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Our Top 5 Software Development Technology Trends for 2023

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Software design & development

Software development and design (particularly in the design phase of software development life cycle) are sectors that are constantly changing its technology and practices due to the growing digital technologies that are creating the upcoming software development technology trends for 2023.

Do you remember how your fist cell phone looked like? Or time without mobile applications and online shopping?

Over the past decade, we have met so many overwhelming technologies like robots in a human body, smart houses, dozens of applications for all occasions. The speed of tech changes is getting enormous year by year.

Software development specialists

The hybrid of mobile and web applications which is completely different from regular mobile applications. Service worker is the script of progressive web apps, a significant part upon which they majorly work.

The distinctive advantages: these applications are easy to build and maintain, and they can be loaded much faster with low internet speed compared to their predecessors.

Language updates

The growth of software technologies, frameworks and languages are all affecting the current software development technology trends as well.

Today, JavaScript and its various frameworks are used by Full Stack Developers which was adapted for hybrid applications also.

If you know which language to select is a half success of a software development project.

We recommend you to compare various languages through statistical data of Stack overflow survey.

The design phase in software development life cycle

It’s important to understand the design phase and how the requirements are broken down.

This is to help predict the software project’s timeline and the estimated level of work and resources needed to be completed within the time frame.

During the design phase of software development life cycle, it is important to identify both the workflows and design you have for the application project.


The main factors causing the current software development technology trends

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a software-based program which is able to think intelligently like a human. Machine learning and deep learning, subsets of artificial intelligence, are getting popular among businesses.

More and more companies from various sectors inter-corporate machine learning into the company’s ecosystem.

With the help of AI, many companies enhanced the user-experience and business process overall, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft are great examples of the successful investments in AI.

Since AI trend enables machines to make reasonable, the popularity of Machine Learning is rapidly growing nowadays.

Machine Learning is able to improve functionality of the computer system automatically by gathering knowledge from different sources and using them to process advanced calculations and functions.

Businesses keep an eye on the deep learning that helps them to improve accuracy of results, performance, and decrease harmful risks.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things applies to the large categories of devices that are connected to the internet. Reach of IoT is constantly increasing.

According to David Evan’s calculations (researcher of CISCO) every second over 127 new devices will be connected to the Internet.

Over 90% of automobiles will be IoT enabled per PWC estimates by 2020. Based on Statista, the number of devices reached to 26,66 billion in 2019 compared to the data 2018 (23,14 billion devices).

IoT helps people and businesses to live smarter with total control over their lives and workflow.

IoT enables companies to reduce labor cost, adjust logistics, improve customer service, increase transparency from manufacturer to customer transactions by atomizing processes.


Outsourcing software development

One of the biggest software development technology trends in 2023

The outsourcing market is growing very fast every year.

According to Statista, the market size reached U.S billion dollars for the whole world.

The IT industry has a large number of outsourcing services which have been actively used by companies in 2019 to save costs and resources. But keep in mind that the software development requirements are increasing, and classic outsourcing service might be insecure and unreliable.

Today businesses in almost every field line financial or healthcare are looking for quality-time software development service with full-stack developers who are able to fulfill the company’s goals.

We believe that the best way to ensure high quality results is to hire a Dedicated Team, the new approach of IT outsourcing.

A dedicated team is a cost-effective team of professionals who work for you like if they were in-house under your total control.

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