Increasing Market Reach for Car Insurance Agents

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Mar 11, 2024 10:14:45 AM


Viriyah Insurance, a leading non-life insurance provider in Thailand, had made the leap to mobile for almost all services – except for their car insurance products, which still relied on a desktop website. Sales agents were limited to working only at their desks in their offices, and were not able to offer products and respond effectively to clients on the go. 

However, with a new mobile app, Viriyah Insurance would be able to better support their insurance agents (both within their staff and third party agents), while offering their customers a better experience. Seven Peaks supported the launch of this new car insurance mobile app through product development and design discovery.

Increased sales of car insurance products

and opened up direct channels for insurance agents to work any time, from anywhere.

Greater accuracy in estimations and quotations

with GPS data, high-resolution pictures, and optical character recognition on the mobile app.

More satisfied car insurance customers

thanks to efficient services and more responsive insurance agents.

Our solution

In order to increase Viriyah Insurance’s market reach for car insurance customers, we developed a native Android and iOS mobile app. We implemented features that would allow Viriyah Insurance’s sales agents to deliver accurate and up-to-date car insurance estimates and quotations, while allowing users to submit additional data through the mobile application. 

Our process

Solutions architecture → Software architecture → Native application development → Back-end development

We performed comprehensive product design discovery before proceeding to mobile application development, and provided solutions architecture and software architecture to best answer the needs of one of the top insurance companies in the country. To ensure a frictionless launch, we built a supporting application layer that would allow support and implementation of additional features on top of the client’s existing core system. We then deployed the application on-premise. 

SP_Case Study_Viriyah_02-min

Challenges we overcame

1. Shifting car insurance sales to mobile

Viriyah Insurance already introduced many services via their mobile applications. Users were able to report accidents, file claims, and even procure, distribute, or deliver car parts from the convenience of their smartphones. And yet, their sales channels were still limited to a website strictly formatted for desktop. This meant that sales agents could only manage customer accounts from their offices – or from a laptop capable of handling full-screen web applications. This  greatly interrupted the company’s overall workflow.

By building and launching the sales channels on a brand-new mobile application, we helped Viriyah Insurance remove the speedbumps and detours in their end-to-end car insurance services.  Insurance agents can now handle estimations, sales, quotations, and renewals from the convenience of their mobile phone.

SP_Case Study_Viriyah_03-min

2. Empowering better customer service  

The desktop-only website application was increasingly inconvenient for Viriyah Insurance’s sales agents, and unable to respond to the evolving demands of their customers. Due to the nature of their work, agents were often required to be away from their desktops. Customers often tried to contact them outside of office hours and would therefore be unable to receive immediate assistance, which decreased customer satisfaction – and might have even lost Viriyah Insurance potential sales. 

With our support, Viriyah Insurance launched their insurance sales mobile app, which allows sales agents to:

  • Manage existing and new customers
  • Finalize policy sales for immediate coverage
  • Work at any time without the limitations of location or office hours

This ultimately increased customer satisfaction and continues to drive greater sales for Viriyah Insurance.

3. Enabling data-driven insurance quotations 

Time and location limitations placed on sales agents by the desktop-only web app meant that they were not able to provide customers with accurate, timely car insurance quotations. Over time, this opened Viriyah Insurance up to the risk of potential losses or miscalculations. 

The new mobile app enables customers to submit GPS data, high-resolution pictures directly taken by their smartphone cameras, and even provides optical character recognition. This provides a wealth of instantaneous and relevant data that sales agents can review when considering insurance policy applications. With the mobile app we helped develop, Viriyah Insurance and their sales agents were able to provide customers and potential customers with up-to-date and accurate insurance quotations.