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The complete guide to working in Thailand in 2022

Know the 9 most important things when choosing to work in Thailand




Are you thinking about working in Thailand? We understand that moving to another country can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. Or perhaps you are still wondering: is working abroad worth it?

To ease your arrival in Thailand, we have prepared the following tips for you below to get ready for working in Thailand in 2022.

Find out how to get a sim card and internet in Thailand, how to open a bank account in Bangkok, and the must-know Thai words that you can use in your everyday life when working in Thailand.

Thai words to know

Regardless, learning a new language can be very hard, especially for Thai language; Thai people love to hear foreigners saying Thai words. Remembering some of them will create a great impression and convenience while living in Thailand.

Thus, we provide some ready to use phases which can help you through in almost every situation.


Thailand’s top dishes

The 4 must-try Thai dishes. Finding the best Thai can be challenging because Thailand has so many delicious dishes to offer. We have found the top 4 Thai dishes that you need to try while entering Thailand.

See our list below, how to pronounce them and what’s the ingredients.


IM cards, internet, and data

To stay in Thailand for a long period of time, roaming might not be an efficient choice to make when you can buy a sim card anywhere in Thailand at a reasonable price.

“Be sure to unlock your phone!”

You should have your phone unlocked from the service provider before boarding, or if you don’t, you can go to MBK Center or IT mall and head to the cell phone kiosks. Someone there might be able to help you.

Major telecom providers

  • DTAC stands out among other Thai cell phone service providers because of its Go No Limit packages. Whether you have a prepaid or postpaid, you will get unlimited internet and free calls.
  • AIS is well-known for its speedy internet service and strong signals. In addition, there are many more service offers that you can check out on its website in English.
  • TrueMove are outstanding in offering bundles. With these bundles, you can get tv, internet, and cell phone service all for one price, and packages differ according to your demand. Meaning if you favor cell service over tv, you can allocate your data for better cell service, or it can be the other way around according to your preferences.

Do note that these are basic information about cellular service in Thailand. Promotion and service can change anytime, so you should constantly check up on their websites.

Requirements for buying a sim card

All you need is a passport. In Thailand, card registration is in force, so make sure you have a passport with you when buying a sim card.

Banking and finance

Opening a Thai bank account will make your life much easier in doing transactions within Thailand, and when you want to transfer money to other countries, I may suggest Paypal with zero fee. To open a Thai bank, It’s just only a few things you need to know.

“Don’t forget to bring the required documents with you.”

To open a bank account in Thailand, most banks require a visa and work permit. See more in our article how to get a work permit for Thailand.

Popular banks in Thailand

  • Bangkok Bank is one of a few banks that allows you to open an account without a work permit. The bank is also an American favorite bank because it has a branch in New York, which makes transfers easy. The bank also has an applicant that works very quickly and efficiently.
  • Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is a great choice especially if you already have a work permit and a visa, this will be one of the best options for you. The branches are easy to find anywhere in Bangkok, and the customer support is best. In addition, its application is user-friendly which is a good start for you to learn online banking in Thailand.
  • Kasikorn Bank is similar to SCB in terms of product and service. They are two giants competing with each other, but sometimes you will find that in some situations Kasikorn branches are more overcrowded than SCB. However, sometimes Kasikorn bank provides more convincing promotions and benefits, so you should keep updated on the website which provides English as well.

A beginning of a cashless society

Thailand is moving to a cashless society. Many Thai banks have an application which offers various services, instantly buying insurance, transferring money, paying services, etc. In addition, when you pay for products or services you can just say ‘ jàai (pay) QR code’ or ‘ jàai (pay) Promptpay’, so you can transfer money easily without cash. Easy Peasy!

Transportation systems

BTS and MRT are probably the most convenient way to get around Bangkok without worrying about unpredictable traffic jams.

“Make sure to bring your passport to purchase BTS/MRT cards”

Top-up cards are worth purchasing to avoid long queues and earn points.

