Hiring a software development dedicated team in 2023

Dedicated team meaning – What is a dedicated team structure?

A software development dedicated team is a remote team(s) dedicated to the realization of your project. It is an exclusive, full-time service where you retain control over project-management through the dedicated team structure.

Organizations hire a dedicated development team to take care of infrastructure, recruiting and administrative support for your project workflow.

The teams track performance, comply with your corporate policy and culture, and ensure the team has the right developers for you.

In other words, the team is all yours and you have total control over the process.

At the same time, it allows you to focus on your business goals without having to deal with time-consuming aspects of organization. Let us be your preferred choice of software companies in Thailand.

What do we offer our clients in terms of digital transformation?

Seven Peaks offers two digitization solutions: a choice between Project-based and Dedicated Team working models. Both models are designed to identify the basis of the communication between the client and the software company.

For example, in the project-based model we, along with our client, have a well-defined plan, a clear vision and desired results for the project, as well as a certain budget and timeframe. In other words, at the outset, the client receives the product that they requires from the planning stage.

Another way to digitize a business with Seven Peaks Software is to hire a dedicated development team, one which we are very proud of that makes us different from most software companies in Thailand. When our clients choose this option they receive not only a product, but also a team of talented developers who work for them as if they were in-house. Let’s go into further detail.

According to a Gartner survey, 87% of business leaders say digitization is a company priority and that companies will no longer be competitive if they can’t be significantly more digital.

A software development dedicated team helps enterprises unleash their digital potential.

We understand that digitization is a time-and-money-consuming process that requires a reliable tech team of professionals, the latest technology and a successful strategy. Companies who have never experienced IT transformation may see this as an inaccessible area to aim for.

Indeed, building an in-house development team is much more expensive than cooperation with a vendor. Think about rent, taxes, hardware, software, staff, training for employees, benefits, etc. You may face challenges with labor due to the high demand for talented developers. It’s tough to find the right candidate.

At the same time, complexity and the need for specialized knowledge are increasing. This was made evident during the pandemic, when many businesses were forced to use collaboration tools and remote labor. As a result, many people became aware of the possibilities that this combination could provide.

Our enterprise clients are business-oriented, they keep their focus on business growth and IT transformation is just another phase for them. Enterprises use our services to save them time, money and to ensure success from digitization through trusting us as one of the leading software companies in Thailand.

The dedicated team structure is a business and working model providing you with a multidisciplinary team of professionals based on your business needs.

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Why hire a software development dedicated team and how is it different to outsourcing?

Many clients think about the term ‘outsourcing’ when they choose to hire a dedicated development team with us.

Yes, both models mean remote cooperation between the client and the software company. But when you outsource to a team, you have specific projects to get done from start to finish, while when you deal with a dedicated team, you have the team as if they worked in-house.

Once clients have a short-term project or a project in progress where they need to get a specific task completed, they outsource to a team or an individual who can’t guarantee full transparency and high quality.

But if clients have long-term projects and want to make decisions along with developers, work in a trustworthy environment and ensure successful results, they hire a dedicated team and secure their ability to manage both the financial and coding elements of each project.

Making use of software development dedicated teams is the best way of outsourcing!

Five reasons why a dedicated development team is worth considering

The benefit of hiring a dedicated development team is that it can be tailored to meet any needs that arise. Let’s look at some of the benefits that such an organization can provide to both your company and projects.

1. Lower costs

One of the main justifications for hiring an extended development team is cost savings. Your company doesn’t need to hire developers on a permanent basis because having an extended development team allows expertise to be brought in as needed. Additionally, you won’t be left with a project team that is idle after your product or services are delivered.

2. Increased efficiency

Instead of concentrating your workforce on areas outside of your company’s expertise, you can concentrate on growth and future operations thanks to an extended development team. Internal employees can be used for the tasks they were hired for, and specialists can do what they do best.

3. Cost-effective exposure to specialists

An extended development team gives you the experts you want and access to their knowledge. Senior developers, engineers, and designers are extremely uncommon in small businesses, usually because of their cost and availability. By using an extended development team, you can gain access to their knowledge without incurring significant costs for your business.

4. Time to focus on your core business operations

Although project management is a crucial component of development, a general manager may not always be the best choice. Your company can get assistance from someone with development and project implementation experience by using an extended development team, allowing the project to be completed on time and on budget. This way, your business can actively participate in the creation of objectives, benchmarks, and schedules before delegating implementation to experts.

5. Effective control of resources

A project’s framework is frequently dictated by its budget, but it also imposes a number of constraints. As a result, it’s important to find the most effective solution, which an extended development team can often contribute to.

With an extended development team, a project will be far more flexible during implementation because the team can be easily scaled up and down. This is especially true for design services, UX/UI, system architecture, software, and app development.

Find out for yourself why you need a dedicated development team

In the past, it was common to form internal project groups to take care of business development. In hindsight, this method of project management is ineffective because you rarely get to review the results of a task before the project is finished.

On the other hand, with the help of a dedicated development team, it is possible to oversee, manage, and track the development of the work from various perspectives during the entire process.

Moreover, in the IT industry, where proficiency and growth are highly prioritized, the demand for flexible expertise with an emphasis on cost-cutting are rapidly increasing. By providing businesses with customized expertise, you can easily create the ideal complement to your existing internal expertise.

With an extended development team, you can adapt your team as you go, with the option to replace experts you no longer need as soon as a task is completed or a milestone is reached. Thus, processes are streamlined, costs are reduced, and the success rates of new projects are increased.

Scaling up!

After finding success with Norwegian clients, Seven Peaks Software gained a foothold in Thailand by establishing collaboration with leading management consulting companies that would bring the company several big enterprise projects.

Hiring a dedicated team structure means:

  • Hiring experts and allocate your budget wisely
  • being able to change the number of team players
  • become in charge of the process
  • stay in touch with the team as if you worked with them in your office

Seven Peaks provides you with a team of international professionals including assistant products owners, UX/UI designers, scrum masters, solution architects, front-end and back-end developers, native mobile developers and quality assurance engineers. Having a dedicated team is a sustainable and cost-effective way to upscale your resources by delegating resource-heavy jobs to us.

We have built an international team capable of working with clients from anywhere.

From Bergen to Bangkok

A dedicated team structure is a business and working model where we provide you with a multidisciplinary team of professionals based on your business requirements and goals.

Checking these main points below means that the software development dedicated team model is the perfect choice for you:

  • you have long term IT projects
  • your goals, objectives and scopes are changing
  • wanting to get access to knowledge sharing
  • having maximum involvement

Advantages of hiring a software development dedicated team

  • It’s economically reasonable, because it’s cheaper to hire a dedicated team than design your own.
  • A more focused approach, which increases adaptability.
  • It brings more control and involvement, allowing you to be a decision-maker.
  • The process can proceed at higher speed due to flexibility and the option to expand the team.
  • Collaboration between the client and the team makes long-term planning more efficient.
  • A continuous integration for the projects that need to grow over time.

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