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Create Transformative Business Solutions with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

In Thailand and the bustling APAC region, a revolution fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) is underway. AI has transitioned from a futuristic fantasy to a tangible force, poised to reimagine industries, reshape workflows, and propel businesses to new heights. This was reflected in a report by Statista that the Thai Artificial Intelligence market size is projected to reach US$1,413.00m in 2024.

Microsoft’s Official Solutions Partner

Contributing to industrial growth, Seven Peaks is committed to leveraging our expertise in Microsoft Azure solutions, creating value for our clients. Our participation in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, specifically in 'Data & AI (Azure)' and 'Digital & App Innovation (Azure),' is integral to our mission of delivering innovative solutions.

These official Solutions Partner designations have empowered us to organize training sessions, accelerating AI integrations for esteemed industry leaders in Thailand.


The AI Hackathon Series

In December 2023, Seven Peaks held two 2-day sessions of the exclusive AI Hackathon Series in collaboration with Microsoft Thailand. Our experts Giorgio Desideri, Jose Barbosa, Nutcha Chanwuttikhun, and Mai Norapong delivered insightful presentations on how to leverage Microsoft Azure Open AI Service and discover tangible use cases for the participants’ businesses.


What We Covered

  • Introduction of Azure OpenAI
  • Importance of Prompt Engineering
  • AI Orchestration 
  • LLM

In these sessions, prominent representatives from banking, telecommunications, logistics, public utilities, and automotive retail collaborated in an ideation workshop. They generated use case scenarios for their businesses, exploring concepts such as AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Generative AI. The insights gained guided their understanding of how to leverage Azure OpenAI Service to address diverse challenges and achieve their goals.


Empowering Innovation with Azure OpenAI

Azure OpenAI, combining powerful language models from OpenAI with Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure, unlocks exciting business possibilities. These services can revolutionize workflows, automate tasks, and unlock deeper insights across various industries. 

During our workshop presentations, we highlighted the transformative impact of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and summarization, key processes when implementing Azure OpenAI. These processes apply to various use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Contact Center Automation 

Facilitates summarization and information extraction from call center calls and chat conversations with consumers contacting telecommunications companies.

  • ChatGPT for Enterprise

Indexes knowledge bases and provides generative answers to diverse questions, utilized by both employers and employees. This use case spans nearly every industry.

  • Document Intelligence

Enables information extraction, classification, and summarization, widely utilized across various industries.

  • Event Summarization

Creates post-event summaries from transcripts and automated reviews, embraced by multiple sports companies. This use case is also applicable for meeting summarization and extracting action items.

As showcased in our Azure OpenAI workshops, the AI services have demonstrated a tangible impact on real-world applications across various industries.

Become an AI Leader in Your Industry

As an AI leader in Thailand and APAC, Seven Peaks brings a proven track record and commitment to innovation. Whether you're keen on attending future workshops, seeking guidance on Microsoft Azure OpenAI, or requiring expertise in implementing AI solutions, we're here to support your journey into the world of transformative technology.

To head start your revolutionary AI journey, we encourage you to get in touch with Valentin Caudan, a Microsoft Alliance Lead at Seven Peaks via As a Microsoft-certified data & AI partner, we look forward to unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence to support your business growth.


Valentin Caudan, Microsoft Alliance Lead at Seven Peaks

With over 8 years of experience in technology research and consulting services, Valentin is passionate about helping clients achieve their business and technology transformation goals.

As the Lead of the Account Management Team at Seven Peaks Software, Valentin works with clients, partners and internal teams to build solutions that deliver strong business impact to organizations and drive change.