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A .NET Developer Who Welcomes All Challenges


I find my passion for programming deeply rooted in my preference for logic. Joining Seven Peaks, a software development company offering endless learning possibilities, marked the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of a .NET developer. Allow me to share my story with you.

Path to Programming

My academic journey began at the College of Social Communication Innovation (COSCI) at Srinakharinwirot University, where I majored in Computer Innovation for Communication.

The diverse range of elective courses, spanning from graphic design, UX/UI design, digital marketing, to cinema, offered me a broad spectrum of knowledge. While initially exploring programming as an option, I quickly became captivated by its characteristics.

The college primarily emphasized Swift and PHP languages, gearing students towards pursuing iOS developer roles. My thesis was also centered around iOS development. However, it was during an internship that I delved deeper into the world of .NET.

Being a programming enthusiast, I remained open to diverse opportunities, not confining myself solely to iOS development. Seizing an internship opportunity, my first task involved crafting a website for the company.

Upon graduation, I actively pursued positions in both iOS and .NET development, ultimately finding my spot in a .NET developer role. I viewed this as an excellent starting point, considering the vast array of programming languages in the industry.

Gaining a deeper understanding of .NET as a less experienced developer felt like a significant advantage.


The Passion for Development

My passion for problem-solving and determination to find solutions led me to pursue a career in development. The adaptable nature of a developer's schedule, which blends teamwork and individual work in a calm environment, strongly appealed to me.

Modern technology, particularly the creation of websites and apps, has been my forte. Hence, I am honored to contribute to a team that shapes these innovations.

The Charm of .NET Development

My commitment to .NET development stems from its complex nature and endless evolution. With an array of tools at my disposal, like MVC - an effective website development framework, what initially seemed messy gradually became more manageable once I grasped its concepts.

While front-end development primarily concentrates on visual aesthetics and user experience, .NET's focuses on back-end development which aligns with my preference for precise data handling and processing for optimal outcomes.

Although my experience as a full-stack developer allowed me to appreciate both, my true calling became apparent: a deeper commitment to back-end development.

Presently, my main focus revolves around website development, an area with numerous methods to craft impactful and efficient websites. The possibility feels boundless due to the abundance of tools, libraries, and cutting-edge technology available at our disposal consistently.

Isn't it fun when clients present challenging requirements, offering the opportunity to create, design, and select the most fitting tools to bring their vision to life? I enjoy this aspect and experience it daily as a .NET developer.


Seven Peaks Experience

Transitioning from a Thai-based company to Seven Peaks unveiled substantial differences, from the language used for communication to workplace culture.

What struck me the most was the encouragement to voice opinions and actively contribute to every work process.

Then and Now

Joining the back-end team at Seven Peaks, I've engaged in learning experiences, recently obtaining certification in AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. Digging into Microsoft Azure, a cloud service, revealed its profound integration into a developer's workflow.

Contributing to various tech events and creating back-end development content has been my primary responsibility. Interacting with diverse developers in different communities, like MongoDB experts, has been inspiring and educational.

Learning from Peers

Working among experienced colleagues has provided me with numerous invaluable learning opportunities.

I've sharpened not only technical skills like coding, compiling, networking, and solution architecture but also essential professional competencies such as leadership, collaboration, leading meetups, using tools like Jira, and enhancing communication in English.

Recognizing these areas has made me aware of the unexplored potential I possess. Whenever I seek advice or suggestions, my colleagues are consistently reliable for offering honest and constructive feedback.

Initially, before fully understanding Seven Peaks, I was concerned as a junior developer about meeting the team's expectations. However, my worries were unfounded.

The people here are incredibly supportive and accommodating. They respond to all my queries unanimously. Whenever I encounter challenges, my team reassures me by saying things like,

'It's okay, we're friends' or 

'No one starts as an expert. We can always improve.'

This support constantly reminds me that I'm still on the right path to mastering the art of programming.


Overcoming Challenge

Initially, the language barrier posed a communication challenge with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. However, with time, I've adapted and the struggle has lessened. 

I don't frequently encounter issues, although certain tasks may pose greater difficulty. This is typical in a developer's role.

While some assignments appear challenging due to their novelty, there's no need for me to worry. All that's required is further research or seeking guidance from an expert, and I should be well-equipped to proceed.

Similarly, some tasks have presented challenges, but I've learned to embrace those challenges as opportunities for growth rather than stress-inducing obstacles.

Reflections and Growth

My journey, diverging from the initial focus on iOS development, hasn't been in vain. It served as the foundation for my broader understanding of the programming landscape, aiding in better decision-making and problem-solving.

Personal growth has been a prominent feature of my professional evolution. Leading knowledge-sharing sessions, which once seemed scary, has significantly enhanced my confidence.

Interacting with peers and senior colleagues has shaped my perspectives, emphasizing the importance of structured planning and time management.

Having spent three years in the field, I am eager to explore new horizons and delve deeper into various possibilities. My aspirations extend beyond programming to encompass system analysis and project management.

Advice for Aspiring Developers

The technology landscape is dynamic; staying updated is crucial but need not be overwhelming. Embrace change gradually and pursue what genuinely interests you.

Passion naturally follows genuine interest.

For those intrigued by a .NET developer role at a company like Seven Peaks, explore our career opportunities here.


Narittha (Beam) Astsawasungtarangkoon, Junior .NET Developer at Seven Peaks

3 years' experience as a Junior Backend Developer (.NET) with personal interests in website technology, cloud service, and application development. Also loves the logical aspect of programming and fulfilling clients’ challenging needs.