How to become a backend developer in 2022

A complete guide by Giorgio Desideri

Becoming a backend developer by Giorgio Desideri - Tech lead cloud solutions at Seven Peaks Software

In this article, we hear from Giorgio Desideri, our tech lead – cloud solutions at Seven Peaks Software, on how to become a backend developer in 2022.

Giorgio Desideri tech lead cloud solutions at Seven Peaks Software Bangkok Thailand

“Ciao guys, I am Giorgio, the Tech Lead of Cloud Solution here at Seven Peaks Software.

My journey in the IT industry started in 2006 and since then, I have covered all the roles from System Engineer until Project Manager, step through Development, Software Architecture, Integration and Admin roles.”

When did you learn how to be a backend developer?

“I started to develop when I began to unmount the alarm clock in my parent’s house. Having an attitude of wanting to know and learn how the things work, helped me to develop myself and lead me to where and who I am now.

A passion for programming has developed after my father gave me the Commodore 64 at my 7th birthday. I was allowed to play with my “beautiful PC” for only one hour, maximum one hour and a half.

Therefore, I had to focus myself and keep myself organized either mentally then practically in order to prepare myself and practice coding on the Commodore 64. It is important to have an awareness of how to process to make programming easier.”

How did you learn programming?

“I’ve learned how to develop and program following the old school method, by reading a book. My first book was very huge and pretty on the assembly language, machine oriented language. I have spent a lot of time writing to understand, to practice and realize my first for-loop and my first if else instruction.”

The commodore 64

“A passion for programming has developed after my father gave me the Commodore 64 on my 7th birthday. I had to focus myself and keep myself organized either mentally then practically in order to prepare myself and practice coding on the Commodore 64.”

Why cloud?

“The cloud now is the common solution to realize the simple software program or manage a huge enterprise platform of the company. Before there is a cluster,  I started in that way to manage a cluster or the entire server room. What the cloud gives to us, is the benefit to avoid these kinds of activities.

For the people who want to know it and understand why this is so expensive and requires a lot of effort, I suggest making these people deploy or create their personal cluster at your home.

Afterwards, you will start to understand what is the complication of managing that and why cloud is the simple and easy solution to apply for software development.”

What is coding about?

“The core of coding is:

  • Speaking with people or stakeholders to understand what you have to create. 
  • Speak with your peers, as you need the help of others at the beginning. If the developer is not communicating – he/she is alone. 
  • Your attitude, your behavior, approach to coding, to code yourself in front of the problem and how you solve the problem that you have during development.

“Forza Quattro”

“The first experience of writing my first program was to develop a software program as a game called ‘Forza Quattro’ (also know as ‘Connect Four’). In this game, you need to align four buttons of the same color vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

What do you need to become a developer?

“To be a  backend developer or in generally, more or less is required:

  • Math. Without math we don’t go anywhere. Why? Computer science is strongly found over mathematical concepts. If you don’t have the awareness of that, forget.
  • Analytical skill. You need to be able to analyze the problem, what you have to do, but not to find the issue of the problem, but to understand what you have to do and start to design your method or your way.
  • Communication. A lot of developers and programmers are classical nerds. However, nowadays, there are many software communities and networks of communities. People who communicate, can create new ideas that are born by speaking with others.”

How do you know someone has lots of opportunities in coding?

“Recognizing a good backend developer is pretty easy, for me. I look at several things:

  • Skills in development and programming.
  • The attitude and personality a person has. A developer is not a person who only makes code. It is important to understand how the person feels and thinks towards the developing.

Software is about humanity

“As I explained before, a developer is a person. If the person doesn’t work, a developer doesn’t work. It is important to consider your attitude, behavior, feeling and your state of mood when starting to develop every day.

Will coding continue to be practical and why?

“I hope it continues to be practical in that way, otherwise I will need to start looking for a new job and I don’t want that.

I love my job. I love to develop. I love to code. I love to solve the problem that revolves around software development. The way you structure the system, how you design this part, how you fulfil that.

Every context can be the same, but not equals. Every time you approach yourself to do something similar, it turns out differently and creates new challenges.”

What are the benefits of being a back-end developer?

Just like in the Matrix movie, you have to choose between the blue pill or the red pill. When you take a red pill, you discover what is in the bottom of the rabbit hole.”

What is the most important/grateful thing in coding?

“Satisfaction is very personal. I feel satisfied when my code works for the first time.

I can also feel satisfied and happy when there is a huge issue and a huge problem and my team and I are working on finding the solution to the issue.

I will search for satisfaction and will satisfy my team after we went through the stress. When we finish our job, we need something like a pizza, beer or something to reward our effort and satisfy ourselves for the hard work.”

The developers of tomorrow

“The Developers of tomorrow are a lot of shadows and mixtures. The most important thing that I want to tell you is to try to look at us in the past.

Try to make better out of where we were wrong. Learn by our experience and take out the best from it.

Suggestions for beginners: “Come here and learn with us!”