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This event is joint-hosted with Microsoft Azure and will feature industry-leading Cloud Architects

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Explore how Seven Peaks Software and Microsoft Azure are collaborating to bring innovative, reliable, and secure cloud solutions to your business.

Meet the panelists

Arpaporn Skunkittiyut

Senior Cloud Solution Architect (Data & AI) at Microsoft

Arpaporn Skunkittiyut has a diverse range of knowledge providing effective business strategies, data modeling and business modeling.

With great analytical skills and the ability to quickly assess data and investigate transaction data using statistical approach, she also has experience in predictive analytics, advanced statistical modelling, and data visualization for big data.

Meet the moderator

Giorgio Desideri

Tech Lead (Cloud Solutions) at Seven Peaks Software

Giorgio is a certified cloud architect for AWS and Azure, who is enthusiastic about coding. He loves to educate and share his experience with passionate individuals.

The sub-topics that will be covered in this discussion include:

Migrating to Azure using proven best practices

During our special Cloud Panel, we will discuss our proven best practices with real-case scenarios to successfully migrate to Azure Cloud in today’s fast-growing digital world.

Our cases will include both the correct processes to follow and the processes to avoid; as both sides will provide real-case guidance to assist you in successfully deploying your migration project to Azure Cloud in 2021.

Creating flexibility within remote development teams

In this session, we will be introducing the leadership strategies, digital tools, and smart solutions that will help your development teams code and collaborate more securely from anywhere – thus allowing for your company to become much more resilient to the upcoming future disruptive changes.

You will also get to learn how businesses in a variety of different industries are utilizing Azure Cloud to grow their businesses even further during the pandemic period.

Innovate faster and more productively with Open Source

Open Source on Azure will encourage and enable developers to collaborate and work together much more efficiently across the globe. Azure, without exceptions, embraces Open Source. Whether you use Java, Node.js, Python, or .NET, Azure supports your choices for these tools, languages, and technologies.

We will be hearing in full detail from our panelists about their experiences, tips, and tricks to incorporating Open Source on Azure.

Data in Azure: Leveraging machine learning, big data, and data ops

Dive deep into data in Azure! This session will include our discussion on mastering Azure Machine Learning to perform large-scale, end-to-end, machine learning in the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

We will also discuss the topic of Practical DataOps, giving you our expert insights to delivering Agile Data Science at Scale whilst developing a management model for Successful Data-Focused Teams.

This event will be in English

This cloud panel will cover efficient ways to migrating to Azure using proven best practices.

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When is the event?


July 21st, 2021


18:00 – 21:00 (GMT+7)


Seven Peaks Software office


18:00 – 18:20 Registration opens

18:20 – 18:30 Welcome by Giorgio

18:30 – 18:35 Introduction to Seven Peaks Software by Giorgio

18:35 – 18:40 Introduction to panelist 1

18:40 – 19:45 Introduction to panelist 2

19:45 – 19:50 Introduction to panelist 3

19:50 – 19:55 Introduction to panelist 4

19:00 – 19:40 Panel debate

19:40 – 20:00 Panel debate – questions from attendees

20:00 – 21:00 Networking and snacks

Where is the event?

Watch how to get to our office from Bangkok public transportation in this short video

Gather together, network, and develop yourselves with educational talks from experienced cloud architects – allowing you to join in the discussion on the latest trends on migrating to Azure, data ops, big data, and more in our exciting Cloud Panel hosted with Microsoft Azure!

Free seats are available!

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