! We can ensure the best from working with us. You will never walk alone, mate!

android companion


Entry-level software engineering jobs are the hot positions that can be difficult for all freshly graduated.

Although the increasing number of job seekers nowadays makes job-hunting harder, good planning can bring about the best positions for you.

It may be hard to find a company that offers both international and challenging projects in Thailand. Nevertheless, at Seven Peaks Software, we can give you both. At last, hopefully, our company can be the answer for you.

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