Driving Innovation in Agricultural With a Drone-Booking App for Farmers

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May 25, 2023 2:51:00 PM

True Drone

iOS and Android drone app development | Agriculture

In this drone app development project, Seven Peaks created a platform for True Drone that links farmers with drone pilots for precise and efficient crop spraying.

Recognizing the environmental benefits and efficiency of using drones to apply fertilizer and pesticide to crops, True aimed to connect drone operators with farmers who lacked access to agriculture-grade drones. The company’s vision included creating an integrated platform with all the features needed to bring this transformative service to the agricultural sector.

To address this need, Seven Peaks developed two apps, one for farmers and another for drone pilots, along with a backend system for True Drone administrators. This integrated platform allows farmers to book drone services, enables drone pilots to list their services and manage assignments, and provides administrators with tools to oversee the entire process.


Key results

Efficient integration

The solution’s advanced technologies and streamlined processes ensure that the platform’s three apps integrate with optimal efficiency.

User-centric design

Intuitive interfaces, clear navigation, and user-friendly features meet the specific needs and preferences of each user group.

Efficient integration

The solution’s advanced technologies and streamlined processes ensure that the platform’s three apps integrate with optimal efficiency.


Our process

Seven Peaks began the project by understanding the client’s vision and requirements. The team followed an iterative design and development process, prioritizing logical feature implementation and writing algorithms to automate workflows for all stakeholders. The project was completed within three months, successfully meeting all requirements and incorporating additional requested features.


Our solution 

Integrated apps for seamless interactions between customers, providers, and administrators

Seven Peaks created three integrated apps for True Drone: a farmer app for booking appointments and estimating costs, a drone operator app for listing services and setting operational areas, and an admin portal for activity oversight, booking management, and pilot approval. Each caters to specific user needs, enhancing overall functionality.


An efficient approval and onboarding process for pilots that ensures platform integrity

The team built a comprehensive pilot vetting and onboarding process into the admin portal to guarantee the quality of services provided through True Drone. Potential drone operators must submit detailed information, including their insurance, training, and licensing documentation before they gain access to the platform, enhancing trust and quality on the platform. mock-up-1

A comprehensive booking system with Google Maps integration and a cost estimation algorithm

Seven Peaks included a seamless booking system where farmers can simply mark their plots on Google Maps, select a date, and choose services to make an appointment. On the back end, an algorithm that the team wrote weighs these and other factors to give farmers an accurate cost estimate along with their booking.mock-up-2

A cutting-edge algorithm to streamline drone operator assignments

The team created a smart assignment algorithm for True Drone that gives drone operators assignments based on location, workload, and other factors. This ensures that assignments are distributed in a fair and efficient manner, enhancing the experience of pilots who offer their services on the platform.mock-up-3

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