Best Marketing Internship Program: Reflection of an Intern

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A good analogy to understand what this internship is like is to think of learning in school as learning the recipe for how to do something and understanding the why behind it. On the other hand, getting real-life experience is like trying out the recipe and going through trial and error to see what works and what does not.

In other words, learning in school provides foundational and theoretical understanding. On the contrary, real-life experience allows you to apply that knowledge and see how it plays out in practice. It is essential to have both types of learning in order to understand a concept or be skilled.

Hi, I am Vee, a Senior Marketing Student in Thailand, who was born and raised in Cambodia. I will guide you through the Best Marketing Internship Program experience here at Seven Peaks Software.

Although I have studied marketing as my major, there are still many aspects that continue to surprise me as I gain real-life experience in the field. This is what I learned from the Digital Marketing Internship at Seven Peaks Software.

Why Seven Peaks?

In my exploration of the best marketing internship program, I conducted research on potential companies that can provide me with constructive professional experience for my future career. Then, I came across Seven Peaks on LinkedIn and immediately dove into researching the company profile further.

Out of all the companies I considered applying to, Seven Peaks stood out the most due to the valuable experience I knew I could gain during the internship and the diverse, multicultural environment it offered. The company’s mission, values, and focus on innovation also align with my personal goals and interests, making it a practical fit for me.

The Hand-On Experience


With the warm welcome of the team, I found that settling into the team was a quick and easy process. The team’s efforts helped me familiarize myself with the company, which made me quickly feel comfortable and confident in my new role.

It was a seamless onboarding experience. I was provided with the working process introduction, skill training, and resources required to support me in performing my role productively. Moreover, I was able to adapt to the company culture and environment with ease. The onboarding process is a smooth sailing process helping a fresh-minded student like me to understand and adapt to real-world work experiences.

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Work Environment

The welcoming team and the diverse workplace environment contribute to a positive work environment. With great experience and techniques applied to every necessary aspect, the team works together more effectively, and the workflow becomes more diverse. This produces a varied hands-on experience that is beneficial for my personal development.

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Additionally, the team support is great, team members are willing to share their knowledge and help each other. This significantly encourages a positive and collaborative working environment. It results in a relaxed learning process and work environment that encourages productivity and maximizes my ability to learn, grow, and connect with amazing people, cultures, and experiences.

Skill Gathered

During this internship, I have learned and gathered a lot of experiences that will greatly help me in my future career. The hands-on experience and real-life knowledge have greatly provided me with high exposure to the technology industry and the skills that are required to excel in it.

I am grateful to the team and company for providing me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge of SEO through the SEO Accelerated Course. This course has greatly improved my SEO skill set and helped me understand the technical aspects of keyword research, website optimization, improving content, and curating better content. This has allowed me to utilize this knowledge and apply it to my future career.

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Additionally, other hands-on experiences that I have gained during my internship include:

-Copywriting: In which I learned how to compose content and articles that aligned with my professional goals. I also learned how to adjust the tone to appeal to different audiences and target audiences. I developed a clear understanding of the importance of composing a clear message to communicate.

-Social Media Marketing: I learned how to do content marketing and content research for both internal and external resources that fit best for the target audience. This experience has helped me further dive into a deeper understanding of utilizing social media tools in order to communicate with the right audience effectively.

Measuring Success

This internship experience has given me a new perspective on measuring my success. Each individual has their own unique way to measure their success. As for me, I found that feedback is the best way to measure and enhance my performance.

With the help of expertise, guidance, valuable insight, and support from the team, I was able to learn how to maximize my potential. It was an eye-opening experience, as it helped me re-evaluate the importance of actively seeking and utilizing feedback to measure my success rate.

Vee's Internship Article- Measuring Success


It still feels like my internship started only yesterday, but time has flown by so quickly. I have made many wonderful memories and experiences along the way. Despite the fast pace of the experience, I have learned so much and had the opportunity to connect with amazing people, cultures, and experiences.

Summing up, it was truly a pleasure to be a part of the amazing marketing teams here at Seven Peaks. It was the best marketing internship experience I could ever ask for. The company culture is truly unique. I truly feel proud to have been a part of it while also providing a valuable experience that will benefit me in my future career. The knowledge and skills I have acquired will serve me well as I move forward and continue to pursue my professional goals.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated group of individuals. Equally thankful for the support and guidance provided by my colleagues and managers. I will always cherish the memories and experiences from my time here.

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