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Why doing a digital marketing internship at Seven Peaks Software? Is it worth doing? Some of you probably have these questions inside your head when you’re clicking on my article. I totally understand that making a first step into the workforce can be stressful. But don’t worry. My article is here to answer all the questions above and help you make the decision easier!

Hi everyone, I’m Lilly, a fresh graduate from Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. I enrolled in Cultural Studies as my major and Spanish as my minor. The time I’m writing this, I’m on my last week of a 4-month digital marketing internship at Seven Peaks Software.

Why Digital Marketing internship? and Why Seven Peaks Software?

As you can see from my degree, I don’t have much experience in marketing. However, I’m interested in social media, content creation and writing, so I thought that doing a digital marketing internship would be a great idea to sharpen my skills and get my hands on real-life projects.

I also read some of the ex-interns’ articles and found out that they have a Seven Peaks Accelerate which is workshops on marketing related topics. I applied immediately after reading the interns’ testimonials because I was confident that I would receive good training and obtain valuable work experience here.

How did I get the internship?

I found the program through Linkedin, read the job description and applied right away. I send my resume through Seven Peaks Software’s career page and waited. Not long after that I received an invitation email for the interview!

Before involving into the process, I also had to answer several general questions through email. I briefly explained my background and motivation for digital marketing. As I mentioned that I don’t have much experience on it, I still made it to the interview. I think there are no right or wrong answers here, just be yourself and show them your passion.

There were two interview sessions. The first one was with Chan, the talent acquisition marketer. I was very nervous at first, but Chan was super nice and chill which made me feel more comfortable to express myself.

Afterwards, I submitted him my portfolio with some instances of my schoolwork, and soon after that I received an invitation to the second interview with Bo, the marketing manager, which also went really well.

I can tell from the two short interviews with them that Seven Peaks is a cool company containing many talented people. I was certain that it would be a nice place to start my internship. Back then, I remember checking my email every two hours in anticipation of the acceptance email. 😆

The key is to be yourself during the interviews, speak slowly with confidence and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

First day as a digital marketing internship

I was so excited to go to Seven Peaks Software office at The PARQ on my first day. Unfortunately, the HR contacted me the day before informing me that they had to close the office for one week due the spread of covid-19.

Due to those reasons, my first day with Seven Peaks was a little bumpy and I became even more nervous when I realized that I have to work from home during my first week. However, in reality it wasn’t bad at all. I joined the onboarding meeting on Google Meet and got a lovely welcome from the HR team. There was also another digital marketing intern starting on the same day like me! Her name is Gina. You can check out her article here.

One week later, the office opened again and I got to go there for the first time! My first impression is that it was like a dead silent because many people still wanted to work remotely under the hybrid approach. Regardless, it is still very lovely, with many communal areas such as meeting rooms, a kitchen, and a town hall.

The office is as nice as it looks on Seven Peaks’ social media and website, but I feel like it’s slightly nicer when you get to sit inside the real physical office. Good working environment helps boost my productivity.

Seven Peaks Accelerate Program

On the second week of my internship, the marketing team scheduled a SEO course for us to learn all the basic SEO rules and get familiar with tasks. We were introduced to WordPress, Ubersuggest, Hootsuite and other tools that could be helpful with content creating. I learned a lot from this 2-week course as I didn’t study much about marketing in Uni. There was a test after the course too! And we got a certificate for completing the course.

Knowledge provided in the SEO course actually helps me a lot during the internship. I become more confident using the tools and have a bigger picture of what my role as a digital marketing intern is.

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

Most of my responsibilities are focusing on SEO content writing. I wrote several articles for the blog and also in charge of social media content.

At first I was struggling a bit. I can write articles, but software development related articles are another world to me as I don’t have much experience or knowledge about the tech industry. I was really nervous and wasn’t sure if what I did was good enough or not. Big thanks to the supportive teammate and mentor, Jason, who helped me with every steps that I stuck with.

After a few weeks, I can use WordPress more comfortably and become more confident with my writing skills!
For Social Media, writing captions and doing ad hoc stories were my responsibility. It was fun, but also challenging at the same time because we have to come up with new relevant content regularly.

I got to help with event preparation too! As Seven Peaks Software usually holds the meet-up at the office, I had a chance to join them and help with catering or even become the photographer of that event. Sometimes, the events are partnered up with other companies too! It is a great opportunity I hardly find from anywhere else for I have met various experts from different industries sharing their expertise.

Fun Activities

Seven Peaks Software cares a lot about employees’ wellbeing. Working here is fun because there are so many activities and parties to look forward to — almost every week! On every Friday, we have a Friday Bar, where everyone will come and hang out in a town hall. There are also some board games, snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

On special occasions, such as Songkran, a bigger party would be held with more food, more activities and some prizes to win too! I get to bond with my teammates and also get to know people from different teams as well. I never feel lonely working here.

Here are some sneak peaks of the fun nights!

Call of duty at work - Seven Peaks Software office in Bangkok Thailand


Doing an internship with Seven Peaks allowed me to broaden my knowledge and get experiences from the real projects. I now have a better grasp on what it’s like to work in an international organization and a better understanding on who I am. My goals become clearer and my skills are strengthened — ready for the next chapter of my life. Thank you Seven Peaks Software, this internship journey has been a blast!

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