BTS and MRT are using different top-up cards. You might get to use an MRT card more often because Seven Peaks Software is located near the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center MRT station.

For MRT, the price for an adult card is 180 Baht (this price includes: 100 Baht initial stored values, 50 Baht deposit and 30 Baht issuing fee.) There is no discount for a MRT adult card, the price will be charged the same as buying at the ticket counter, but it can save your time in the rush hours. Credit cards are accepted, when you top-up your card 300 Baht or more.

For BTS, the top-up card is called the Rabbit card. The price for the standard Rabbit card is 200 Baht (this price includes: 100 Baht initial stored values and 100 Baht issuing fees.) Every time you use the Rabbit card, you will earn Carrot Points which can be used as a discount.

Many stores and restaurants, such as McDonald’s, accept Rabbit cards and you can also link the card with LINE pay and pay from smartphone (physical card is necessary for using the BTS.)

Working in Thailand

Is working abroad worth it?

Before deciding to move to Thailand, you may first need to consider if working abroad is the right choice for you. To answer the question: “Is working abroad worth it?” Here are a few things to consider:

  • Salary and cost of living are important factors to take into account, to see what kind of lifestyle you can afford. In many cases, working in a foreign country can earn you more than living at home and with a significantly lower cost of living.
  • Exploring new cultures and expanding your knowledge. Moving to a foreign country, especially one far away and vastly different from home can give you a whole new experience you can only dream of. If you love the challenge of meeting new people and learning new perspectives, working abroad would be a very fitting choice.
  • Moving away from family and relatives. One challenge of living abroad is being far away from family and friends. Nonetheless, you should weigh your options carefully because the experience you will gain in a new country might just be worth it!.

Your chances of successfully working in Thailand will increase if you can adapt to a multicultural workplace. A good start would be to read, research, and learn about Thailand before first; especially Thai culture. However, you’ll also need to experience the rest for yourself.

Adapting your work ethic and personality to fit the job in Thailand is key, as this can help your employer decide if they will hire you as a regular employee to live and work in Thailand.

Foreigners are allowed to legally work in Thailand only if they have a valid visa, a work permit, and are employed with an occupation that does not violate any Thai Employment Acts.

Luckily, Seven Peaks Software will assist with all the necessary paperwork to obtain a valid working visa & work permit in Thailand for foreign nationals – even if you’re still currently working in another country!

So to sum up, is working abroad worth it? We think so!

Shopping for groceries and more

For local goods

For local products, you can go to Big C or Lotus’s. These two supermarket chains are quite easy to find around Bangkok. You can buy good quality fruits, vegetables and meat at a reasonable price.

Makro is another great option, but products there are usually sold in bulk as wholesale which might not be ideal if you’re living alone.

For imported goods

If you are planning to cook dishes that might need special imported ingredients, you can head to Villa Market, Gourmet Market, Foodland or Tops which are mostly located in department stores.

At these supermarkets, you can find a variety of types of cheese, hams or your favorite cereal brands and other imported goods from all around the world. However, they are known to be a bit more expensive than what you would pay for in your home country.

Convenience stores

Located in almost every corner of Thailand, so you don’t have to worry about how to get food. 7-11, Lawson and Family Mart are common convenience stores that you can find everywhere.

Thai convenience stores offer a variety of ready-to-eat meals and coffee—some even have vegan choices as well!

Shopping malls

Shopping malls, small and large, usually have a dedicated supermarket section inside them that sell local and imported goods for your needs. Malls here are a great one-stop-shop for those living in Bangkok!

