How NocNoc uses data-driven approach to save time on user data analysis by 90% with Mixpanel

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Feb 28, 2024 5:49:45 PM

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NocNoc initially started as an online marketplace specializing in a wide range of home furnishings, such as furniture, bedding, kitchenware, and appliances. With an extensive catalog boasting over 500,000 SKUs, the platform's primary goal is to simplify the home renovation and decoration process for all users. Beyond its product offerings, NocNoc offers additional services like delivery and installation for large items and comprehensive home improvement contractor services. Looking ahead, NocNoc plans to enhance its support to its 3 million monthly active users by expanding its services to provide consultancy and inspiration for customers’ home decorating projects.

What you’ll learn:

  • How NocNoc uses Mixpanel to streamline data analysis and retrieval time.
  • How NocNoc utilizes Mixpanel data to increase conversion rates via A/B testing.
  • How to make informed decisions and set goals for your business.


NocNoc is dedicated to enhancing its e-commerce platform to facilitate every aspect of its customers' journeys. Achieving this goal requires a deep understanding of product performance, including metrics like user engagement, conversion rates, and goal achievement.

However, conventional data analysis methods were inefficient and time-consuming. Data would be stored in a warehouse, requiring analysts to invest significant time in analysis and report generation. Retrieving specific data points, such as the Click-Through Rate (CTR) of a particular page, was challenging and time-intensive.

The lack of visibility into product performance restricted NocNoc's ability to make prompt decisions and take immediate action, causing delays in the overall product development process.


Since engaging with Mixpanel, NocNoc has undergone a comprehensive transformation in decision-making and operational workflows. Mixpanel Insights graphs enable clear tracking of participant numbers in events, while Mixpanel Funnels allow for specific analyses, revealing essential Click-Through Rate (CTR) data, eliminating the need for traditional, code-intensive analysis methods.

The time required for data retrieval has seen a substantial reduction, from 1-2 weeks to a mere 10-20 seconds. This efficiency facilitates the prompt review of real-time reports upon the launch of new features, eliminating the need to sift through raw data manually. This represents a significant advancement over old data collection practices, including coding for button-click monitoring.


  • Reduced data analysis and retrieval time by 90%.
  • Increased conversion by 9% through A/B experimentation results on the application.
  • Integrated data insights into every decision-making process to plan for future development.



"Good decisions are measured by the time and data used to make them. We need to find a way to be at least 70-80% confident in our decisions in the shortest possible time." 

Poomiphat Chamweha, Lead Product Manager, NocNoc


Make confident and accurate decisions in a short timeframe

“If we wait to be 100% sure, it might be too late because the business might not be able to wait,” said Poomiphat

He stated that in most cases, they usually don't need complete certainty, but the right level of confidence within the shortest and most appropriate timeframe to make a decision. “With Mixpanel, we have saved more than 90% of that time,” Poomiphat added.

He further said, “Mixpanel Insights data helps us increase confidence in our decisions and improve our work processes. Previously, we may not have had data to support whether or not what we were doing was effective.” 

This limitation was lifted once they had quantitative data ready in their hands. “With Mixpanel Insights, we can immediately answer whether our features are performing well. This makes our work easier and faster, more systematic, and more efficient in supporting decision-making, setting hypotheses based on data, or prioritizing things,” added Poomiphat.


"We use data to decide what to do and what not to do. This method has allowed us to launch a new feature through A/B testing, resulting in a 9% increase in conversion rate."

Poomiphat Chamweha, Lead Product Manager, NocNoc


With data as their blueprint, planning new features becomes a breeze

“When introducing a completely new feature, such as search suggestions, we initially launch the first version. Subsequently, we assess potential avenues for development, whether refining accuracy by adjusting the algorithm or enhancing popularity by adjusting the UI,” said Poomiphat.

They have found that data serves as a crucial guide in making informed decisions throughout the development process. “The choice between these options is guided by data analysis from Mixpanel Funnels. If users of the feature differ significantly from non-users, indicating effective algorithm performance, we encourage increased utilization. Conversely, if data suggests that users are not finding what they seek, prioritizing algorithm adjustments precedes wider feature promotion,” added the Lead Product Manager.

Example NocNoc feature: Search by Image on Application.

Example NocNoc feature: Shipping cost calculator before adding items to the shopping cart.


"We now make informed decisions, guided not solely by assumptions but with a clear compass directing our path."

Poomiphat Chamweha, Lead Product Manager, NocNoc


Data is at the heart of every step of planning for future growth

“Now Mixpanel is involved in every step of decision-making and goal-setting. It plays a crucial role in our growth strategy.” Poomiphat believes that for a company to expand, effective business development is essential. This involves formulating hypotheses, assessing project scalability, ensuring the correct project trajectory, and identifying target customer segments.

“Utilizing data from Mixpanel, we enhance our decision-making processes, enabling quicker and more accurate decisions. In my view, Mixpanel is a valuable tool for everyone, facilitating informed decision-making that aligns with the intended direction,” he added.

For a more in-depth look at NocNoc's case study, please visit Mixpanel's website here.

About Mixpanel

Mixpanel is event-based analytics for builders who need answers from the data at their fingertips. When everyone in the organization can see—and learn from—the impact of their work, they are poised to make better decisions. Companies like Netflix, Pinterest, sweetgreen, CNN, Samsara, Uber, and Yelp use Mixpanel to understand their customers, measure progress, and endeavor to make better decisions.

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Poomiphat Chamweha, Lead Product Manager at NocNoc

Poomiphat is an expert in developing AI and machine learning products tailored for e-commerce businesses.

He successfully engineered the product information search architecture for NocNoc, resulting in a 25% increase in work efficiency and a reduction in the resources needed for system development.