International SEO Services

Increase your market share in the digital age with International SEO services with SevenPeaks Software, a digital consultancy ready to provide tailor-made online marketing consultancy services for your business and target customers in each country around the world.

What is international SEO?

Optimizing your website to rank higher in Google by doing international search engine optimization is similar to doing technical SEO in Thailand for almost everything. You just need to have a deep understanding of the target country's market to apply them to your copywriting and international SEO strategy to achieve your goals.

The goal of this service

Increase long-term organic traffic with international SEO

In the digital era, competition in the online market is constantly increasing. This is why Google's website rankings are always changing and why refreshing your SEO strategy every few years is a great way to save money on marketing.

How to increase organic traffic?

Organic traffic refers to website visitors who were sent from search engines without paying a cent instead of via pay-per-click ads.

Our online marketing team helps increase organic traffic by writing educational blogs for your site, improving your copywriting, installing backlinks, and optimizing meta descriptions to provide a great website experience that will help you continuously increase conversions and return rates.

Our work process

Thanks to our systematic workflow, our SEO professionals work continuously to deliver timely results. Our process begins by performing an SEO audit before moving on to planning our strategy, searching for keywords, and writing impactful content and optimizing the technical SEO side of your site. Meanwhile, we monitor the results and recheck your site's SEO health as we deliver our work so you can start to see results even before we complete our work.

Google is not the only search engine

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The six most popular search engines in 2022

Google dominates search engines with a 91.42% market share.

It is followed by Bing with a market share of 3.14%, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo respectively.

Although Google owns 90% of the market, it has not been as well received in the Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Japanese markets. That may be because Google still doesn't meet the needs of customers in those countries.

Our team can help you register on search engines other than Google to increase the chances of your website ranking higher in international markets with these tools:

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