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Hello my name is Timo and I am 20 years old from The Netherlands. I am studying International Business at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands and as a part of my studies I had the opportunity to do a digital marketing internship abroad.

As I am very interested in Marketing subjects, the choice was easy to experience how it is to work as an digital marketing intern here at Seven Peaks Software.

I had the option to do the digital marketing internship at another company, but the interview was very nice as I got a broad overview of what I could expect from doing my internship at Seven Peaks Software and I got an answer to all my questions.

Moreover, the company provided me with a lot of additional information about the company itself and about what the company would like to achieve for the employees.

I noticed that the company gives a lot about their employees. The personal growth of each individual is very important.

This is one of the points which Seven Peaks Software is willing to help you with. To create a working environment in which people are looking forward to coming to work again and feel happy and motivated.

So, for me there was only one logical choice to make and I felt like Seven Peaks Software would be the best for my personal development.

My experience at Seven Peaks Software

Already, during my first day at Seven Peaks I was guided very nicely to meet everyone at the office to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

The marketing team was very open and my colleagues were willing to help me whenever I had any questions. The first week was more about reading about the way of working in the company and getting to know which systems are used.

But, after that you will be given real life tasks in which you will get the responsibility to deliver. This will teach you important skills and values that are important for your self development.

Normally, in university you learn about the theory of certain topics, but you don’t see how it works in the business world. This is your opportunity to work on your future and have a good insight into working in an international team in a big company.

What I have noticed is that there is no real hierarchy in the company. You can walk to the CEO any time to ask a question or discuss something.

What also helps is that the office space is open and there are no real separate rooms, only meeting rooms for meetings and discussions. Everyone is basically in the same room which creates a more cozy and efficient atmosphere, being all together.

I think it is really important that you can experience how it is to work in an international environment during the internship, as it will give you a clear view of what you can expect in the future after finishing studying.

Also, to find out if this is something you would like to do in the future. I have really enjoyed the internship and I made the decision to do a master in either International management or marketing management when I finish my bachelor. To further develop and prepare myself.

Within the company everyone speaks English as the company is very international. With 70+ people from over 22 different countries. Also, as the company is doing business with companies from all over the world, all meetings are in English. It is a very nice way to improve your English and become more comfortable talking in English.

My tasks and responsibilities during my digital marketing internship

As digital marketing is a very broad subject there are many different tasks to do, I have been working on some research about social media in The Netherlands, possibilities on how to immigrate to Thailand for people willing to come from abroad and work in Thailand.

But, also I have been writing some articles about some of our events and I have also learned a lot about SEO and website building and the company has provided a lot of opportunities to learn via courses which after being passed got us a certificate.


The company also cares a lot about their employees. They organize many activities that the people can sign up for. For example Muay Thai, fitness, bowling, football and many more. Next to this the company also has weekly recurring events.

Every Thursday there is a free lunch paid by the company. This lunch is something different every week and a surprise for the employees as no one knows what will be on the menu for that day.

On Friday’s the company finishes the week with a so-called “Friday bar” which is provided in the company’s town hall/canteen. There will be a certain theme for every bar which can be related to gaming, board games or even special days like Christmas, Eastern, Oktoberfest, etc.

During these evenings people just have a good time while drinking some nice drinks and eating some nice food together. It is a nice way to get to know your colleagues better and it is a very relaxing way to finish the working week.

After these 7 months of working at Seven Peaks Software I will really miss the place and the people. The working environment is super motivating and everyone is super nice.

The company really cares about their employees as they make sure the office is looking great with the right supplies and equipment. Also, many after work activities are organized which can be joined for free.

All together my time at Seven Peaks Software has been very enjoyable and I have learned a lot of new things.

Lastly, it has broadened my view and experience of working in a professional business environment. I would like to thank everyone at Seven Peaks Software for making me feel welcome during my digital marketing internship period and in helping me to develop myself for the future.

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