Dedicated development team

What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated development team is a business and working model where we provide you with a multidisciplinary team of professionals based on your business requirements and goals.

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Dedicated development team

How does it work?

The team will be put together based on your business requirements and goals, your profile (technical / non-technical), your current in-house capabilities and availability.

We handpick your team from our pool of international assistant product owners, scrum masters, product development teams, UI UX designers, cloud solution architects, frontend developers, backend developers, native mobile app developers, quality assurance engineers, and digital marketing team.

Our current dedicated development team size engagements range from 1-2 developers in extension teams to a fully scaled 16 member team with delivery manager and scrum master. All team members work from our office in Bangkok. These dedicated extensions teams come in the form of remote work resources, product development team, and staff augmentation models – allowing you to choose a selection of models that best fit your project’s needs.

Our dedicated team model ensures quality delivery of cost-effective software development using our lean & agile methodologies. Hire a dedicated development team for your project!

We will build the technologies around your needs at the fraction of the standard price as your leading trusted technology partner providing high-quality services for our clients with European quality & standards at a Southeast Asian cost level.

Businesses turn to us for dedicated development teams to increase their competitive advantage in their local market.

There are numerous reasons why having a dedicated team will benefit your business, here’s some of them.

Get started

Reduced operation expenses

Time-saving and more flexibility

Exposure to new talent

Focusing on core business processes

Downsize the business by using outsourcing services

Simplified resource management

No more developer shortages

  • Get started quickly through our proven agile project management methodology.
  • Gain immediate access to our well-qualified candidate pool of senior software engineers and UI UX designers.
  • Get exposure to new skill sets through our modern and agile approach to software development that meet’s today’s digital market.

Flexible scaling to accommodate own or customers growth

  • Extension teams can be scaled up and down, allowing for custom scalability depending on your project’s needs and requirements.
  • Additional experts and skill sets are available on demand to accelerate any aspects of the project to ensure effective delivery of project requirements when needed.

Lower R&D costs

  • No pressure to keep your developers on the payroll once a product is complete – since we handle the extension team’s staffing as your experienced global tech talent sourcing partner.
  • No more expensive recruitment agencies, recruitment processes, training and social cost. Save money on hiring our senior tech talent to complete your specific software and design projects based on your defined project needs.
  • Downsize the business through effective outsourcing with our managed service models of dedicated remote work team, product development team, and staff augmentation.

Predictable and transparent pricing

  • More money can be devoted to sales, marketing, and business development. Let us handle the technical software engineering and UX design strategies and operations for you.
  • Providing high-quality services for our clients with European quality and standards at a Southeast Asian cost level.

Allows you to focus on your core business

  • Our experienced assistant product owners and scrum masters ensure quality delivery of your project through defining your objectives, milestones, and ensuring the ongoing development of your digital project.
  • Our senior dedicated team members use proven digital transformation and project management strategies to gain have a deep understanding of your project and your business goals to ensure ongoing development.
Why us Seven Peaks

Why us?

Our management and team have extensive experience with outsourcing, both from the client side and the vendor side. Our team is international and clients find safety in interfacing with a friendly face and same language speaker on the other side of the line.

If you are located in Scandinavia we can even provide you with local resources like assistant product owner, technical project management, solution architecture and designers to further enhance the relationship and communications.

We are already on long term engagements with a range of accomplished clients in Europe, Australia and SEA and can provide you with a local reference.

  • Norwegian owners with hands-on outsourcing experience from both sides of the table
  • International assisting product owners, scrum masters, and agile project managers that speak your language
  • International team that speaks fluent English (and 15 other languages)
  • Strong portfolio of international clients with strong software case studies
  • Predictable transparent pricing with competitive rates
  • Extensive experience and established processes for outsourcing dedicated teams, as remote resources and as staff augmentation, to avoid delays or confusion
  • All team members work full time from our office in Bangkok, no freelancers to fill the team
Build your team

The main aim of this model is to establish predictable and transparent long term win-win relationships between Seven Peaks Software and product companies or agencies that want to work in a modern and agile way.

Client and team compositions

Our dedicated development teams are serving clients all around the world.
Our diverse team
is ready to help you advance your business.

Dedicated team

Global e-learning platform who was falling behind competitors in the mobile space and in urgent need of mobile presence. We provided a dedicated team for 1.5 years with transition to in-house team.

The dedicated team:
1 x Assisting product owner (Local)
2 x Android Kotlin
2 x iOS Swift
1 x QA

Dedicated team

Global telco needed help to manage the product development of their internal customer support platform. We conducted technical review and visited some of their business units in SEA to gather requirements and feedback for the agents to improve the platform. Platform was rewritten and is still being extended with new products and features after 3 years and used across 13 business units.

The dedicated team:
1 x Assistant product owner
1 x Scrum master
1 x Frontend Angular
1 x Backend .NET core
1 x QA

Dedicated team

Listed Oil & Gas enterprise in SEA. After a few months of waterfall client enabled us to support them with switching to an agile approach and higher mandate for our team.

The dedicated team:
1 x Project manager
1 x Scrum master / Tech lead
2 x Frontend Angular
2 x Backend .NET core
1 x QA

The extension team

Mobile app company in the Nordics with one of the most popular sport apps globally. Since they already have strong internal technical competence they decided on our extension model in order to increase their capacity and be more productive while saving cost.

The extension team:
2 x Frontend React
1 x iOS Swift
1 x QA

The extension team

Funded startup in SEA working on tokenized real estate blockchain. Needed help on branding, UX discovery and developing the prototype.

The extension team:
1 x UX/UI
1 x .NET core

The extension team

Scandinavian digital agency working closely with a dedicated team to service all their clients across multiple projects in the local market.

The extension team:
1 x Delivery manager
1 x UX/UI designer
3 x Frontend Angular
2 x Backend .NET core
3 x Android Kotlin
3 x iOS Swift
2 x QA

Built around your needs

Let us know what you are looking for. Our dedicated development teams will kick-start your project with top quality in an agile & cost-effective way.

Hire a dedicated development team through Seven Peaks Software today!

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