Expat’s guide to Thailand

We understand that moving to another country can be exciting and frustrating at the same time, as you may feel overwhelmed by culture shock, experience home-sickness, or need support in adapting to life in Thailand.

To ease your arrival in Thailand, we have prepared the following tips for you below to get ready for working with us in Thailand.

You can find out how to get a sim card and internet in Thailand, how to open a bank account in Bangkok, and the most know Thai words that you can use in your everyday life as an expat in Thailand.

Sim cards & internet

To stay in Thailand for a long period of time, roaming might not be an efficient choice to make when you can buy a sim card anywhere in Thailand at a reasonable price.

Unlocking your phone

You should have your phone unlocked from the service provider before boarding, or if you don’t, you can go to MBK Center or IT mall and head to the cell phone kiosks. Someone there might be able to help you.

Major telecom providers


DTAC stands out among other Thai cell phone service providers because of its Go No Limit packages. Whether you have a prepaid or postpaid, you will get unlimited internet and free calls.


Well-known for its speedy internet service and strong signals. In addition, there are many more service offers that you can check out on its website in English.


They are outstanding in offering bundles. With these bundles, you can get tv, internet, and cell phone service all for one price, and packages differ according to your demand. Meaning if you favor cell service over tv, you can allocate your data for better cell service, or it can be the other way around according to your preferences.

** Be noticed that these are basic information about cellular service in Thailand. Promotion and service can change anytime, so you should constantly check up on their websites.

Requirements for buying a sim card

All you need is a passport. In Thailand, card registration is in force, so make sure you have a passport with you when buying a sim card.


Opening a Thai bank account will make your life much easier in doing transactions within Thailand, and when you want to transfer money to other countries, I may suggest Paypal with zero fee. To open a Thai bank, It’s just only a few things you need to know.

What documents are needed?

To open a bank account in Thailand, most banks require a visa and work permit. Din our detail on how to get a work permit for Thailand.

The most popular banks in Thailand

Bangkok Bank

One of a few banks that allows you to open an account without a work permit. The bank is also an American favorite bank because it has a branch in New York, which makes transfers easy. The bank also has an applicant that works very quickly and efficiently.

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)

If you already have a work permit and a visa, this will be one of the best options for you. The branches are easy to find anywhere in Bangkok, and the customer support is best. In addition, its application is user-friendly which is a good start for you to learn online banking in Thailand.


Kasikornbank is like SCB in terms of product and service. They are two giants competing with each other, but sometimes you will find that in some situations Kasikorn branches are more overcrowded than SCB. However, sometimes Kasikorn bank provides more convincing promotions and benefits, so you should keep updated on the website which provides English as well.

Cashless Society

Thailand is moving to a cashless society. Many Thai banks have an application which offers various services, instantly buying insurance, transferring money, paying services, etc. In addition, when you pay for products or services you can just say ‘ jàai (pay) QR code’ or ‘ jàai (pay) Promptpay’, so you can transfer money easily without cash. Easy Peasy!

Thai words to know

Regardless, learning a new language can be very hard, especially for Thai language; Thai people love to hear foreigners saying Thai words. Remembering some of them will create a great impression and convenience while living in Thailand.

Thus, we provide some ready to use phases which can help you through in almost every situation

Basic Thai Language

Thailand’s top dishes

The 4 must-try Thai dishes. Finding the best Thai can be challenging because Thailand has so many delicious dishes to offer. We have found the top 4 Thai dishes that you need to try while entering Thailand. See our list below, how to pronounce them and what’s the ingredients.

Your Guide to Thailands Top Dishes

Extra tips to know before moving to Thailand

We have made a list for you as an expat entering Thailand, where you can find expat communities, which vaccines that is good to have including the do’s and don’ts. You can also see the living expenses in Bangkok such as food, drinks, transportation, and accommodation.

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