A Copywriting Internship Diary from Little Lily

A unique plus amazing experience here at Seven Peaks Software

Are you a 3rd-year student with no idea what to do for your internship? I was so dense and had no clue what to do during my summer holiday. So, I considered an internship a great way to learn more about the practical working environment and experience.

However, going through every internship process was still a whole new thing to me, from searching and applying to the actual work. Therefore, in this article, I will share my experience of copywriting internship here at Seven Peaks Software as if you are reading my diary.


Hello, my fellow readers…

I am Lily, a soon-to-be senior student from the faculty of Arts at Chulalongkorn University. The internship at Seven Peaks Software was an exciting and fun experience that I would never get elsewhere, and I am here to tell you all about it.

My first page – Applying to copywriting Internship

While searching for the internship, I found the shared Facebook post about the copywriting internship at Seven Peaks Software. After researching the company’s profile, I found the company very intriguing and wanted to work here.

At first, I was nervous about the recruitment process since there was a test for copywriting skills before an interview. This was to test my basics and whether I was capable of writing to achieve certain purposes. In my opinion, the test was quite difficult for me to take.

However, the atmosphere was so chilly and friendly when I got to the interview. The two interviewers, Chan and Bo, were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable.

Not long after that, they sent me an email saying I got accepted. It was such a happy and relieving moment for me.

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My second page – into the working environment

As you know, the dress code is always the university uniform for Thai public university regulations. Therefore, on my first day, I thought the working environment here would be strict and formal, similar to the university.

Turns out, the dress code is very casual. As long as you can do the work efficiently, it does not matter how you dress. I remember going to the office on the first day dressed in the university uniform, and everyone else was so confused.

Getting to know about copywriting internship

Working here, you will get to do the real stuff right away. I remember the meetup was held on the first day of my internship, and I got the chance to attend and write an article about it. Since the first day, I had already started to know the basic stuff of what copywriters do.

Usually, I would write essays for my professors at my university. However, writing blogs and articles is a different thing. I constantly reminded myself that I could not write more than 3-4 sentences within a paragraph.

After I got pretty used to writing blogs, another thing I had to learn was SEO optimization. My supervisor taught me how to search for keywords and when to put them in the articles. The searched keywords also need specific numbers for each value, such as Volume, CPC (Cost Per Click), and SEO difficulty.

Since the company regards software, I got the chance to study more about technological knowledge by writing articles about the meetups. Before writing the article, I had to attend the meetups, take notes, and research the particular topic.

For instance, the meetup I attended was about the new trending terminology, Metaverse. As I had to research about the topic, I had learnt a lot more about Metaverse and the QA (Quality Assurance) process, starting from what it is, how it benefits the business, and the insight from the experts. You can read the article I wrote here.

Moreover, I got to touch upon various software regarding blog making as a copywriter. WordPress, for example, is the application used to create a website. So what I did was primarily copywriting the articles and transferring them to the WordPress format.

The SEO optimization went along with WordPress as well. Mainly, it was to check whether the article was SEO optimized enough to be ranked on the top of the Google page.

Working with companions

Not only working here allowed me to do the practical experience of what copywriters do, but I also met amazing people. The marketing teams, including the employees and interns, welcomed me warm-heartedly.

Even though I had never studied marketing or software-related information before, I could always ask for help from the other marketing team members.

Moreover, every Friday, the company will have a party called ‘Friday Bar.’ The employees will gather around and mingle at the party, drinking free beer and snacks. From this, I got to know many people both in the same team as mine and others.


Having the copywriting internship here at Seven Peaks Software was a pleasant experience for me. I have learned much about copywriting, which helped guide me in the working world.

It also has widened my horizon of working, allowing me to understand what the labor market is looking for and what specialities I can use in the near future.

Every time I spent doing the internship was worth every bit. And now I am ready to start a new chapter of my life!

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