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Seven Peaks is a fast growing software development company in Thailand.

The company started in Bergen, Norway, before growing up in Bangkok


Seven Peaks Software was established in 2014 in Thailand as a small start-up company. before becoming a fast-growing software company.

In addition to its rapid growth, Seven Peaks Software has added There are many more services to choose from,  including UX/UI design , cloud solutions , QA testing , and digital marketing.   

Seven Peaks Software's growth journey has impressed our team and inspired them and those around them. Because it was a trip that really exceeded expectations.

Our software development team services are both our business model and the way we work to help you. So you have a professional team to meet the project requirements and achieve your business goals.

Thinking process and UX/UI design strategy of our designers team. That's what gives us a good understanding of what the mobile application development life cycle should be. to help the digital transformation project your success.

“When Seven Peaks Software started in 2014, I thought it was just a business to earn a living. Not focusing on what we have to do well. honestly At the time, I didn't think we could create any different values. However, I realized that I was wrong. Because the demand in Thailand is very high. And it's growing very fast.” –   Seven Peaks CEO Jostein Aksnes

Seven Peaks Software was originally founded by Norwegians Jostein Aksnes, Roy Ivar Moe , and Leiv Fasmer (Apphuset). Apphuset is a Norwegian company. And they have Thai customers here. Being a non-Thai owned company is a really interesting story.   

This shows that Seven Peaks Software is trusted by Thai companies as they usually prefer small software companies. In Thailand, let's work together more.

Seven Peaks Software works with companies from all over the world because of our reputation for providing quality service to all our customers.

Most customers recommend Seven Peaks Software to other companies. and come back to work with us again in new projects making them become even more close alliances.

“We recently started a new project in Kuala Lumpur and are working on projects for companies in Singapore and Hong Kong as well. The reason why our business in Southeast Asia is thriving is because our customers keep referring us and now we are looking for ways to grow our business even bigger.” – Jostein Aksnes

Right now, it seems that nothing can stop Seven Peaks Software, not even the COVID-19 crisis, as other companies are struggling in this unusual situation. But our company continued to grow until we were able to take on long-term projects.

Seven Peaks Software is looking for new team members. in multiple positions As we have more customers and need to find additional people to meet these growing demands.

“We are working on a long-term project that will help us overcome obstacles. Everything started to take shape last August. And now our schedule is very tight.

Customers in Thailand are more confident and willing to spend more money. Impact of COVID-19 That has to us is about the team. From January to March, we hired an additional five people per month. after lockdown We stopped hiring temporarily.” – Mr. Jostein Aksnes continued.

The lockdown in Thailand has allowed the Seven Peaks Software team to work from home and follow Thailand's social distancing measures as part of helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

in the meantime Our company has undergone changes that we believe will benefit our business and make us grow well in the future.

after the team returns to the office after the COVID is over Our company also organizes events. (Better known as Seven Peaks Speaks) as well as fun activities. many more together with the staff.

Something you often see The thing about most startups is that they try not to take a long time, not a lot of effort, and not spend a lot of money on things like office space and branding. Because they focus more on growing their business.

They don't have much money left over for these things. In addition, most matters must be managed to be as cost-effective as possible.

This also coincides with the early experiences of Seven Peaks Software in Thailand as well.

We started from a small office. In the heart of Bangkok, Sukhumvit area, close to BTS Nana station, with a team of only a few people. along with a much lower budget than now.

But what is extremely important to Seven Peaks Software and worth the investment is the experience of our senior staff.

Instead of hiring a team with little experience to reduce costs Instead, we choose to focus on reliability and higher quality to ensure that our customers will always come back to us and provide good feedback about our services.

“When Seven Peaks Software was just beginning. I work on everything Whether it's sales, marketing, really do it all. When we grow up, many things grow as well.

When we started having clients in Thailand around 2018, my business partner and our CTO, Roy Ivar Moe, moved to Bangkok.

He has helped us build a software development team here and has the added responsibility of delivering projects for large corporate clients,” explains Mr. Jostein .

The expected outcome was finding a bigger and better new office. which can accommodate more employees by the main point Is to find the most suitable office building and location to work.

After we found that the most suitable option was The PARQ building, Seven Peaks Software moved into a new building that is very cool and modern. This place without thinking too much.  

The large open office made the team want to walk around. Including chatting and consulting with each other more conveniently.

Also saw a beautiful view of the heart of Bangkok in a 180-degree view with a beautiful garden look and relax So it's not surprising that we choose to be on the 7th floor of this building (and also coincides with the Seven Peaks Software branding).

Although the big change of Seven Peaks Software to move the office is a big investment. But it also gave us the opportunity to grow beyond where we are now.

“The new office helps us stand out. Because we want a place that impresses customers and fits our brand.

We want an office where every employee feels like coming to work every day.

Looking around, you can see that everyone is smiling and happy. This move became part of the expression of what our new identity was. both inside and outside” – said Mr. Jostein.

There is nothing better than changing your corporate image like moving to a new office.

Our company feels that this is a perfect situation to enhance the organization by being in a more professional environment. There is also a new logo design to reflect the relationship between Norwegians and Thai people that we feel very well.

The color palette we chose also changed, including the number 7 being replaced with the word “Seven” since the number 7 is not read the same way in all languages. And it can be confusing. We therefore want everyone to read the company name the same way and be easier to remember.

Seven Peaks Software finally knows where to go in the future.

“We wanted something that would feel professional and timeless. When someone sees our logo Come visit our office Or hear Seven Peaks Software, we want them to think of a trusted technology partner. And can work as agreed” – Mr. Jostein explains

The corporate identity has changed as we moved into new offices and enhanced branding. People quickly became accustomed to the new logo as we tried to spread awareness of the change across our social media platforms. The change therefore went smoothly. After that, our company continues to receive contracts from customers for new projects continually.

Higher demand and more projects required Seven Peaks Software to continue to grow as well. We will take a step in the right direction to focus on the quality of work and attract the most professional and talented people in their field.

“At this point, we are looking to expand our existing business focusing on software development and turnkey projects. We are also looking for new opportunities such as setting up additional teams for customers. and expanding the scope of marketing services What we offer our customers is often connected. So we need to improve our services to be more consistent.” – Mr. Jostein

Next to that is the importance of continuous self-improvement because the software and digital technology industry is constantly evolving. The knowledge and skills accumulated in this short history have enabled Seven Peaks Software to become a bigger and better organization no matter the obstacles occurred after this.

The growth of a software company like Seven Peaks Software came naturally and was much better than we imagined. This is partly because we take the time to build a good foundation first. Then recruit more people to be able to handle more jobs and seize the opportunities you need.

“In the past, our outsourcing was based on customer demand and the need to increase production. Of course, there are limitations too. Our goal right now is to increase both our production capacity and our team to grow further.” – Mr. Jostein concluded.

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