How Uber Carshare Used Touchpoint Monitoring to Boost Bookings

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Jan 11, 2024 11:54:16 AM

The conventional methodologies for monitoring audience behaviors often fall short primarily because the user journey is anything but linear.

Beyond the influence of dark social elements like private brand mentions, emails, and word-of-mouth recommendations, the efficacy of marketing analytics is compromised if you fail to link user activities across different platforms and within your digital assets.


Predicting user behavior is inherently challenging. Consider a scenario where a user starts the checkout on your mobile platform but later abandons it. They're later re-engaged by an Instagram advertisement, prompting a purchase. What triggered this? Was it an interruption or the influence of another advertisement? It's hard to tell.

Yet, understanding this multi-touch attribution is paramount for refining marketing approaches and assessing their impact.

Despite leveraging customer data platforms (CDP), businesses can experience data silos. Integrating data from website interactions, app behaviors, and advertising campaigns offers a holistic view, akin to the capabilities offered by Mixpanel Marketing Analytics.

A case in point is Uber Carshare. Keal Wilson, the Growth Marketing Team Leader, mentioned,

“The biggest thing was the disconnect between anonymous website visitors and the people who’re using our service. We couldn’t connect the dots between the marketing channels that acquired those users, and then link that to the lifetime value of the user to be able to see what the marketing return on investment was.”

With Mixpanel, Uber Carshare gained a deeper insight into their registration process. Users could only reserve a car post-registration, leading to many dropping out due to the inability to book immediately.

Upon identifying this disconnect between site visitors and incomplete sign-ups, Uber Carshare's team modified the user journey, allowing reservations before complete registration. Consequently, the app saw a surge in bookings, with figures rising from 50% to 79%.


Recognizing the intricacies of a user's journey is crucial, and multi-touch attribution offers a way to bridge some of these divides, even if one cannot fully comprehend user motivations. The focus shifts to discerning behavioral patterns, understanding that directing users towards specific actions increases conversion likelihood.

How Does Product Analytics Enhance Audience Monitoring?

Uber Carshare's experience underscores the significance of tracking user behavior from the point of initial engagement to sustained interactions on your platforms. Swift conversions are pivotal, and minimizing the conversion window is essential.

This necessitates a synergy between product and marketing divisions. The objective is to discern correlations between initial engagement channels and the eventual transition of a visitor to a paying client. Those familiar with tracking user pathways understand that users can oscillate between different offerings or casually explore a free version without necessarily converting.

Merging website and product analytics can pave clearer routes for prospective clients. This might entail channeling advertising budgets towards platforms yielding higher returns or spotting trends among rapid converters.

While marketing initiatives can pique interest, the digital platform—be it a website or an app—should be poised to capitalize on this engagement, provided there's a seamless link between them.

Mixpanel's identity resolution exemplifies this seamless integration. It enables merging pre-login behaviors, such as site visits, with post-login activities like app interactions, offering a comprehensive view from the initial engagement to sustained usage.

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