Digitizing the retail scene with a B2B web-shop and an intuitive back office

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Sep 14, 2020 3:59:00 PM


Fine-tuning the ordering process for distributors and dealers by building a B2B e-commerce web-shop with an intuitive back office

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Retail Web

Discovery Project


Digitizing B2B for the world’s favorite stand-up paddle-boarding and windsurfing brand

We worked with Starboard to digitize the ordering process for their distributors and dealers by building a B2B E-Commerce web-shop with an intuitive back office.

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Technology used



The challenge

The main goals were to digitize the ordering process for Starboard distributors and dealers, and reduce complexity and effort of manual back office operations.


The solution

We built a custom B2B E-Commerce solution for Starboard in the cloud. Distributors and dealers can now search and browse the product catalog, build and checkout their orders online using the familiar retail user journey of cart and checkout.

The solution integrates with a headless Product Information Management (PIM).



Product information management (PIM)

The PIM establishes a single source of truth for Starboard’s product data and makes it easier for Starboard staff to manage the products. Products from the PIM are exposed to the B2B solution and other online stores via an intuitive API.


Turning ideas into real services

We put together a qualified and fitting team for Starboard and we are very excited to continue our strong collaboration to expand on their services. Now also extending the technology stack as we move into B2C.



About Starboard

Starboard was founded in 1994 by Svein Rasmussen, a Windsurfing World Champion & Olympic participant – coming together with the vision of bringing innovation, quality, and inspiration to the world of wind, water, and waves.

Industry: Retail & Ecommerce
Project: Ecommerce website
Client: Starboard
Working model: Discovery project

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