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Azure Developer Day 2023 | Seven Peaks

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Embracing the Copilot Stack Era

The event kicked off with a retrospect by Khun Krit on key developments leading up to the Microsoft Build event. A notable highlight was the introduction of the Copilot Stack, an AI-driven tool enhancing productivity in coding and business processes. The innovations like GitHub Copilot and its extension in Visual Studio Code have revolutionized how we approach coding, offering efficiency and accuracy.


Decoding White Box and Black Box Testing

The session also demystified technical terms for the uninitiated. White Box testing focuses on internal structures and code, while Black Box testing centers on functionality without insight into the internal mechanisms. These methodologies are essential for ensuring robust software development.

Large Language Model Developments

Microsoft's journey in evolving large language models was presented, showcasing the collaborative efforts in data accumulation and training. These models, driven by AI, are pivotal in various applications, from text analysis to complex data interpretation.


Microsoft Fabric: A Game-Changer

Microsoft Fabric, introduced just before the Microsoft Build event, has emerged as a crucial tool in the business and data analytics sphere. Its integration with AI, notably the GPT-3 model, has significantly enhanced its capabilities in data training and visualization.

The Age of Serverless Containers on Microsoft Azure

Khun Mild Thada from T.T. Software delved into the evolution of data containment, from Docker files to sophisticated serverless containers. Azure’s offerings in this domain, including Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS), and serverless functions, mark a significant leap in data management and application deployment.

Seven Peaks Backend Development Team

Mastering Azure Services: A Guide by José Barbosa

José Barbosa's session from Seven Peaks was a deep dive into Azure services critical for developers. Key discussions included app scalability, database selection, caching, optimization strategies, and the role of Azure Load Balancer in managing web traffic.

Enhancing Power BI with Azure Machine Learning

The integration of Azure Machine Learning with Power BI was showcased, emphasizing its utility in predictive modeling and data visualization. The session highlighted the ease of importing and analyzing data, along with the limitations and future potential of this integration.


Optimizing ChatGPT with Azure OpenAI Service

Khun Phol Teerasej’s session revisited the Azure OpenAI Studio and Chat Playground, focusing on their recent updates and how they enhance web applications with Generative AI. The session also touched upon managing OpenAI tokens for continued access to ChatGPT.

Deploying Websites with Azure App Service

Khun Ponggun Wittawat’s segment on Azure App Service provided insights into deploying web applications efficiently using various Azure services. The session included tips on choosing the right service type, deployment strategies, and leveraging Azure Insights for enhanced application performance.

17-Database for Node.js

Database Management Revolutionized by KubeDB

Khun Napat Wongpratoom introduced KubeDB, a Kubernetes Native Database Management Solution. This platform simplifies and automates tasks for a range of databases, highlighting its efficiency and versatility in database management in cloud environments.

Exploring Azure OpenAI and Semantic Kernel

The event concluded with an exploration of Azure OpenAI and Semantic Kernel. These tools represent the cutting edge in AI and natural language processing, offering powerful solutions for sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and more.

The event encapsulated the dynamic and transformative nature of AI and cloud technologies. As we at Seven Peaks continue to explore these frontiers, we remain committed to sharing insights and developments in this exciting journey.