Paidy’s Success with Innovative Product Analytics through Mixpanel

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Nov 6, 2023 3:35:25 PM
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Paidy’s Background

Paidy, Japan’s premier "Buy Now Pay Later" service, revolutionizes the consumer credit industry by streamlining payment and purchase experiences.

Their service, synonymous with convenience and flexibility, is integrated with major e-commerce giants, allowing users a seamless and hassle-free purchasing journey.

Paidy focuses on enhancing customer experience through innovative features such as instant credit consolidation, easy sign-ups, and an enriched “Paidy Plus” option post-identification verification.

Paidy’s Challenges

Embarking on a digital-first approach, Paidy aims to continually refine and optimize user interactions and processes, especially the crucial “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure.

For Paidy, accessing and analyzing multi-source data, including user behavior, became imperative to foster informed decision-making, improve service offerings, manage credit risk effectively, and ensure sustained business growth.

Paidy app case study with Seven Peaks Software

Paidy’s Strategy

Paidy collaborated with Mixpanel, employing its product analytics to garner profound insights into user behaviors, interactions, and conversion patterns.

Mixpanel, initially utilized for basic use cases, evolved into an indispensable tool, influencing strategic modifications and improvements, particularly in user onboarding and the KYC process.

Paidy strategy case study with Seven Peaks Software

Strategy Execution

Implementing Mixpanel's analytics, Paidy meticulously examined user journeys, identifying obstacles and areas necessitating enhancement.

One significant revelation was user hesitation and drop-off during the KYC document submission phase. Addressing this, Paidy innovated their approach, incorporating strategic reminders and improving user guidance, thereby enhancing the completion rates and effectiveness of the KYC process.


Mixpanel’s in-depth analytics empowered Paidy with actionable insights, driving continuous improvement in user experience and service offerings.

With its adaptability across various business functions, from design to marketing, Mixpanel became pivotal in fine-tuning Paidy’s strategies, fostering increased user adoption and satisfaction.

Future Path

Paidy envisions further amplification of its analytics strategy, intending to integrate diverse data sources to bolster comprehensive insights and decision-making.

Their continual investment in advanced tools and integration aligns with their objective of seamless evolution and adaptation to meet escalating business demands and user expectations.

Advice from Rafal Rawicki (Platform Architect at Paidy): Beginning with a robust data and metric framework is essential.

Initial investments in establishing comprehensive metrics significantly influence the ability to make informed decisions and engage stakeholders effectively, driving overall business success and innovation.

Read the full case study at Mixpanel.

About Mixpanel

Mixpanel is event-based analytics for builders who need answers from the data at their fingertips. When everyone in the organization can see—and learn from—the impact of their work, they are poised to make better decisions.

Companies like Netflix, Pinterest, sweetgreen, CNN, Samsara, Uber, and Yelp use Mixpanel to understand their customers, measure progress, and endeavor to make better decisions.

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