Functional Testing: Understand your Software Test Type
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Get to know how each software test type is different and how to outsource testing wisely


To be able to release high-quality software, it is necessary to understand each software test type. Functional testing is one of the most important testing techniques you need to make sure your latest software works as it is supposed to be.

Using the right techniques at the right situation can help you save time and money.

However, software testing has many techniques and it is not an easy task to do, it requires skills and experiences to be able to perform the test effectively. QA Outsourcing services are handy in situations as they could help transform your plan into a digital platform as you wish without any fuss.

What is functional testing?

Functional testing is a way of testing to verify that the system is working as expected when its features are interacting directly with the users or some other system.

Functional testing contains both manual and automation testing within the testing method. In other words, functional testing is another way to classify the types of testing—by looking at the testing purpose.

What is non-functional testing?

Non-functional testing is used for checking non-functional aspects of the software, such as performance and reliability. For example, a non-functional testing would be to check how many users can login into a software at the same time.

Software test type(s) for QA testing:

Unit testing

This form of testing is used for testing individual parts to make sure that each can work properly on their own. Unit testing provides a good foundation for more complex and cohesive software.

Component testing

This kind of testing is similar to unit testing but it is done in a black-box format.

Black-box testing

Black-box testing is the opposite of white-box testing – as the codes, design, and paths are not visible to the developers.

This method verifies expected outputs against specific inputs. With no visible codes to the QA, the software will be tested in a similar way that a user would experience it.

Depending on the objective of the test, black-box testing can also be considered as non-functional testing.

White-box testing

White-box testing allows the developers to see the code and design as well.

This method tests various aspects of the software, such as decision branches, loops & statements in the code, or predefined inputs and expected outputs.

White-box testing can be used when there is sensitive data to manage (such as a credit card number) to make sure that such information is stored correctly.

Pros and cons of outsourcing your testing

Pros Cons
Save money and stay within your budget
Investments for technical hardware and associated resources are eliminated when you outsource to a technology partner
Safety and confidentiality
Getting your confidential data leaked always results in a disaster. To prevent a situation like this, it's important to find a trusted technology partner with a proven track record.
Work efficiencies
Each software test type is different. Choosing what to start with can be confusing, therefore having experience QA testers from third-party software companies can help you design effective test scenarios due to their experience & testing expertise. Professional QA testers tends to also give better feedback - allowing for faster solutions to technical problems.
Outsourcing from different countries
Miscommunication and slower updates may occur due to language barriers and time zone differences.
Save time
Effective QA testing methods can save you lots of time in the long-run; as it means no more time spent on recruiting & training new testers.

Reasons to outsource your functional testing in 2022

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In conclusion, functional testing is a type of testing method that focuses on the functionality aspect of the software. Each software test type is relatively distinct and serves different purposes. The testing process can be complicated which makes outsourcing a trusted third-party company a good choice to consider.

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