How to get hired fast in 2022

In collaboration with the Beers with Peers event by Asia Internship Program

Beers with Peers Oct 2020 with AIP and Seven Peaks Software - meetup event for students in Bangkok Thailand

This event was organized by Asia Internship Program (AIP) and hosted at the Seven Peaks Software office – bringing in industry experts from different industries to discuss with local and international students in Bangkok on how to get hired fast in 2022 and prepare for opportunities during the pandemic.

With a wide range of interesting topics covered, the tickets to this event sold out fast with more than 150 students and young professionals attending

How to get hired fast in 2022

The year of 2020 was a big year for everyone around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly one of the main highlights of the year – creating disruption for humanity, especially in the job market.

Students and young professionals faced, and are still facing, situations that they never ever imagined before. Job hunting before the pandemic hit was already a challenging process, and when the pandemic effect starts hit the job market, the challenge became a whole lot harder for the job seeker to compete in the market.

Many business firms have started waves of staff lay-offs which resulted in thousands of people around the world without a job.

Despite the hard situation caused by the pandemic, the job seeker needs to adapt to the new changes and to this new situation where they will need to leverage the advancement of technology to be more competitive in the job market.

Due to the situation caused by the pandemic, job seekers now need to adapt to the new changes where they will need to leverage the advancement of technology to be more competitive in the market.

In order to get the insight on how the business firms adapt their business during the pandemic era we need to know from the people inside the company.

Asia Internship Program (AIP) is the leading internship creator company in Southeast Asia. The company initiated a program called Beers with Peers, a program where it is focusing on the students and young professionals who are looking to be competitive in the job-hunting market.

The event itself was created to be a really casual and fun event where people can share knowledge and opportunities to each other and network with the industry professionals.

AIP initiated a program called “Beers with Peers” – a program focused on students and young professionals who are looking to be more competitive in today’s job market by sharing how to get hired fast in 2022.

Meet the panelists

Gaan Kimsawatde
HR Director, LINE Thailand

Gaan has over 16 years of experience as an HR professional in both the public and private sectors ranging from HR consulting to business intelligence & analytics.

Monika Mikusova
Regional Head of Marketing APAC, FoodPanda

Monika is one of the longest employees of FoodPanda globally with six years. She has experience in working across all departments.

Vee Charununsiri
Country Lead, Grab Finance

Prior to joining Grab, Vee spent over 10 years working in London with global banking and finance institutions such as Capital Group and Goldman Sachs.

Pietro Borsano
Faculty Member, Chulalongkorn University

As an academic in Southeast Asia, China, and Italy, Pietro has equipped students with an action-learning approach to multiple management subjects.

This event discussed “how recent graduates can find their ideal work experience to make them more competitive in today’s job market”

On 28th October 2020, AIP or Asia Internship Program held the very first of Beers with Peers event at Seven Peaks Software Office at the PARQ Building. The event is sponsored by Seven Peaks Software , Tasket, Zip Event, Ma Ma Pasta, and Tim Hortons.

The first iterations of Beers with Peers are focusing on “how the students can prepare for opportunities during the pandemic”. In order to give great recommendation, key insight, and opportunities, panelists from well – known companies are brought to the event by AIP.

Panelists from top tier companies and institutions such as LINE Thailand, Food Panda, Grab, Chulalongkorn University are bringing their discussion highlighting on “how the companies implemented the use of the technology on enhancing the experience of the current and potential employees?” Also, on “how the graduating students find their ideal work experience to make them competitive in the employment market?”.

Panelists from top-tier companies and institutions such LINE Thailand, Food Panda, Grab, Chulalongkorn University are bringing their discussion highlighting on “how companies are implementing the use of the technology to enhance the experience of current and potential employees to teach students how to get hired fast in 2022.”

Digital transformation

So how do companies and organizations implement the technology inside their system during the pandemic of COVID -19? We have summarized the content of the meetup to give you the unique insights from the panelists!

The current situation of the pandemic has forced people to have do social distancing, meeting each other less, or doing their work from home.

This has shifted the normal work culture into more the technological-based working situation. Employees and students are now suggested to have meetings virtually; using the latest technology to communicate over the internet.

Some people may find this situation as a whole new experience for them – making it uncomfortable to adapt to these new changes.

For a tech savvy person or maybe the newer generation and Gen C , who are already  exposed to emerging technologies from an early age may find it easier to just switch between real life into the digital, but turns out it is not easy as it sounds when switching between the work culture in the real office into the work in virtual one.

The recruiting processes during the pandemic has also been different from before. There are a lot of changes happening in the recruitment process during the pandemic situation.

Hiring was being made online with all the interviews or assessment for the new candidate being done virtually, this also created the social interaction between the recruiter and the applicant a bit different than normal hiring process.

Not only for the corporate but also the organizations like universities were forced to shift into online on the faculty/officers recruiting process.

Shifting to an online recruiting process made the university able to source talents from around the globe which is not so bad after all.

Some businesses have grown rapidly during this pandemic. Those businesses are typically in the industries of E-commerce, Online service, and Technology who were able to see a positive impact.

On the other hand, from the corporate perspective there’s also a good thing that happened from the pandemic of the hiring process, as what Monika Mikusova said there’s a significant increase in the speed of the onboarding process.

As many people are much more actively searching for jobs and also, they are much more available than before this makes the onboarding process faster. By that, the cost of onboarding, delay time on the project, could be reduced.

Some of the business is growing rapidly especially during this pandemic.

Those businesses in the ecommerce, Online service, Technology industry are some of the examples that could see the positive impact.

Numerous job positions are created in order to follow with the business growth and that means lots of talent are needed to fill up the position.

The importance of building relationships over online channels

Building online relationships is way harder than building relationships one on one. So, it is good to practice on having online relationships with your new connections and peers.

Social skills paired with relationship-building skills

By having those two skills the person can adapt quickly in the dynamic environment of working during the pandemic time.

Have the personality of being curious about getting new information and knowledge from the surrounding.

Be bold enough to go fail, learn, re-do, and do it better.

Be flexible, be adaptable

“Adaptability and agility are important during unprecedented situations like the pandemic of COVID – 19. To be fast and able to catch up with the situation is also one of the keys to be competitive. You can be successful at what you are doing only when you love, passionate and excited about it!” said Monika

“Do not be scared to fail, try things, if it fails, learn from the mistake and innovate to do more. Don’t stop learning!” quoted Vee

The future of the job market

With all the points already explained, it is to be believed that, in the near future, the job market will need more talents to have all of the strong traits and characteristics mentioned above. The dynamic situation of the working environment and Job market needs more top talent that is above competition to support in bringing businesses towards their goals.

As the business has also been great and keep growing, we at Seven Peaks Software are always on the lookout for the best talents, from junior level to senior level talents, to join our company! So please make sure to check out our career page and keep in touch with us!

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