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Seven Peaks is offering a complimentary check-up on your readiness in data and AI. Whether you’re a seasoned organization or just getting started, this interactive session offers insights into your company’s preparedness for future data and AI initiatives.

In each workshop, you’ll receive

  • A report summarizing your readiness to data and AI
  • Recommendations to improve your organization
  • A summary of a tangible use case and its next steps

Workshop Overview

1. Introduction (15 minutes)

We’ll start with a brief overview of the workshop.

2. Ideation and Exploration (45 minutes)

We’ll provide a brief introduction to data and AI to help you understand how data can be harnessed to drive insights, predictions, and automation. This section will also identify opportunities and challenges in your business.

3. Assess Your Readiness (45 minutes)

We’ll lead an interactive session to evaluate your current data and AI capabilities. We’ll explore where your data resides, your data quality, and identify potential strengths and areas for improvement.

4. Strategies for Improvement (20 minutes)

During this section of the workshop, we’ll discuss strategies and resources to enhance your data and AI readiness. We’ll create a list of potential use cases, prioritizing them on impact, feasibility, and alignment with organizational goals. We’ll also answer any questions you might have.

5. Wrap-up and Next Steps (10 minutes)

We’ll finish up the workshop with a recap, and provide guidance on the next steps in your data and AI journey.

Data-driven excellence

At Seven Peaks, we harness the power of the cloud to empower organizations with cutting-edge technology, strategic insights, and a passion for innovation.

Cloud Transitions with Data at the Core

Our cloud transitions are data transformations. We understand that the cloud is not just about infrastructure, but demands data agility. We architect seamless transitions that ensure data continuity, security, and scalability. Whether through Azure or AWS, our data engineers optimize every byte.

Strategic AI-Infused Business Roadmaps

We work closely with clients to craft business strategies that leverage data and AI. Our roadmaps are dynamic, AI-infused guides that help your business adapt to changing market landscapes.

Certified Cloud Architects and Data Alchemists

Our team seamlessly blends cloud expertise with data wizardry. From architecting data transformation to crafting insightful data representation and leverage, our cloud architects and data engineers turn raw data into gold.


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