Transforming Smart Home Management With An Intuitive IoT Solution

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Oct 27, 2023 12:02:13 PM


iOS and Android IoT app development | Construction–Manufacturing–Environment


In this IoT app development project, Seven Peaks designed and developed an app that allows homeowners to monitor and control three IoT devices in one intuitive interface.

SCG recognized the potential of their IoT-based devices and developed a prototype for a smart home solution. However, the challenge of integrating three hardware components—SCG Solar Roof, SCG Active Air Quality, and SCG Active AIRflow™—into a user-friendly app to monitor and control them led the company to seek out a skilled, experienced design and development team.

Seven Peaks Software developed a multi-platform application for SCG, integrating hardware with a user-friendly interface. The team ensured the technical information was presented in an easy-to-understand format, helping users manage their devices effectively. Through this partnership, SCG was able to offer their customers an ideal solution for maintaining an energy-efficient, healthy living environment.


Key results

A versatile IoT solution

Developed an integrated system that allows users to monitor and manage three related IoT devices in one app.

Streamlined tech data

Arranged data and streamlined user interaction, facilitating easy, informed decisions about air quality and energy usage.

A secure IoT system

A secure IoT solution that is in compliance with Thai privacy laws and SCG’s security policies.


Our process

Seven Peaks began the project by learning the client’s needs and the technical requirements of their IoT devices. Initially lacking users, the team worked on assumptions in the first design iteration and continued to use agile methods to develop features and workflows based on user feedback. Despite the IoT-related technical and security challenges, the app was designed, built, and launched in under three months.


Our solution

Comprehensive smart home management made seamless

To provide an optimal smart home management experience, Seven Peaks implemented a unified IoT integration within the SCG Smart Living app. The team connected the Active Airflow System, Active Air Quality, and SCG Solar Roof into one mobile application. As a result, homeowners enjoy comprehensive control over their living environment. 



Home control made easy: An intuitive interface for easy management

Aiming to help homeowners make smart choices about their living spaces, the team at Seven Peaks organized technical details about electricity and air quality into an easy-to-understand, user-friendly interface. This intelligent design gives homeowners easy control over their smart home systems and helps them understand their home environment clearly.



Custom operation made easy: Adaptive scheduling and automation

Seven Peaks integrated a dynamic scheduling and automation feature into the SCG Smart Living app. This feature enables users to configure their own operation schedules or automate tasks according to specific environmental data, such as PM2.5 or CO2 levels. This functionality not only personalizes the smart home management experience but also caters to users’ needs and preferences.



Enhanced security and privacy: Building user trust

The team prioritized user safety and security by ensuring that this IoT solution complies with Thai privacy laws and SCG’s protocols, which include ensuring that the data path stays securely within the country. The team’s adept handling of complex security demands resulted in a reliable app, securing user confidence while maintaining user control over their smart homes.



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