My Amazing Internship at Seven Peaks Software

My amazing internship at Seven Peaks Software by Kayd


Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Kayd. I’m a final-year university student at the Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM).

I major in International Modern Trade Business Management (iMTM).

I would like to tell you how I joined Seven Peaks Software, what they taught me during my internship in digital marketing, and what I’ve been working on during my internship period.

How I got the internship at Seven Peaks Software

As I joined the business program at PIM, the most interesting thing for me was digital marketing. I always wanted to intern in digital marketing at an international company.

Then my friend, Thida, previously a digital marketing intern at Seven Peaks Software, explained her great experience about interning here to me.

So, it got me really interested, and then I sent over my CV.

I was called for an interview, and after just seven days, I became a digital marketing intern here; giving me a huge chance to receive knowledge and gain a lot of experience for my future career growth for years to come.

My first week was so surprising, they welcomed me very warmly and kindly.

At first, I didn’t know much about IT and technology and how I could create the content and article, but Seven Peaks Software offered us the opportunity to attend an SEO and content writing course included in the internship.

My tasks and responsibilities

My main tasks were to create content and articles with SEO optimization for the website.

I also got to work with Property Flow – a sister-company of Seven Peaks Software.

The digital marketing team at Seven Peaks Software encouraged me to learn practically on various tasks to further hone my marketing skills.

The team gave me a very big chance to learn everything about digital marketing.

Even though I needed support on how to perform effectively due to my lack of experience, people who were around really did help me a lot.

At one point of my internship, I was able to support in creating professional videos using Premiere Pro, which was, at first, very challenging for me; but also exciting!

I’m very grateful to have successfully completed my internship here!

An incredible internship

Work hard, play hard – along with various & challenging projects to work on, also came many great benefits that Seven Peaks Software has to offer for employees. To name a few, they were:

  • Events and Parties
  • From Halloween, to Christmas, to fun Friday bars at the office space, there were so many great events and parties that I enjoyed with other colleagues.
  • Free lunches
  • I really enjoyed the free lunches that we had together. We can have discussions and conversations that make us closer. I definitely enjoyed the great food, too!


To conclude my internship journey at Seven Peaks Software, I’d like to give a special testimonial of me working here for six months.

The first time that I had an interview online with HR, I misunderstood, I thought I had an interview at the office there.

Then, I prepared myself and went out. I just realized that I had to join online because of the COVID-19 situation.

At that time, I prayed, and I believed in myself that I can do it.

Thankfully, she asked to talk with a manager of marketing and he was so kind and finally, he accepted me. I’m so thankful.

The things that I have studied in university cannot be used for real work. To be honest, I felt I could do nothing. I don’t have any knowledge or ability to do that. However, I learned that they’re not just providing work without teaching. So, I receive a lot of knowledge from here and experiences that I cannot ever have before.

Even, I’m still making mistakes, they still give me a chance to work here. Thank you for being a part of this team and company.

In addition, In the company, there is a meeting 1 by 1 with my manager, his name is Bo, for evaluation while working here monthly. During this meeting, I can express my heart and my opinion. That’s so good that we can share anything, even negative or positive.

I remember his words that he can share and give knowledge to those who ask me.

Since that time, I realized that if I want to know something or am curious about something, just ask. Don’t be afraid or try to find the answer by myself.

My friend Jason, is also a very good supporter. He always told me that “It’s fine”, “It’s okay, don’t worry”. One day I already finished my video but I moved the files and the video disappeared. I almost cried but he said “It’s okay, just make a new one. It’s very easy.” He taught me to not be sad about the past, but to just keep moving forward.

It’s so many people that help me but I cannot tell it all.

You must try by yourself, and you will get the experience like me or more than me.

With a global mindset and international teamwork at Seven Peaks Software, I will also make my mindset grow as well.

“Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep on going.” – Carol Dweck

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