When to Use Manual Testing and Automation Testing

Valid insights on how and when to get your software QA testing done right in 2022.


We combine manual and automation testing tools to make the best use of our trusted automation frameworks; helping your business to speed up releases, increase test coverage, find, and fix more bugs before they’re even there!

Businesses around the world are now more aware of extending their teams to have more software QA engineers compared to the past.

Software QA extension teams need to pay greater attention to detail when testing their own software for bugs and/or defects to be sure that any code merged and deployed for QA testing will be taken care of.

What is manual testing?

Manual testing is known as the testing process performed by human software QA analysts.

The manual software testing method can be time-consuming  as there are, of course, possibilities of human errors that could be costly for your business—as everybody makes mistakes after all.

However, manual software testing can be perfect for handling complex situations, such as finding bugs & issues before launching your upcoming mobile application, for instance.

What is automation testing?

Seven Peaks Software’s automation testing is executed through programming languages, such as C# and Java, along with various automation testing tools including Katalon, Cypress.io, and Robot Framework.

Error rarely occur via automation testing, as this particular method relies on code and script to perform; saving lots of time by reducing repetitive tasks.

As scripts and code are both core to automation testing, programming knowledge is now required to be able to write the correct software testing script for effective automated software testing.

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What is the difference between manual testing and automation testing?

When humans are performing the test, it is manual. When tools or computers are performing the test, it is automation.

However, both manual and automation testing tools have their own pros and cons:

Manual Testing

Pros Cons
Better at handling complex scenarios Time-consuming (repetitive checks done manually by a person
Easier to detect bugs and spot issues More human resources are needed
Lower risks of false detections Possibilities of human errors
Advanced knowledge in programming is not required

Automation Testing

Pros Cons
Saves time (utilize programming scripts to let the computer test for you) Programming and coding knowledge is required to write testing scripts
Know to test more reliably Coding with continuous test maintenance is required

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Can automation testing replace manual testing?

Seven Peaks Software offers manual and QA automation testing services as both of these methods are essential to any software development process, and they go hand in hand.

These two software QA testing methods cannot replace each other because they both have unique advantages that have proven to help business build quality software.

Technology has developed rapidly over the years—making it possible for automation testing to handle more complex tasks that ever before!

Even manual testing still proves to be necessary to this day in 2022, as manual testing is great for handling complex scenarios, while tools for automation testing can help make testing process faster and more efficient.

When to use manual and automation testing?

Manual testing is excellent for detecting problems that computers or scripts programs cannot such as finding issues negatively affecting on-page UX, or spotting flaws in the front-end UI design.

On the other hand, automation testing tools can save a lot of time in reducing repetitive tasks, such as unit testing and more.


In conclusion, manual and automation testing are equally just as important to the other during any software testing process.

Without one or the other, it would be impossible to ensure that all that bugs are properly fixed.

Seven Peaks Software adapts both manual and automation testing tools to give our clients the most cost-effective software QA services in Bangkok.

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