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Leveraging an Extended Software Development Team to Grow your Business in 2023

See how an extended software development team can help grow your business even further with higher adaptability, lower costs, and much more.


What is an extended software development team?

An extended software development team is a group of employees assigned by the software development vendor to handle current and existing software development work for your company.

They allow you to obtain specialized knowledge at a low cost without having to hire anyone internally. This is especially important in IT, where specialized knowledge is often required to complete small, time-sensitive tasks.

The necessary steps to hiring your extension teams include screening the team’s years of experience, considering the cultural fit, managing the team’s work, positioning the goals of your project, forming an onboarding process for new team members, and formalizing workflows.

As the software house, we will grant you access to a number of software developers who each have their own unique skill-sets that match the specific requirements of your project.

As the client, you will be establishing a straightforward line of communication with the software developers – also being responsible for managing such team members with the help of your provider.

Why do you need the extension team model?

If you are encountering a lack of specific expertise in-house, difficulties sourcing local talent, rushing new features before a deadline, or just finding recruiting to be too time-consuming and costly for your business. Then hiring an extended software development team could well be your economic and flexible service to go for in today’s fast-changing digital world.

Choosing the extension team model is the process of quickly sourcing the right software developers & designers who possess the skills, expertise, and years of experience needed to ensure swift completion of your project.

Companies worldwide are facing difficulties in adding resources to their in-house software development teams more than ever before. 

The extended software development team model makes sure that your development team are all hired professionals who fit your company culture and are well-adjusted to collaborate on the task at hand. 

You have access larger pools of local talent, while keeping your budget plan and business goals the same. If you’re looking for experienced software developers with unique skill-sets, then the extension team model is your top pick.


How has COVID-19 impacted software development companies?

Due to the spread of the pandemic, the situation has forced all businesses to modify their policies and adapt to the new normal, resulting in a shift in current working styles towards more remote and work-from-home options for safety measures.

Remote work and working from home is not a new concept for the IT workforce, as many software development organizations have permitted this culture in the past, thus increasing the amount of freedom that software developers workers have in their jobs.

However, there are other challenges worth noting such as emotional concerns, diversions, and a poor home office setting and equipment which are all factors that contribute to the difficulties of remote working and virtual collaboration.

Furthermore, companies were forced to delay hiring new employees due to tight budgets and uncertain futures due to the ongoing pandemic.

The future of software development in 2023

As the future approaches, IT workers and organizations must be aware of emerging developments in more open co-working space environments to be on top of today’s modern working trends. Emerging trends imply that the future of software development will shift dramatically.

The growth of new technologies and developments has far-reaching repercussions for the software development industry.

Increased demand for software developers

According to the “IT labor Market outlook 2021” survey conducted by Experis Thailand, a subsidiary of ManpowerGroup

The poll demonstrates the significant demand for particular software developments professions, which continues to expand year after year. When the pandemic struck, many companies were forced to increase their reliance on technology aids and methods, which increased the need for software developers.

Despite the market’s dearth of IT skills, the rate of employment for software developers is expected to increase consistently over the next 5 to 10 years.


“The growth of IT market was stated to be around 25.7%”By 2022, the digital economy in Thailand is expected to grow by 61% of the GDP


The benefits of hiring an extended software development team

In addition to your business needs, the customized software development team will be assembled based on existing in-house capabilities and availability. You may save time and money by hiring a specialized development team.

Here are some of the reasons why having an extended development team can assist your organization:

  1. Lower operating costs for your business
    There is no obligation to keep your developers on the payroll after a product is completed – since we manage the employment of your extension team. Your company doesn’t need to hire developers on a permanent basis because having an extended development team allows expertise to be brought in as needed. Additionally, you won’t be left with a project team that is idle after your product or services are delivered.
  2. Greater adaptability, allowing you to save time
    Focus more on sales & marketing, leading to company growth, which can be prioritized instead. Your company can get assistance from an extended development team, allowing projects to be completed on time and on budget. This way, your business can actively participate in the creation of objectives, benchmarks, and schedules before delegating implementation to experts.
  3. Exposure to larger pools of tech talent
    Receive quick access to our highly skilled talent pool of senior software engineers and user experience/user interface (UX/UI) designers. An extended development team gives you the access to the knowledge of senior developers, engineers, and designers without incurring significant costs for your business.
  4. Focus on your fundamental business operations
    Instead of concentrating your workforce on areas outside of your company’s expertise, you can concentrate on growth and future operations thanks to an extended development team. Our skilled product owners and scrum masters assure excellent delivery by defining your project’s goals, milestones, and continuing development. Internal employees can be used for the tasks they were hired for, and specialists can do what they do best.
  5. Reduce the size of your organization via outsourcing
    Outsourcing can be done in a modern way by using our managed service models which include remote work resources, product development teams, staff augmentation services, and many other types of customized services.
  6. Simplicity in managing resources
    A project’s framework is frequently dictated by its budget, but it also imposes a number of constraints. As a result, it’s important to find the most effective solution, which an extended development team can often contribute to. An extension team’s skill sets are accessible on-demand and may be scaled up or down according to your project’s needs and requirements; allowing for effective and flexible scaling. 
  7. Expand clarity, trust, and teamwork
    Straightforward communication, transparency, and trust are vital for our long-term collaboration projects. As our extended software development teams work closely with your core processes, you can benefit from strong communication, shared commitments on objectives, boosted productivity, and much more


With the ever-increasing modernization, it has never been more critical to have the right software development team than it is now – given the constantly evolving demands of software and product development. 

Selectively, choosing an extended software development team of technical professionals can expedite the development of your projects while also increasing productivity.



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