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Generation C Thailand

Digital Natives have been transforming the world as we know it.

People who were born after the 1990s and 80% of millennials, also known as Gen Y (1980-2000), are made up of Generation C (Gen C), but Gen C is more than an age group. Gen C was defined as the “Connected Consumer” in 2012 by digital analyst, Brain Solis.

He realized that there is an entire group of people who completely immerse themselves in technology. Thus, people from different age groups can be categorized as Gen C.

In the case of this article, they will be named as Generation C Thailand. Most people tend to associate this group with digital natives, while Google defined Gen C as the YouTube Generation. So, Gen C is not just an age group, but state of mind, social network and a powerful new force in consumer culture.

As our team is based in Bangkok, we will be focusing this article on Generation C Thailand.

About Generation C Thailand

The digital consumers

By 2020, Generation C Thailand, as an age group, will have grown up and become your potential digital consumers. This highly connected generation live “online”, they communicate in social networks with more than 100 contacts daily, generating vast amounts of private information in their “Personal Cloud”, which identify their personalities online and offline. As a consequence, Gen C expects fast, engaging and reliable connections, which create direct links with a large group of online businesses.

Smart ground

Today, the Internet has transformed into a “smart ground” where everyone is able to build an intelligent tech infrastructure to satisfy the needs of Generation C Thailand in areas such as healthcare, education, energy, media and transportation sectors.

Technology players including Seven Peaks Software are well positioned to fulfill the “smart ground” for various business sectors and help them to capture significant new revenue that comes from the growth of the digital presence.

People that aren’t connected with the Internet, they can’t function the same way in society that a lot of other people do.” – a representative of Gen C.

What is Generation C Thailand today?

Before you engage with Generation C Thailand, you must understand their needs, lifestyle, dreams and values. Let’s go into details of what Gen C is, and look at the statistics provided by Think with Google that will give you some perspective on Generation C Thailand.

Who is Alex?

As shown, Generation C is a highly digital-oriented generation, they use devices as much as 6-hours a day. They all have smartphones and constantly text, check Facebook and Instagram, and watch YouTube instead of TV.

Imagine a guy who represents Gen C. Let’s name him Alex. In 2020 he is a 20-year old computer science student. He has a smartphone, a laptop, a computer and a tablet. These devices keep him connected to the outside world 24/7.

Alex uses these devices to download music, movies and other content, to stay in touch with his family, friends, find new people and study. His apartment is equipped with the latest home technology and a high-speed Internet connection. Alex’s social life and school activities are also focused around his devices.

He can always find out the location of his friends, what they are doing, and contact them immediately. At school he downloads materials, does research online, cooperates with classmates via social media and even studies remotely from his apartment.

Diana internship

Rent, school, leisure bills are authorized online, his devices take care of groceries and shopping. Alex avoids offline stores, that helps him to save time and access products from all over the world.

Digital-connected environment encourages Alex to travel without damaging his pockets. Recently, he traveled to Europe where Alex’s devices supported him throughout the long flight, helped him to get through customs faster by automatically connecting to the government’s network, and to connect with his new friends in Europe whom he met online.

Once they meet up there, Alex’s smartphone created a perfect route with the hidden tourists’ attractions, which Alex previewed in 3-D models. As you can see Alex’s generation takes everything to the next level.

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