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Turnkey Solutions vs Custom Software Development

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There are two mainly used software development alternatives when it comes to acquiring software for a business. Turnkey software products and custom software alternatives include advantages and disadvantages; therefore, knowing the differences help decision making easier.


What is a Turnkey Software Solution?

A turnkey project, in software development, is a ‘ready-to-operate software product’ meaning that it is developed and designed by a company and will be handed to a client when the software is ready to perform.

Turnkey projects are suitable for anyone who wants to build mobile applications or software but do not have a lot of time and experience.

In a nutshell, a turnkey project is the opposite of a made-to-order project or the custom software.


What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software is a software product that is specifically built and designed to serve client’s preferences and requirements.

For custom software, any features are possible to add to the software as there is more freedom. However, clear goals and objectives are also required for guiding the direction of the software.


Advantages of Turnkey Software Solutions

Cheaper up-front cost

Turnkey projects are an alternative to custom software because of the cheaper and no additional coasts.

Easy to execute

With a turnkey solution, the the applications are deployed faster and easier because there is no need to build the software from scratch. You just choose a ready-made software and with a little adjustment, it’s ready to go!


Most ready-to-use software comes with many helpful features and it can cover all the basic enterprise needs.


Disadvantages of Turnkey Software Solutions

Might have to adjust your business process

Because the turnkey software is ready-made, the business process might have to adapt a little to be able to effectively use the software.

Might not cover all the business needs

It is possible that the ready-made applications may not be compatible with your business needs.

Might be additional costs

Continuing from above, if a specific feature is required, there might be some additional cost. In some cases, customization might not even be possible for a turnkey software.



Advantages of Custom Software Development

No limitations

As custom software is made-to-order, any unique designs, functionality and extensibility are possible.

More control

Custom software gives ownership to the client which means that there is more control in the software. For example, more control in the cyber securities.


Disadvantages of Custom Software Development

Financial commitment

Large upfront investment is necessary for custom software development and possible of additional costs.

Time consuming

Compared to turnkey projects, custom software takes more time and resources to build. It could take up to 6 months or a year to build one software.


Which one should you go for?

If the features that you are not looking for don’t seem to be available in the market, then custom software is a good choice. On the other hand, if you have a fixed budget then turnkey software is a good alternative.

Seven Peaks Software offers customized software development services and also turnkey project services. Our turnkey projects services are slightly different from others as we are trying to eliminate the potential disadvantages of turnkey software solutions.

With our turnkey project services, our experienced team will develop software according to clients requirements while scoping a fixed reasonable price.



In conclusion, knowing the difference between turnkey solution and custom software, can help you choose which one to go for when it comes to creating a software for your company.

The turnkey project is good for when the features you need are already available in the market because it can save your time and money.

If more features are needed and no concerns about the length of the process, then custom software might be a better choice.

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