Outdoor activities – Part 1

Public parks

The nearest park from Seven Peaks Software is Benjakitti Park. You can run and bike here with a good view of a big lake. Other parks in Bangkok are:

  • Benjasi Park, located at BTS Phrom Phong
  • Benjakitti park, located near MRT Queen Sirikit
  • Lumpini Park, located next to MRT Lumpini, MRT Silom or BTS Saladaeng
  • Rod Fai Park (Wachirabenchathat), nearby BTS Mochit

Parks are free for everyone, but you might need to pay some fee (usually lower than 100 Baht/person) to do certain activities, such as rent a pedal boat or a bicycle.

Benjasi park is equipped with a basketball court, for any basketballs fans, while Benjakitti park (nearby our office) has a large running track and an outdoor gym studio!

Rock climbing

  • Urban Playground Climbing is a high quality indoor climbing site located in Sukhumvit 49 (near BTS Phrom Phong). The price for one day is 475 Bath and 575 Baht on weekends — not including equipment rental or lessons. Yearly and monthly membership packages are also available. The Urban Playground Climbing is located inside The Racquet Club, so the one day pass and membership allowed you to use other facilities, such as swimming pool, tennis courts and badminton court.
  • Rock Domain Climbing Gym is the biggest climbing facility in Thailand located on Bangna-trad Road, not far from the city. The day pass is 400 Baht per person — not including rental equipment. They also offer annual passes at a reasonable price.

Water sports

  • Flow House located on Sukhumvit 26 (near BTS Phrom Phong), is a simulated surfing center. You can enjoy various water activities such as surf, skate and wake. FlowRider or the simulated surfing machine is beginner friendly, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.
  • Nongbon Water Sports Center is part of Bung Nong Bon Park, located near Suan Luang Rama IX Park. With a huge lake in the middle of the park, Nongbon Water Sports Center offers a variety of water sports, such as sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and more! The price for these activities is quite affordable — 300 Baht/year for foreign members. Bueng Nong Bon Park is pet friendly and great for jogging and biking as well.
  • Taco Lake is a wakeboarding park, not far from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The ticket price includes basic lessons, vest, helmet and basic boards. If you are planning to go from ‘DAY ‘till Dusk’ the price is 400 Baht, but if you want to enjoy it a little longer from ‘Day ‘till Night’ the price is 600 Baht.

Apart from these, there are other fun activities that you can enjoy with friends and family in Bangkok, such as Muay Thai lessons, laser tags, escape rooms and trampoline parks.


Badminton is a popular sport for those living and working in Bangkok – as it’s known to be a non-contact sport that you can play with your friends and stay fit at the same time.

To enjoy badminton we do suggest finding a proper court to play on, below are some of our suggestions:

  • The Racquet Club, located near BTS Thong Lor
  • 71 Sports Club, near BTS Phra Khanong
  • Winner Sports Avenue, nearby MRT Huai Khwang


Football fans can still stay on the pitch while living and working in Thailand.

Participating in sports, in general, can also be a great way of meeting new friends. Whether it’s a full 11 vs 11 match or a casual 5 vs 5 kick-about, there are enough football pitches around the city to meet your needs.

Do note that full-equipped football pitches here charge around 1,000-2,000THB per hour on average and usually require a few days of booking in advance. Costs of the pitch are usually always split between the total number of players – with the most common duration being two hours in total. Most locals tend to play during the afternoon on weekends or at night on weekdays due to the lower heat.

A few decent football pitches that we recommend playing at are:

  • Arena 10, near BTS Thong Lor
  • Polo Football Park, near to BTS Ekkamai
  • JPress futsal area, nearby BTS Phra Khanong

Outdoor activities – Part 2

Museums and art galleries

For art-lovers, here are several public galleries and museums you can visit:

  • Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC) is a public art gallery located at BTS National Stadium/BTS Siam. BACC is free. The exhibitions change almost every 1–2 months. BACC promotes local artists, so you will mostly be indulged with Thai contemporary art. They often have events and music performances as well. The secret of BACC is that there is a delicious noodle shop located inside the building! It’s so good and you should miss it if you have a chance to visit BACC.
  • MOCA Bangkok, also known as the Museum of Contemporary Art, is located in the Chatuchak area. The ticket fee is 250 Baht/person. Most art pieces in MOCA are permanent exhibitions because they are personal collections of Boonchai Bencharongkul. The building designs are unique and photogenic, which made MOCA become popular among Bangkokians.
  • River City Bangkok is an art and antique center located on Charoenkrung 24 Road. You can explore different styles of arts at River City. There are artists’ studios and shops inside the building where you can appreciate their art or auction some of your favorite pieces. Apart from shops and studios, there are temporary exhibitions which are mostly free, depending on the event and the exhibitors. With its prime location next to Chao Phraya River, the view is amazing and convenient to travel to other famous tourist attractions.

Parks are free for everyone, but you might need to pay some fee (usually lower than 100 Baht/person) to do certain activities, such as rent a pedal boat or a bicycle.

Creative workshops

There are several ceramics workshops around the Sukhumvit area. The price range is between 1,800–3,500 Baht/person, depending on the techniques, equipment and how many people per lesson. They include:

You can pay for some paint and canvas at some cafe and let your imagination flow:

  • At Paintbar, you can paint your masterpiece while enjoying some snacks and beer. They also offer instructors and no art background is needed. The price per person is 700 Baht and reservation is needed.
  • At Soul Salt River City lets you relax and paint on the sandy floor and Chao Phraya River view. The price is between 499–1,899 Baht, depending on how big the canvas you prefer.

Thai cooking classes

Cooking is fun and who doesn’t love to eat a good meal that you cooked by yourselves? There are many cooking schools around Bangkok. Many schools offer one-day classes for you to learn several Thai dishes with the price range being around 1,500–3,000 Baht/person.

Our two recommended Thai cooking schools are Silom Thai Cooking School and Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy

Weaving studio

There are several ceramics workshops around the Sukhumvit area. The price range is between 1,800–3,500 Baht/person, depending on the techniques, equipment and how many people per lesson.

A weaving studio we recommend checking out is The Loom Bangkok located near BTS Bearing Station where you can design your own scarf and learn how to weave! It’s possible to finish it in half a day and it’s easier than it looks, even young children can make one by themselves too!

Entertainment and general leisure

Whether it’s during the weekends or after work, everyone needs some time off to relax, wind-down, and simply enjoy living in Bangkok! Below are some of the most common and easily accessible things to do around the city during your time-off:

  • Movie theaters such as Major Cineplex provide world-class cinema standards with comfortable seats, large screens, and great snacks in a modern setting. Cinemas have exploded in popularity here with ticket prices staying reasonable making it a relaxing choice to cool down from the heat! Cinemas can be found in most shopping malls all around Bangkok.
  • Many locals and expats enjoy ice skating here with friends & family for a few hours to have fun while escaping Bangkok’s heat, just remember to wear warm clothing and even gloves to help cushion you against any unexpected falls! Many of Bangkok’s great ice-skating rinks can be found inside the city’s famous shopping malls.
  • Bowling has also become a popular form of entertainment in Bangkok. Thai bowling alleys have proven to be world-class as they are equipped with stunning bowling lanes, surround sound music, full rental facilities, fantastic food, and even beer – all for a reasonable price. Check out Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl, a popular bowling alley that can be found at Bangkok’s famous malls.
  • You guessed it – another popular activity for locals and expats here is simply shopping at many of the large shopping malls scattered around Bangkok – as there’s no better place to eat, shop, play and have fun all in a cooler space!


Bangkok is becoming one of world’s most livable cities – with hot weather, great food, reasonable prices, and amazing travel destinations nearby.

Moving to and living in Thailand for the first time may not be easy to start with, which is why having a good start and adapting to the culture & lifestyle will be key to successfully working in Thailand.

Our office, located at the heart of Bangkok, now hosts 90+ employees from 22 different countries. Many expats have found their feet here while working in Thailand with us – will you be next?

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