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What is Seven Peaks Speaks?

Seven Peaks Software is an international software development & design company located in Bangkok that provides in-house software solutions to large enterprises, SMEs, and growing start-ups.

Our Seven Peaks Speaks logo symbolizes the ‘speaks’ and talks that our team members give to our audiences when we’re hosting in-house events at our office space.

Our mission

The mission of Seven Peaks Speaks is to develop an ecosystem for talents working in Thailand to meet and greet each other while learning from key speakers about several emerging topics on tech.

As one of Bangkok’s leading software and design agencies, Seven Peaks Software is taking an active role to help and developing the ecosystem to help move Bangkok tech events forward – making us a strong base for tech events in Bangkok near MRT.

Seven Peaks Speaks is a series of events, where we bring in industry leaders to speak about engaging topics.

These seminars are free, and we will provide free food, drinks, and snacks for all our attendees!

Name and concept

Seven Peaks Speaks got its name from the ‘speaks’ and talks that the team at Seven Peaks Software gives for others to benefit from during our in-house events.

A new era of events

We want our community to grow with us.

At Seven Peaks Speaks, we ensure that our events are fun, educational, and insightful so that all our attendees will come here and will go back with gained knowledge.

Our audience and community

Whether you are a developer, designer, marketer, student, a CEO, COO, CTO or in the management level, our meetups are designed to bring a community together, to learn from one another, and to help each other find a future career path.

We are proud to host a dedicated community here in Bangkok with growing enthusiasts who enjoy attending our frequent events where they can all learn, share, and network with each other.

Having something in common is most often the key to successful networking. Things in common can range from discussing the latest software development frameworks & technologies, life goals, career goals, upcoming trends, and more.

This also opens up chances to come up with newer ideas and even go for a new career path in life – especially when paired nicely with the free food, drinks, and snacks that we provide for free during our events!

We value learning and career development, both on a personal and technical level, which is what drives us to continue pushing on to host more top-notch events in Bangkok.

Through talking during our networking sessions, we have discussed the latest new technology trends, hybrid mobile applications, new emerging mobile development frameworks, and more.

Why join Seven Peaks Speaks?

All our in-house events are hosted at our office inside The PARQ on the 7th floor.

Some of our fully-housed meetups held at our office includes:

We prefer to speak about real project examples and real case studies to help our listeners tackle and solve the most relevant technical issues.

Another factor that our audiences enjoyed was getting great opportunities to network and ask questions to the speakers during the event as well as getting a one-on-one talk with the speakers after the event.

We encourage our audience to ask questions throughout the event to make our talks an interactive discussion.

The priority of our events is for both our local & online audiences to speak out, network, and make the most out of our events.

If you are a mobile developer, we have both iOS & Android topics covered. If you’re a designer, we have UX design thinking covered. If you’re a web developer, we’ll have React.js tips & best practices covered, and the list goes on!

We prefer to speak about real project examples and real case studies to help our listeners tackle and solve the most relevant technical issues.

The impact of digital transformation for events

Everything around us is now becoming more digital than ever. However, there’s still that physical need for face-to-face events to be most effective for networking with other like-minded people.

With that being said, we also host digital events such as online webinars which are proving to become more and more effective when speaking & virtually networking with our audiences online as well.

Online and offline events both have their own pros and cons. They have both worked well for us to this day, but we think that meeting a new person physically is more important in order to know their personality in a stronger sense.

Another benefit of a physical event is that we can still record the content and share it online for virtual live viewing at the same time or later viewing on YouTube – which can be done using the latest technology at our disposal.

We live-stream all our events.

Watch all our events on YouTube here!

The future is in our hands

As we continue to grow and build our strong community of Seven Peak Speaks, we would like to welcome new and existing attendees who are interested in our events to always come back for more.

It’s because of these events that we still remember and stay in touch with our community members after meeting for the first time – ever since our very first events back in 2015!

We want to take the previous success of our events in the past and take it to the next level by further growing our community to educate more talents and to invite them to be a part of our fast-growing team.

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