How Can Companies Make a Positive Impact on Community Through CSR?

The Benefits of Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study

A strong sense of uncovering CSR Business Ethics, and the willingness to take action to make a difference and meet the needs of those in need, have long been valued at the heart of Seven Peaks’ mission as a business. COVID-19 has created a major unexpected event and unprecedented pressure on a large number of people, further highlighting the importance of incorporating CSR Business ethics into our operation.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, we emphasized our efforts to address and uncover this issue even more than usual. As many communities and families have taken the full strike of the pandemic effect, it can take quite a while for them to get back on their feet.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are discussed in this article as a possible way to bring positivity to our world and offer a glimmer of hope to those less fortunate. CSR can act like an insurance-like blanket for those in need in times of crisis, evidently during this pandemic seeing the importance and benefit for the community.

In light of Seven Peaks’ desire to continue making the world a better and brighter place for everyone, we began our second corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative in December 2021 to aid and empower communities in need of help. We intend to provide for the community’s short-time and long-term needs by investing in its educational institutions and children and fixing up its infrastructure. Seven Peaks and the management have been supporting KFAM since 2011.

About KFAM

The Kharma Family was founded to help aid underprivileged children in Thailand. The team mainly operated in less developed areas of the country the give the local kids a better education and living conditions.

Alongside providing financial assistance, The Kharma Family works on long-term projects to upgrade the community’s infrastructure, living community, and educational facilities to inspire the children and their parents to see the value of education and learning.

Kharma Family selects a worthwhile initiative each year to better the lives of kids and increases their chances of succeeding in life. A group of international volunteers works together to complete it while also having fun with the kids.

Seven Peaks Sofware is delighted to be able to collaborate with The Kharma Family to expand their vision in aiding people who require the need of support.

Make a Difference with Seven Peaks Software

“It does not feel like long ago since we last interacted and got to know the children in the community. In the spirit of these wonderful experiences, we get to see the joy of these children receiving help to aid the care of their families and themselves.

Personally, I would like to encourage children to see the importance of education. It is quite challenging, due to the fact that some are living far away, while others do not have the luxury to afford it. It is not their main priority to get an education in the first place.

Since we are living in the city where everything is at our convenience, we compare these families where simple necessities such as electricity are out of their reach. Notably, the location, Northern Thailand, where it is not easy to get by. This ranges from geographical conditions to weather.

I cannot say the least on how blessed we are, as I do not know what it feels like to be in their situation. All that I know, in contrast to them, we possess every basic need from shelters, food, education.” as stated by Jostein Aksnes (Chief Executive Officer of Seven Peaks Software)

“With all things being considered. These communities, children, and families are still in need of much help and support. As there are many steps and actions to be taken in order to initiate stable support for them. This only uncovers a small part of CSR being done as part of what a business can help to make a difference.

A little does go a long way. What might seem to be excess needs for us, might be a treasure for them. To put in perspective, it is always virtuous to share what we already have as we have nothing to lose.

We often overlooked the important basic need of wanting more in life. It is time for us to take a look at those who are in the urgency of the simple needs. It can be transformative for their present as well as their future.

CSR often requires the need and support of many individuals. Members of Seven Peak Software and the Kharma family proudly provide all the necessities needed to establish a better place and a stronger community.” said Jostein.

Seven Peaks Software will continue our role to empower communities, create a sustainable future, and foster a hopeful future with our partnership with The Kharma Family.

We want to carry out our CSR initiatives in Thailand with a focus on long-term impact and the promotion of CSR Business Ethics, in order to motivate people to build a better world for tomorrow. Alongside inspiring others to help those in need and make a positive impact in their communities, we are committed to incorporating a strong sense of social responsibility into our business practices.

Interested in being a part of our CSR activities? Speak to our team below to join our initiatives!

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Seven Peaks Software’s CSR Timeline


Seven Peaks Software initiating the first CSR activity to interact with the children within Thailand’s rural northern communities – learning from young children the importance of CSR to develop the lives of the youth in rural areas.

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Another fruitful experience as team members of Seven Peaks Software had the honor of sponsoring and volunteering at Kharma Family’s four-day charity event in Omkoi District, Chiang Mai, to further support the communities in need.

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