Our growth during the pandemic

How we grew out of the pandemic in Thailand

We conducted an interview with Bo Pedersen from Seven Peaks Software in Thailand. The questions are about the challenging times during the worldwide pandemic situation. Also, how Seven Peaks Software successfully achieved their growth during the pandemic period of 2020-2021.

Our growth during the pandemic in Thailand: How we did it

“Luckily, I am healthy and besides that I am feeling great. Of course, there are some differences that I have noticed compared to other years, but in Thailand the virus has not affected daily life that much as of November 2020, especially when you look at other countries.” – Bo Pedersen

“After the first lockdown we haven’t had that many local infections and many “normal” activities became possible again. But, at the moment the infections go up again. So, let’s hope that we can get it under control together by wearing a mask, keeping distance from each other and by following the rules and measurements set by the government.” says Bo during April of 2020.

“I have been working at Seven Peaks for almost 1.5 years now since I joined the company in August 2019. At that time the company didn’t have a real marketing department yet as the company did not feel the need to have a marketing department until this moment. But, after some years in the software and design industry they felt like they had to grow and upgrade the company’s services.

What is so nice about Seven Peaks Software is that we offer all kinds of services to our clients, so they don’t have to choose different companies to fulfill their needs. They can just come to us and we can do the whole project as we are experts in software engineering – native mobile app development, cloud solutions, UX/UI design, quality assurance testing, marketing analytics, and digital media marketing.”

“The Marketing team has been growing with new employees and interns to launch our digital marketing services. As we felt there was a demand coming from the clients for marketing projects to help improve their marketing strategies.” Bo explained.

“I think that one of the main differences is that when you are working at Seven Peaks Software you are really part of the family. Everyone looks after each other and the company is always aiming to create the best work life balance possible. We are organizing many different events and activities for our employees to participate in.

We have reoccurring events like our Thursday lunch in which we provide a free lunch for our employees in our canteen/ townhall. Additionally, the Friday bar which takes place every week to play games, have a drink and talk with your colleagues. Next to this we also have some activities like Muay Thai training, Fitness workshops and mini golf to create an even better team feeling and get to know each other better.

Next to all of these activities we are an engineering company at first. What has helped our high quality and professional environment is that we started off mainly with senior employees. With this approach we can make sure that we deliver the best quality possible. We do also hire juniors, which can be taken under the wing of the seniors, which is the best way to learn.

We have also started a Seven Peaks accelerate program. This is set up to find talented juniors, interns, etc. In this way we want to educate them and make them ready for the job.” Bo stated.

How we grow out of Pandemic in Thailand

“Just like any other company we started working from home. This was something to get used to at first. Of course we have worked remotely before for 1 or maybe 2 days in a row. But now we had to work from home for multiple months. Luckily, we had experience with having online meetings as we have a lot of overseas clients. One thing that was actually an advantage for us was that we were going to move into a new office. So, by the time we we able to work at the office again we directly went into the new office.

Even though we were in this pandemic, we still had a lot of projects to work on which has helped our growth during this pandemic. Actually, in the first half of the year, we had a 20% growth compared to last year. It wasn’t as high as we expected, but certainly very nice taking the COVID-19 situation into account and a lot of the other companies that were struggling and losing a lot of money.

The biggest struggle for us was that it was very difficult to hire new employees. Before the lockdown we hired about 5 new people per month, which came to a hold in the end of March. But, recently we have been able to continue hiring in the same pace as before the lockdown.” Bo answered.

“Actually we have noticed that a lot of companies want to follow the trend of becoming more active in the digital world. To make sure that more people are able to find their company’s products or services. We are able to provide them with building applications, cloud migration, digital marketing and development projects.” Bo disclosed.

“During the lockdown in Thailand we have obviously been changing up some things. It made us thinking about new ways to become more efficient to grow organically. We had so many long term projects to work on during the lockdown period. Logically, we had less demand during this time, but this was not a bad thing.

Normally, we would have to say no to some projects since we just have not enough people to work on all these projects. That is why, at the moment we are hiring a lot of people and we are still looking for people in many different job positions. We are always striving to deliver the highest quality.” – Bo expressed.

“I think we will rapidly grow as we have already noticed there is a high demand for our company’s services. We are also looking to expand into new markets and in 10 years time we are hoping to have offices on multiple floors in The PARQ building. Our main goal is to maintain the industry leader status, which we will be working very hard for.” Bo proclaimed.

“Actually, our growth has been better than we could have expected during the pandemic crisis. We believe this is mainly because of our strong foundation that has been built upon for the last 6+ years. What is most important in this stage is that we hire more professionals, so we can accept more opportunities.

As we have had some moments in which we had to refuse to take an opportunity just because all our employees were already working at maximum capacity. This limited us in a way. But, it also showed how many companies are interested in our services. So, we have a clear plan for the near future which we will be happy to work on with our Seven Peaks Software family.” Bo responded.

It’s a challenging time for everyone during this ongoing pandemic situation. While daily lives around the world have been affected significantly, there are some lucky ones who were able to go on with their daily lives with minor regulations and measurements. Just like any other company, Seven Peaks Software encouraged work-from-home during the pandemic crisis.

We still had a lot of projects to work on during the pandemic situation, and have recently been able to continue hiring at the same pace as before the lockdown. We are seeking to improve our services by hiring more employees to work on multiple projects for our clients.

Our services range from software engineering, native mobile app development, cloud solutions, UX/UI design, quality assurance testing, digital marketing analytics, and digital media marketing.

During the COVID-19, our growth during the pandemic had been better than expected. At our current stage, we plan to hire more professionals so we can accept more opportunities to serve more clients.

Therefore, we would not have to refuse to take an opportunity from clients due to lack of employees ever again. In addition, this also shows that many companies are interested in our services, so our plan in the near future is to grow our Seven Peaks Software family.

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