The best digital marketing Internship experience
I could ask for

An intern’s story at Seven Peaks Software

3 months ago, on my first day at Seven Peaks Software, I started with minimum digital marketing internship experience. Today, I left with memorable friendships and solid knowledge I could not have asked for anywhere else.

Hi, I’m Setha, a digital marketing intern at Seven Peaks Software. I’m 700 km away from home (Cambodia), and I’m working in Bangkok’s most amazing work environment.

I’m a third-year university student from Mahasarakham University. This article will show you why internships at Seven Peaks Software are a worthy experience.

How I had the best digital marketing internship experience here

I am someone who does not believe in school education being the primary source of knowledge. And I didn’t know how much I meant it until my internship at Seven Peaks Software.

As resourceful as school can be, I always felt like I couldn’t reach my full potential just by reading books.

When I was applying here, Two things captivated me. First, Seven Peaks Software promised me something that I’ve always wanted; hands-on experience.

Secondly, diverse working environments with experts in the tech industry.

3 months later, I am proud to say that I’ve checked off all my needs and more, and I feel the most fulfilled in my career.

Reading this, you might think you can get hands-on experience from anywhere in the world. True, but what makes this company so special is its unique way of making sure you learn it, and it sticks with you. Let me show you how.

Hands-on digital marketing internship experience

The best Digital Marketing internship I could ask for

If there is one thing most interns are afraid of experiencing when starting their internship is to do boring desk-job tasks or get their superiors’ coffees. Rest assured, those are not the things you will be doing at Seven Peaks Software for we have our own coffee-making machine.

Jokes asides, from the very first day, Seven Peaks Software warmly welcomed and introduced me to the team and procedure of the workplace.

To add to that, I had my introduction lunch with our team and I instantly felt like I was a part of the pack.

Additionally, I was assigned tasks on the first day and it was something that was very new and exciting. The best part about the internship here is all your tasks are varied. There is help from the full-time employees here every step of the way. They would explain to me exactly how to tackle specific tasks can and that really saved my life.

Furthermore, I can choose what type of tasks I’d like to work on. For instance, I spent my first two months in content creation and SEO. By month 3, I asked our manager; Bo Lund Pederson to let me help with events planning and that is where I found out what I like and my strengths.

On top of that, I get to take a course taught by our marketing manager himself and receive a certificate by the end. Cool right?

seven peaks software

Diverse working environment

Anybody who likes making new friends and expanding their cultural knowledge should apply for a job or internship at Seven Peaks Software.

With 27 nationalities in the office, you’d expect some hectic. But that is not the case here. It is actually very fun to see people showing quirks of their own countries.

For instance, the Friday bar is where everyone can hang out on a Friday evening. We have games from board games to a PS4 (and also an Xbox). Everyone from every team comes together on that day and mingle.

Despite the cultural difference, I never felt small or any hierarchical distance between myself and any other employees. The company always encourages me to speak my mind to employees from any level and to challenge even the CEO.

These past three months have opened me up to so many new cultures and people from nationalities I never thought I’d get the chance to meet. That really broadens my perspectives and proves many stereotypes I have heard wrong.

The friendships

Seven Peaks Software

I have talked a lot about the people, and it is the truth, the people here are truly the highlight of my internship.

Everyone here is incredibly supportive and would give you advice on anything you wanted to know. For example, I had the opportunities to discuss with senior and mid level employees on how to improve certain skills I was interested in.

If I could, I would love to extend my internships because I do not want to say goodbye to the friends I make here. These people help me every step of the way and always make me feel included and for that I am the most grateful.

The bottom line

In conclusion, if I could do it all over again, I definitely would. This digital marketing internship experience is a life-changing moment.

I recommend anyone who wants to gain knowledge of digital marketing to apply for this internship and see for yourself how amazing the work culture at Seven Peaks Software is.

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