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Getting a work permit from overseas during COVID-19

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How to get work permit in Thailand from overseas during COVID-19

In this article we hear from Rupendra, our Senior iOS Developer, who has over 11 years of experience with hands-on iOS programming and development. Rupendra joined our mobile app development team during the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally from India, Rupendra successfully overcame the loopholes of how to get work permit in Thailand from overseas to work with us during the COVID lockdown period.

We asked Rupendra to share his tips and insights on how to get work permit in Thailand from overseas and how he did it. Read Rupendra’s story below.

Senior iOS Developer at Seven Peaks Software

Meet Rupendra

“My name is Rupendra. I’m from India. I work in iOS development I have around more than 11 years of experience in iOS. I joined Seven Peaks Software around eight weeks ago*, it has been a great experience being here.”
*as of February 10th, 2021

How did you hear about us?

“Actually, I was in Thailand at the same time that I heard about Seven Peaks Software. I applied for the position as a Senior iOS Developer for their mobile app development team.

After some thought, I applied for the Senior iOS Developer position, and was soon asked to do a technical face-to-face discussion with their recruiters.

Now, I am working full time here in Thailand at Seven Peaks Software; after getting the job offer to work here. I’m happy to get this chance to know about this great job opportunity.”

What brought you to work at Seven Peaks Software?

“Seven Peaks Software showed me their technical, in-depth knowledge in the iOS field.

I had an interview, which was very technical, and that’s what I really liked about Seven Peaks Software.

The people here are very technical, they know what they’re doing, and the interview process was interesting due to the way coding assignments were given. Even the technical panel was well aware of the tech-related questions that was asked to us.

Seven Peaks Software’s technical panel showed their true in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and insights currently going on in the iOS and Apple field.

It was a great introduction to the company for me, and it was a great start to the hiring process.”

Seven Peaks Software’s mobile app development team works on both Android and iOS development; with our iOS developers having extensive experience in Swift code and Objective C languages.

How did you land this job during the COVID-19 pandemic period?

“There was a lot of cooperation from Seven Peaks, the HR team gave me all the documents needed and were prompt in replies so that I could reply back to the embassy on time.

Actually, the COVID-19 pandemic started right after I got my offer to work at Seven Peaks Software; as I was back in India when I applied for the visa. Then during the next week, the COVID lock-down started, so I got the offer at great timing.

After some time though, more offices started opening again, and then eventually the embassy started to re-open.

The embassy started taking in visa applications, and they had to take them in one-by-one. Other priorities, it seemed, were for medical applications and any other medical cases.

Then, my application came in the queue, and I was contacted by the embassy to submit documents and everything with it.”

Virtual career fairs and events, fully-remote recruiting, more personalized career paths, and greater insights into candidate experiences are quickly becoming the new normal in a post-COVID-19 world.
Source: Remote Recruiting in a Post COVID-19 World

How else did Seven Peaks Software assist you?

“During the few months of lockdown in India, when everything was closed, there wasn’t much to do outside. But during those months, I reached out to the HR team at Seven Peaks and asked to have the on-boarding first remotely so that I could possibly begin to start working remotely before I fly over to their office in Bangkok.

I asked if they had any projects where I could assist on through remote-work.

Seven Peaks then had a discussion with their management team to discuss this. They soon finalized that, yes, there is an opportunity for me to do remote work.

So I was already working remotely for around two months on interesting projects before flying over to work physically at their office in Bangkok.

The main thing that builds trust is communication. And I would say that Seven Peaks Software was very prompt and responsible in their communication.

My first major project at Seven Peaks Software required me to communicate directly with our client.

The communication was nice, and of course nowadays, there are communication platforms including Google Meet, it’s ecosystem, and everything combined. That was great and very useful when it came to speaking with the client.

But more importantly, the collaboration between me and the client’s team went very smoothly – like the way they introduced us and the way they acted as a middle-man there was nice.”

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How would you rate our communication during the recruitment process?

“The point that I like the most out of using technology for effective online communication is that you can still have great discussions with others who are 1000s of kilometers away.

The main thing that builds trust is communication, and I would say that Seven Peaks Software is very prompt and responsible in their communication.

To me, that is what builds strong trust among each other.”

In 2020, people used video meetings 50% more than pre-COVID-19.
Source: Owl Labs

How has life at Seven Peaks Software been for you so far?

“The people here are very friendly. It’s not just about being friendly from a work perspective, but also on a personal level

Since I joined the team at Seven Peaks Software, it has been easy to adapt to the modern working space and the international working environment this company has.

The company premises are very nice, they have great facilities and great machines to work with. The building of the office (The PARQ) is also very nice.

Overall, it has been great working here, the people are amazing! They’re very friendly, so it’s not just about being friendly from a work perspective, but also on a personal level.

They communicate well, plus we laugh and crack jokes time to time, so it’s all really nice and friendly here.”

Any advice for people looking for a job in 2022 and during the pandemic?

“My advice would be at a personal level: Don’t be disappointed. Use this time right now to build your skills. Keep looking for opportunities and take the best opportunity you can get.

I waited through the hiring process during the COVID-19 lockdown until it was all complete to work at Seven Peaks Software. It has ever-since been an amazing experience.

So I would say: go for it!”

– Senior iOS Developer at Seven Peaks Software

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