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Fast-Track Journey to becoming a Senior UX/UI Designer

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From Industrial Design to UX/UI Excellence

Sirinda Limsong, fondly known as Kaew, embarked on her design career with an industrial design degree from Chulalongkorn University. Beyond academics, Kaew engaged in diverse activities, from startups to TEDx presentations, transitioning through product and graphic design roles before finding her calling in UX/UI design at Morphosis, a Seven Peaks subsidiary.


A Passion Ignited in Architecture Studies

Kaew's interest in UX/UI design was sparked during her architecture studies, particularly by the design thinking course. Appreciating the structured, user-centric approach to problem-solving, she pursued a UX/UI design internship at Wongnai, solidifying her career path.


Embracing Diversity at Morphosis

When seeking employment, Kaew aimed for a role in an international company to utilize English and gain diverse perspectives from colleagues originating from over 25 countries. She also sought to join a consulting firm to broaden her experience across various industries, with the added benefit of the office's proximity to her home. Upon joining as a junior UX/UI designer, Kaew was surprised to handle significant projects with major clients like ttb independently, which pushed her to rapidly develop both her technical and soft skills in an unexpected, simultaneous learning curve.


Navigating Client Projects as a Newcomer

Upon joining ttb for her inaugural project, Kaew, amidst a one-year tenure, found solace and guidance in the camaraderie of fellow designers. Initially navigating solo, the complexities of client communication and project management were daunting. Yet, this period was pivotal, honing her ability to uphold UX/UI standards and seamlessly integrate elements into established design systems, crucial for the banking sector's sensitive nature.


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Discovering the Joy and Challenge in UX/UI Design

Kaew revels in the tangible impact of her UX/UI efforts, deriving satisfaction from solving user problems and enhancing interfaces, like the True Farm project. This work, distinct from general graphic design, involves deep user interaction and problem-solving, setting it apart. Her commitment to early UX research and systematic design systems underscores the vital foundation for successful digital products, spotlighting Figma's role in elevating her design process


Mastering Client Engagement

Kaew's journey through client interactions has been a blend of challenges and milestones. Learning the art of balancing expectations and project deliverables, she found rhythm over time. Engaging with diverse jobs demanded better management and strategic planning. Observing and learning from seniors and leads, Kaew adopted refined approaches to client communication, requirement clarification, and expectation management, marking her growth from novice to adept in the UX/UI landscape.


Leveraging Design Tools for Efficiency

Kaew embraced Figma for designing digital products' design systems from the outset, likening it to laying a solid foundation for future development. This tool streamlined collaboration among stakeholders, including developers and clients, allowing for seamless feedback and adjustments. Her challenges with customer interactions underscored the importance of understanding their expectations and adjusting communication strategies accordingly, a skill she refined over time with practice and guidance from experienced team members.

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Challenges at Hand

Kaew's primary challenge in her work revolves around customer interactions, navigating their unique expectations and learning to manage diverse projects effectively. Initially uncertain, especially during the ttb project about pacing and customer satisfaction, she gradually mastered the timing and management of tasks. Guidance from senior team members and a focus on clear communication and understanding customer needs significantly contributed to her growth, enabling her to better manage workloads and expectations, thereby enhancing her skills in client engagement and project execution.


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Work Philosophy and Personal Development

Kaew's commitment to producing high-quality work and maintaining work-life balance illustrates her holistic approach to professional and personal growth. Engaging in activities outside work, like sports and attending exhibitions, enriches her creativity and well-being, reinforcing the importance of a balanced lifestyle.


Mentoring and Broader Perspectives

As a mentor, Kaew encourages juniors to tackle challenges independently while offering guidance, aiming to broaden their perspectives through diverse experiences. Her advice stresses the value of extracurricular activities for developing a comprehensive skill set, beneficial in both design and client interactions.


Cultivating Growth and Balance at Morphosis and Seven Peaks

Kaew fondly recalls her enriching experiences at Morphosis and Seven Peaks, highlighting the exhilaration of embarking on new projects and the companies' strong emphasis on work-life balance through post-work group activities. She appreciates the ample learning opportunities provided, from external events to internal Design Guilds, fostering a culture of continuous personal and professional development. The supportive and collaborative work environment, enriched by a diverse team of designers, has significantly contributed to her skillset, allowing her to learn from each individual's unique strengths.


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What would you like to recommend to young people who are interested in UX/UI design?

Kaew emphasizes the importance of engaging in extracurricular activities for aspiring UX/UI designers, noting how such experiences offer a practical understanding of teamwork and project management beyond academic learning. By participating in events outside the university, including business case competitions and collaborative projects, she gained invaluable skills in business, communication, and presentation. These activities not only broadened her perspective but also enhanced her ability to communicate effectively with clients, proving crucial in her professional journey.


Future plans

Kaew reflects on her enriching journey, highlighting the excitement of embarking on new projects. She appreciates the emphasis on work-life balance, promoting after-work activities to foster team spirit. "The learning opportunities here are vast," Kaew notes, mentioning the variety of events and Design Guilds available for professional development. She finds the work environment supportive, with a diverse team of designers offering a wealth of knowledge. "Every designer brings a unique strength, allowing me to learn and grow immensely," Kaew adds, valuing the collaborative and enriching workplace culture.

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Sirinda Limsong (Kaew) Senior UX/UI Designer at Seven Peaks

Ms. Sirinda has more than 3 years of experience working in both agency and in-house roles across various business sectors. Her expertise is not limited to digital design; it also encompasses graphic design, packaging, product design, and entrepreneurship, showcasing a versatile skill set in the broader design field.